Have you got a minute? Why not spend it with Chain Dots for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 18 Aug 2013 08:12 am EDT

Currently just available for the BlackBerry Z10, Chain Dots is a beautiful, simple, puzzle style game which will be perfect for when you have a minute to kill. I say a minute as that's how long each game takes.

Once you start Chain Dots you are presented with a grid of colored dots and its just a case of drawing a line between adjoining ones that are of the same color. This can be done in any direction and in reality there are no limits in terms of how many dots you may get in the chain. The longer the chain - the more points you earn and its all about how high you can score in 60 seconds.

There are some unlockable dots, but I'm yet to discover those as I'm traditionally not very good with puzzle games. The graphics are absolutely stunning with this one though and just goes to show how a simple concept can be turned into a glorious native BlackBerry 10 app.

As I mentioned in the video - this one will be perfect for if you are hopping onto a train or bus for a short while. It's quite addictive though which is always a good thing with any new game.

There isn't much more to it. At just under a buck it's well worth having on your BlackBerry - just in case of emergency boredom situations!

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Have you got a minute? Why not spend it with Chain Dots for BlackBerry 10


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I keep on thinking that whilst even the most silly apps for BlackBerry have prices like this, the platform is condemned to die. How can you convince an Android or iPhone user that BB10 is better if some better quality apps are even for free in their markets places and we have to pay sometimes more expensive prices (compared to theirs) for seedy UIs or non-good ported apps? I'm not against developers, but I think a change of standpoint about apps is needed if we want BB keeps alive.

Oh, what's that? BB10 doesn't have the popular Dots game from iOS and Android, don't worry you can play the knock off Chain Dots instead. Lol :)

I'm happy with my Z10, but I think BlackBerry is wrong with some product policies and if I can't give my view about it because people like you think is "trolling", then you need to visit a specialist.

If you do some investigation this game is also available for Android and ios. There's no indicator of what game will catch fire. Just knowing this game is available for DROID IOS and BlackBerry pleases me. I doubt this game gains super cult status but at least we have it to.

Also as long as there is an "app gap" paying .99cents gives a little revenue to devs, so maybe BlackBerry development won't be a wait and see how many users have it afterthought.

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I can tell James is hooked. He forgot he was filming. Looks like one of those fun mindless airport games!

I get a chuckle out of folks who obviously make a good dollar as they have a 500 dollar phone, likely a car and apartment or house, maybe kids, pets, and they have a problem spending 99 cents on a little entertainment

I bet they have no trouble dropping a hundred at the bar or movies, or to go see their favourite sports teams or musicians or buy music at 99. Cents a pop, but give them a game that provides some entertainment on their phone and suddenly they have no money!!!

This just kills me, I find it so funny!!!

From the Zed of Rockivy

Hah I bought your kids and they are making me money. Jokes on u and your pets. Well I sold them to some Chinese eatery so you made a one time fee I'm making recurring money haha. Oh next I'm going to sell you and keep that phone u bought. Yep done weee

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We must not forget that it is difficult time for BB10, every other day we have only bad news coming from the company. In these difficult times, I appreciate all the developers who are developing for the platform despite of the current situation. Also, from developers' point of view, BB10 has very limited ways of monetization compared to Android & iOS. So, this is my token of appreciation for the developer.

Developers who are still working hard to bring their apps/games to BB10 platform deserve all kind of support, few bucks is nothing for an app/game today, and I must say this app worth 99 cents completely. I would like to thank the developer for considering BB10 users as well.

Go for this game, its well worth $1, and keep supporting the developer community if you want to see more quality apps/games for BB10.

I LOVE it. It's very simple but try testing yourself to make long chains for higher points. Honestly, I'm a mom of 2 kids and my stress level is pretty high as I balance a disability, the kids, a household and a husband who works 60+ hours a week. This is a pretty basic game but it's fast (one minute) and its not like brain buster can't get to the next level this sucks (like candy crush). When I have a few minutes here and there I can play. I can't play a game you have to check in every so many hours or whatever because I don't have time for things like that. While I think this game should be free, I am not complaining over the $1.04 that I paid for the quick fun and unwind game.

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