Quick Tip: How to change the font on your BlackBerry Smartphone

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jan 2012 11:57 am EST

Change Font BlackBerry

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but believe it or not, there are plenty of users who don't even know this option is there. Much like myself, many BlackBerry users just stick with the default settings on the device like screen birghtness, trackpad sensitivity, wallpaper and font right out of the box. Well the great thing about BlackBerry is the amazing level of customization that it offers -- you can change up most everything on the device to your liking, including the font. 

The default font looks a bit big and fuzzy on the new BlackBerry 7 devices, but changing it up to something like BBAlpha Sans Condensed can give your display a whole new look. To change your font, simply head to Options > Display > Screen Display. Pick the font you like, tweak the size and style and you're custom all the way. Play around to see what works for you or just change it up when you get bored. Happy fonting!



I didn't even know you could change font on Blackberrys. Thanks for these instructions.


Is there a way to change font size on webpages. Some websites the font is so small I have to zoom in several times to read. Curious if you can increase font and keep it that size.


I used to use the Impact one. Although how I found it remains a mistery...


if you have an OS6 or 7 device, just type "font" from the home screen and use the universal search feature to go right into the font options. that's how i've been doing it.

Adam Zeis

Valid option but that only works if you have homescreen shortcuts disabled :)


Or you can type "S" and then type "f o n t" if you have homescreen shortcuts enabled. :)

I use Font Control.. Its free and unlike other Font Apps it allows you to add TTFs larger than 90 KBs, I'm currently using DroidSans-Bold. The same font they use for the ANDROID Logo.. :)


what about macedonian cyrilic font ?


Great tip. I've been using FontManager (free for Sprint users) and it works great, it even lets me upload fonts into my phone. Helvetica Neue FTW!


lol i would be suprised to see how many users who don't know about this feature.......


Thanks for the tip.

Minor typo: "cusomtization"


How do i get the BB casual on my PB??? they don't have that option at all.
Is it becoz of QNX ?
Inputs suggestions pls......and I'm appalled at the very limited apps for PB....i mean they don't have a simple app like twitter.
Don't get me wrong i love BB .
just wanting to know reasons for so much dearth in the number of apps PB has.


Seriously? How to change the font? sigh!


sure would be nice to be able to change the font colour!!!!!!!!!!! if there is a way then i aint looking at the right place, someone message me?