CF PillPad HD gets a makeover and goes on sale for a limited time

By Alicia Erlich on 27 Jun 2014 07:34 am EDT

Taking care of one's health is always important as is another's if you are a primary caregiver. For some, juggling the responsibility of Doctor's appointments, medications, and other obligations requires some extra help. CF PillPad is one such application to alleviate the stress of remembering prescriptions, dosages, and physician contact information. Last year when reciting my Mother's list of medications you should have seen how we tried to recall all of them by heart to the admitting nurse. Being able to produce the list at a moments notice is important during an emergency situations.

CF PillPad is not a new application as the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 versions were already featured. This new iteration for BlackBerry 10, however, has been rebuilt using cascades from the ground up. The entire nature of the application has been changed from top to bottom. Not only does it bring with it a snappy new and fluid interface but the menus, input screen, logo, icons, and even the calculator have been giving a facelift.

For those of you not familiar with CF PillPad, the goal remains the same. It is first and foremost a medication tracking application, though it does expand beyond that purpose. There are links to informative websites such as Web MD, Mayo Clinic, and to research drug interactions, side effects, symptoms, or to gather more details about a specific illness. As an added convenience, there is a section devoted to pharmacies located in the UK, Canada, and the US to refill prescriptions directly from within the application to save time and avoid last minute scrambles.

Being that is has been re-coded, I mentioned earlier the difference in performance. The flow is quicker, menus load faster, you can change the theme from light to dark, and having a backup/restore option comes in handy if you switch devices. Overall, it is a solid, well-built application to manage what my Mother used to call her own personal drugstore. It supports multiple patients, and stores up to ten medications per account, and lets users enter in the prescribing Doctor name and phone number, and notes. One more handy feature I prefer is the ability to enter refill reminders directly into the BlackBerry calendar.

CF PillPad HD draws inspiration from the developer's own experiences in trying to help his son and to spread awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. It is an incredible story and he has created an application that is useful for everyone and their families. Normally priced at $2.99, CF PillPad is currently on sale through Saturday July 5th for only $.99.

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CF PillPad HD gets a makeover and goes on sale for a limited time


What's happens when you have more than 10 meds to list? Some patients are on many meds...

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Thank you for the response. I hope your son is doing well. CF is a terrible disease but modern medicine has given patients with the condition more longevity...

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No problem. I appreciate your response. Yes it is a tough illness to deal with. We have been lucky as he has been 'healthy' for the most part so far. And great news has just been announced this past week on new medications and trials, so we are optimistic.

BB10 App developer, Cystic Fibrosis Advocate. Tired if biting my tongue for the sake of others.

Anyone not on meds thank God for it. Health is a precious gift. Glad I'm not on anything. I hope and pray for everyone they find a way back to normality.

Pasted via CB chen

As a physician my Bill of Rights to my patients goes like this:
1) Least amount of medicine
2) Least amount of side-effects
3) Normal lifestyle
4) Inexpensive

This is a great App

STA-100-3 v

Does this app only work for CF patients and meds?

Posted in CB10 with my awesome Z10!

Got it. My wife is a pharmacist and now I will be able to pretend I know what she knows. This will drive her nuts haha.

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Is there a native app that will manage all of this plus my health records and be able to connect with my health care physician?

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If this had the added ability to make reminders for you to take your medication it would be great.
Sometimes I just lose track of time and end up taking my meds by the time the next pill was due.
Honestly, I'd love it if it was able to give "Alerts" like the ones for flood warnings or Amber Alerts. But IDK if that's even available in the SDK.

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Mr.C05, i work on the administrative side of healthcare and i suspect with privacy and security concerns your suggestion to have an app that links to your MD office is one that would have to be carefully executed, and i can see it originating from within whatever EMR the MD might be using before the concept becomes widespread enough that a stand alone app would have access to patient files, but I am not a computer person, and I may not be grasping the scope of access you're envisioning. But we all know with time, things become more and more possible!


Could never get this to work on my Z10, never got a response from the originator and finally switched to the more limited (but functioning) Pill Box.

New features coming, to include.... exporting database to CSV file so you can open in excel and print it....

BB10 App developer, Cystic Fibrosis Advocate. Tired if biting my tongue for the sake of others.