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Sep 25, 2016 BlackBerry CEO John Chen set to speak to the Empire Club on Sept. 26
Established in 1903, the Empire Club of Canada is recognized as one of Canada's oldest and largest, more important speaker's forum and on September 26, BlackBerry CEO John Chen will be sitting down with Amber Kanwar there for an in-depth discussion. Tickets for the event have already sold out but it does appear as though at least some of the conversation will be live-streamed. Continue Reading →
Sep 23, 2016 BlackBerry's Android Camera app updated with usability enhancements and bug fixes
For those of you out there using a Priv or a DTEK50, you'll want to load up the Google Play store and get the latest BlackBerry Camera update downloaded. For this update, BlackBerry has added some usability enhancements and fixed up a few bugs some might hit folks. Also on the list of improvements is the ability to turn on the flashlight when taking photos. Continue Reading →
Sep 22, 2016 BlackBerry hosting developer summit in New York on November 17
If you're a BlackBerry developer working with the Good Dynamics SDK, you'll want to stay tuned. BlackBerry has now sent out a 'save the date' for a developer summit they have lined up for November 17. Continue Reading →
Sep 21, 2016 Rare BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android goes up for sale on Kijiji
Remember before the Priv was announced there were multiple sightings of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition caught running Android? At the time, it was caught up in the codename confusion and was better known as Oslo and well, we know now that it was in some ways, a test bed for BlackBerry's Android smartphones. Although they never went on sale for the masses, a new Kijiji listing might allow you to get your hands on one. Continue Reading →
Sep 20, 2016 How to set up the BlackBerry Hub widget on Android
The BlackBerry Hub app for Android has been updated on a regular basis the past few months and with each update, new features are added. In the latest update, the Hub Widget has been added. It allows you to add one of three views to your homescreen. Continue Reading →
Sep 19, 2016 BerryFlow Upstream Podcast - Widget
After taking a week off, Upstream has returned. If you missed it live on Sunday night, you can now get yourself caught up. This week, we discuss the latest build of Snap, BlackBerry Hub+ Suite updates, and expansions, as well as some iOS 10 news. Plus, with BlackBerry set to announce their Q2 fiscal 2017 results September 28th, we dig a bit into what that all could mean for the company. Continue Reading →
Sep 18, 2016 Mobile Nations Weekly: Sevens
You might have heard about the hot new thing in tech... Continue Reading →
Sep 16, 2016 Have you switched to a Priv or DTEK50 from a BlackBerry 10 phone?
BlackBerry now has two Android-powered phones on the market and that raises the question of how many BlackBerry 10 users have made to jump to either a Priv or a DTEK50. So, let's put some numbers behind that question. If you switched to a Priv or a DTEK50 from a BlackBerry 10 phone, let us know in our poll. Continue Reading →
Sep 15, 2016 BlackBerry COO Marty Beard: We're not letting one product or idea define us
BlackBerry has been ramping up their company messaging to let folks know there is way more to BlackBerry than just their handset business. Another prime example of 'fighting' that mindset has come from Marty Beard, BlackBerry's chief operating officer, in response to a recently published article on Huffington Post titled 'Don't Let Yourself (Or Your Kid) Be The Next BlackBerry'. Continue Reading →
Sep 14, 2016 BlackBerry to announce Q2 fiscal 2017 results September 28th
Keeping in line with the date on their investor events calendar, BlackBerry has now announced they will be reporting results for the second quarter of fiscal 2017 on September 28, 2016. Continue Reading →
Sep 13, 2016 Snap v3 free version for BlackBerry 10 now available
Despite arriving a little later than expected, Snap v3 free version for BlackBerry 10 has now arrived and is available for download. Continue Reading →