#CESlive Day 3: CrackBerry Kevin cohosts the show, first guest is BBM. Be sure to watch!

CES Live
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jan 2014 12:58 pm EST

The craziness that is CES continues. I'm tight on time as I type this so I'll keep it short and sweet. As soon as this podcast is done, we're recording a Smartwatch Fans podcast, then a CrackBerry podcast (where we'll talk about the lunch I had earlier this week with John Chen; written interview coming tomorrow), and then our #CESlive show kicks off at 11:30am PT.

Today I'm co-hosting #CESlive for the first couple hours. We have a bunch of great guests lined up. And the first guest is Alex Kinsella from the BBM team. He's going to show us some never before seen on a live show stuff, so be sure to tune in and watch at crackberry.com/CESlive.

If you're on the ground in Vegas and are attending CES, be sure to swing by the lower level of the South Hall and look for our #CESlive stage per the picture above. Come and say hi and you can check out my P'9982!! :)

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#CESlive Day 3: CrackBerry Kevin cohosts the show, first guest is BBM. Be sure to watch!


I second that! BBM for the desktop! If you can ask about that it would be great. I'm hoping beyond hope that it's coming... :)

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you know, not just BBM.. would be awesome to have a PC bridge. like a window that opens up w/ your phone. so you can get all notification, and be able to reply etc from a PC.

Only one day left for me to arrive in Vegas. I'll surely stop by to say hola :)

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Would have been nice Blacberry that would promote the brand and its devices, or at least the word Crackberry bigger on top is my humble opinion.

Hubiera sido bueno que promocionara la marca Blacberry y sus dispositivos, o por lo menos la palabra Crackberry mas grande en la parte superior, es mi humilde opinion.

Ask him if he thinks any big DOD contracts are coming BB's way, in the near future,after all it was big news ,when they announced their opening of a development center in Washington .Watch his eyes very closely.Say hi to him for me.Thanks,

BBM location sharing - will there be an option to have always on? Family used Google Latitude in the past, we're an all BlackBerry family and this would be a terrific feature. Thanks Kevin!

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Thanks, was expecting some big announcement like BBM for Windows Phone or something like that.

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Well it was really short and no new news, only thing new he said was it's getting released in the next few weeks and that they will make BBM for Windows phone when there is critical mass.

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So the third platform is not "critical mass" enough. Sorry to hear. But I'd rather see BB take third spot.

Sux, because that is how a lot of developers and service providers looking at BlackBerry respond, especially BB10, and say "not worth it".


(but better to spend development resources on more pressing demands, like BBM Video for Android!)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

So what happened to "He's going to show us some never before seen on a live show stuff,"?

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Great job guy's love watching your pod cast's. Hope you had a awesome time in Vegas were it was sure to have nicer weather then here in Hamilton lol :)