Change up the look of your BlackBerry device with Cadencia by Pootermobile

Cadencia BlackBerry Theme
By Jared DiPane on 4 Apr 2012 01:54 pm EDT

If you like to customize the look and feel of your beloved BlackBerry device, odds are that you are familiar with The World of Pootermobile, and their marvelous BlackBerry themes. With tons of themes available for download, creating something that stands out and is unique can be quite a difficult task. Cadencia is the latest theme from The World of Pootermobile, and it is a bit towards the simple side.

Featuring the standard BlackBerry 6 icons, the theme has a top banner with the date above, and on the bottom is the time and the rest of your notifactions. Featuring transitions throughout, and skipping out on the carrier icon, this theme is sure to please a wide variety of users. Beyond being simplistic and very clean, it is wallpaper friendly, and provides a great look for your BlackBerry device. Cadencia is available through BlackBerry App World for $2.99, and be sure to check out the rest of the themes available from The World of Pootermobile as well.

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This theme, combined with the 9900 animated theme would be a killer combo. I can't give up the animated theme though, otherwise I'd be all over this!


I'm in the same boat, I have Mini Banner Live, which in my opinion is leaps and bounds better than stock OS7.


One more extra info to everyone, the theme is not compatible for OS7 devices as of now. Sorry :/


I want the 8bit theme for the torch, no one builds themes for the torch, it's always the 9900.


Are you talking about the Torch 9810 or 9800? Because my 8bit theme is available for the 9800.


None of my themes are OS7 compatible yet. Sorry but I can't really make themes like Cadencia without a Theme Studio for OS7.