#CESlive Day 2: More great guests, prizes and tonight is our Mobile Nations Vegas Meetup!

Watch the live show NOW at crackberry.com/CESlive

CES Stage
By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jan 2014 02:55 pm EST

Our #CESlive show is kicking off RIGHT NOW. Be sure to jump over to crackberry.com/CESlive and take in all the action. The live streaming video will be going for the next five hours. We have lots of great guests lined up and we have some great prizes to give away too - you'll want to tune in for the details. Guest list, live chat and video are all on our #CES live page, so click over to there now. --> crackberry.com/CESlive

​Mobile Nations Meet-Up Tonight in Las Vegas!

If you're in Las Vegas and reading this, be sure to come out tonight and say hi to Adam, myself and the entire Mobile Nations and Geek Beat team. We're meeting up at 7pm at the Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood. We'll grab some tasty grub, then from there we'll walk across the hall (literally a 30 second walk) over to PBR Rock Bar & Grill where we'll have more drinks and fire up the mechanical bull. It's going to a blast. You can RSVP on Google+ or just show up. I hope to see you there!!



i'm going to be right here


No First Comment QuickSilver!

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F that... I'm not a loser that posts that kind of thing....


Making the first comment without saying anything relevant to the article is as bad as posting "first".

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how is my comment as bad as the "first" post? I'm going to be right here... IE at my computer, watching the live stream....


& yet you camp out just waiting to do it,,, & then get defensive when called on it,,, & when someone does "first" on ya, you get all snappy,,, pretty disturbing, really,,, a classic textbook case of "firster envy"...

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... bit of a cop out, mate! Otherwise nice try at a hidden first. Congrats.

We all get caught, every now and then! Never mind, take it easy... :-)

(where is Trance, looks like he missed that one)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...


I've had a few first posts and like Quick, never pointed out that I'm first. I don't get that.
Wasting a post on saying first with no constructive addition to the article/forum chat, makes no sense.

I'm not understanding what he got caught at.
He said he was going to be here watching the Web cast like a good CB Nation family member.

The fact that he didn't write first doesn't mean he's a closet first poster wannabe.

Lastly, I like how so many people make it a big deal to post first then end up looking like a nob for missing it by minutes and someone (usually Quick) points it out.

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I like how all you guys totally got derailed by his non First, first post. pretty funny.


I'm loving all the great news articles coming from The CB team! Keep up the great work and take a moment to relax!

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Oh, I so much would rather be there. :( Maybe next year.


So I love my z10 but really want the physical keyboard. Should I just track down a q10 now or wait for the q30?

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If any of you Crackberry guys find your way into the Monster Awards show come by the lighting desk and say hi.
- mickey

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In which exhibition hall is the CES live broadcast located? I'm at the CES and would like to stop by


Since it appears that T MOBILE US is not selling BlackBerry 10 devices any longer (per http://n4bb.com/t-mobile-longer-sells-blackberry-10-smartphones-publicly/)
why is Crackberry covering them?



Posted this to the wrong thread. Sorry.