Monitor your prescriptions with CF PillPad HD for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 14 Apr 2013 03:45 pm EDT

Whether you're a parent, child, spouse, relative or friend, odds are there is someone in your life who requires a daily medication. Not too long ago I brought you PillPad by Alade Designs for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This application stores and tracks your prescriptions and dosages on a daily basis. It is especially useful for those with various health conditions that require multiple medications or for monitoring members of your entire family.

This time around, the developer made significant improvements to PillPad when porting over to BlackBerry 10. It is now a native application which means the overall performance is faster and smoother. As with the original version, there are links to popular medical reference websites and pharmacies in the US, UK, and Canada, and the ability to create profiles for each member of your family to enter in their respective pharmaceutical needs. There is also a section to input your physician's name and number for reference purposes or just storing all in one place in case of an emergency.

Those individuals suffering from chronic conditions benefit in the long term with a system that records their medications. PillPad not only sorts them for peace of mind but is perfect when visiting a Doctor's office or Emergency Room. In these situations you can't always focus, and rather than sit there trying to recall each and every one, you simply pull out your device and show it to the nurse. Reliable and easy to use, CF PillPad HD comes with a purchase price of $1.99. 

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Monitor your prescriptions with CF PillPad HD for BlackBerry 10


Thank you to Alicia and CrackBerry for reviewing this app for me. As the developer if anyone has any major pharmacies or other things they would like to see added follow me and hit me up on twitter @blkscorp33

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Off topic but Rogers just notified me that my gorgeous Z10 is getting a software update to :)

Not sure what to tell you but that is our current update. I don't get it, after Google I noticed it has been out first week of March. Also some apparently have :/ *scratching my head.

Great job on CF Pill Pad, BlkScorp. Well planned and designed. Use this on my PB and adding it to my Zed.

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Looks like a useful app - didn't see any mention of a reminder/alarm for when you actually have to take the pills. Is that a feature?

At this time an alarm reminder feature is not implemented. This is a feature I want/will add later on once we are able to have apps run in the background.


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Is there a setting to remind you of prescription refills? I have monthly refills but sometimes I forget to call to refill before the weekend. My pharmacy is not open on the weekends and my insurance will not allow refills sooner than three or four days before it is due. I always have to be aware of those two concerns to make sure I don't miss any doses. Filling a pill case for the week also complicates matters a bit. I might fill it for the week but forget there is only one, two or no pills left in the bottle. I try to give my pharmacy the courtesy of 48 hours to fill a Rx.

Again, this is not available as of yet due to Limitations. Once BlackBerry allows apps to run in background as opposed to active frames I will be updating to include such features

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Use the app frequently on my Playbook so I bought it right away for my Z10. Unfortunately all I get is the purple screen when I try to open the app. Re-downloaded several times but still nothing.

I replied back to your email again yesterday. Please respond back to me so we can try to figure out what the issue is. I am here to help you get it working. I want satisfied customers.


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For anyone having this issue. Please make sure your application permissions are set to allow. If not it will cause the app to sit on the splash screen and not open.

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Thank you, that solved the problem. I don't normally have my apps set to connect with BBM so that was the issue.

Not a problem. I have submitted an update that does not require bbm connection.
I kind of figured that was the issue.
If anyone else has the issue of application hanging on boot screen, please make sure permissions are set to allow for bbm...

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