BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Changing the wallpaper on your BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook Change Wallpaper
By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2011 10:29 am EDT

When customizing your BlackBerry PlayBook, one of the first things you'll want to do is change the wallpaper. While some might be able to do this without a hitch, others will have trouble figuring out just where to go to get it done. This quick tutorial will help you quickly change your wallpaper using any saved photo or sample wallpaper on the device.

BlackBerry PlayBook Change Wallpaper
Navigate to the Pictures app on the device
BlackBerry PlayBook Change Wallpaper
Choose a folder that contains the image you want to set as your wallpaper, then select the image


BlackBerry PlayBook Change Wallpaper
Swipe down from the top bezel and choose Set as Wallpaper

BlackBerry PlayBook Change Wallpaper

Exit the app by swiping up from the bottom bezel - that's it!

Wallpaper size issues

There seems to be some type of issues with wallpaper sizes that we can't quite figure out as well. The PlayBook zooms in on images so they don't show full size as they should. As of now we're not sure just what causes this (something to do with the image size we're thinking) but hopefully we'll be able to pinpoint the issue soon. See the example below.

Blue Green Wallpaper
Image as it should be - actual size 1024x600
Blue Green Wallpaper
Image as displayed on PlayBook (notice how it is zoomed in from original)

It's likely RIM will fix this issue in the near future so wallpaper images display 1:1 instead of scaling as they do now, but in the mean time, be aware that you might not quite get the image to show as you'd like for a wallpaper.

This is just one of the many tips you get you started with your BlackBerry PlayBook. You can find great BlackBerry PlayBook wallpapers for your device and also upload anything youd'd like to share in our CrackBerry Wallpaper Gallery. Be sure to check out all our BlackBerry PlayBook 101 articles for more.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Changing the wallpaper on your BlackBerry PlayBook


I managed to figure this out however, how do you reset the wallpaper back to the default? Ibelieve it's the hardwood floor wallpaper. I don't see that as an image to go back to.

Wall paper size for Blackberry playbook is 1024x1024, the picture will look good in both orientation, the playbook wallpaper is the same as the size of Ipad wallpaper.

That's right. The PB screen has a resolution of 1024x600. Because wallpaper must fit both landscape and portrait modes, the ideal size for custom wallpaper is 1024x1024. Content within a 600x600 area of the image will appear in both orientations.

The PB system must be zooming in on pictures taken with the camera (or other photos from your collection) to allow for the pixel height required in portrait mode.

What may be confusing is that the thumbnails of the wallpapers that come with PB look like 1024x600 images. However, when you apply them and switch to portrait you can see they must be square.

I agree. I originally created wallpaper art for myself in 1024x600 but didn't like the result on the PB. I since changed the aspect ratio to 1024x1024 and it looks way better. As soon as Kevin changes his wallpaper creation tool to accept 1024x1024, I'll upload it to the site.

All of these Playbook 101 videos are nice but when can we have some more Apps. I want skype ASAP. What's the point of a 3 mega pixel front face camera and no App to test it on. I love my Playbook but the wait for upgrades is a real pain. The snail's pace of RIM will kill off major sales of this beautiful product.

What do apps have to do with PlayBook 101 videos? It's not CrackBerry's fault if you can't find an app that you are looking for. You should direct your complaints towards the developers of Skype.

The playbook is less than a week old. Do you think skype might want some playbooks to test their software on before they put it out?

I want it too but it's not realistic. Also I'm not going to get an iPad and regret it 6 months later when the PB has all the needed apps and is a better tablet to boot.

this is literally my favorite gadget ive ever owned and ive had them all. cant wait till all these little things get squared away and some updates take this thing to the next level. i wish there was a flash on the camera though. also, i saw that video on the squaretrade warranty, 99 bucks for 3 years sounds amazing but maybe too good to be true. has anyone had any experience w. that company, are they legit?

Bye Bye Blackberry. Held off on a tablet in anticipation of the 64gb Playbook that I purchased. Clearly not ready for prime time due to software limitations. They have doomed themselves. No way the Playbook is an iPad killer. Doesn't even come close to the Galaxy tab, the Xoom and least of all the iPad. Too bad, because the hardware itself is very nice. I am not going to wait around any longer in hopes that Blackberry will catch up.

This did it for me. I took it back, bought the Xoom, am loving it, and dumped the Torch and bought an Inspire. I may come back some day Blackberry, but for now, you waited too long to keep my business.

you are so right. sometimes blackberries are boring and like a piece of shit. but im a devout user so i will stick with blackberry.

blackberry is kinda like this site. boring. when theres nothing new they post boring stuff that we already know.

have fun carrying that behemoth around with you!

sent from my blackberry playbook while waiting on the train.

Sold 50,000 in a day, on track to sell 500,000 this quarter. Outsold Xoom and Galaxy tab first day..

Boy I hope you are not an analyst!

I also want to know that. Because I in my laptop I always use GIF files as background. Is there live wallpaper for playbook?

Hi @Coach101 and @enzo07i,

Alex from RIM here. While GIF files are supported, animated wallpapers are not. If you use an animated GIF file, the first frame of the image will be displayed as wallpaper, but it will not show any additional frames.

As always, be sure to keep an eye on our Inside BlackBerry Blog ( for the latest BlackBerry PlayBook updates.

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

I created a wallpaper for my PB on the CB wallpaper creator - emailed it to my BB which is bridged to my PB - I can open the attached wallpaper but how do I save it to my PB to use as a wallpaper???????

Does anyone know where to get the Blackberry wallpaper that is pictured in the demo ??

I updated to OS2 Beta and the picture files that come included with the Playbook were gone. I've Googled and looked and looked and cant' find that wallpaper anywhere on the internet any link would be very welcome. Thanks.


I've choose a personal pict as my wallpaper bb9800Torch but I've delete the pict file.
The question is : how can I get back this pict as I've got a new bb9800Torch ?
thank you for your help as I want to get back so much this pict !