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CES 2012 - Samsung's Smart Window

By Bla1ze on 13 Jan 2012 02:12 pm EST

No, it's not BlackBerry related but it's too freaking cool not to post it! Soon, we shall be living in the world of Minority Report, and this "Smart Window" technology Samsung has at CES 2012 is going to help us get there. Ashley Esqueda checks out what's happening over at the Samsung booth and gives a little demo of the window.



Too freaking cool indeed!


That's freaking awesome!


Yeah, yeah - everybody's got cooler stuff than RIM. We get it.


Could be your first video which everybody would be amazed to watch, i mean by not staring at you but staring at the awesome concept!


That's pretty cool, especially if the steady-state window open and window closed options are ultra-low power.


Very Cool Indeed, would love to have one of those. Technology is truly amazing!


Theirs was a concept. Ashley said the Samsung window is about to go into mass production.

I wonder how it handles extream temps. If your Kevin & living in Winnipeg it can get super cold. Will it still work if the other side is frozen with -50 temps?


"I feel like I'm in Minority Report, and that's really awesome." Lolol. Best review I've seen in a while! :D


Looks like a touch sensitive bigscreen TV mounted on a wall with a camera mounted outside. No ?


How did all the other sites miss this product? This looks better than another HDTV that's thin


This is very cool! Thanks for the preview!


I love Samsung TV's...that's all I have. The smart TV is pretty cool and I wish I had one. Just don't ever buy a dishwasher with a Samsung tag on it.......just sayin'.


I've actually been telling people about how cool and useful it could be to have this instead of normal windows for at least a few years now... Perhaps I should have made a rough conceptual drawing and submitted for a patent... lol


Am I the only one who thinks that is retarded?


Yes, totally. (Yes, you're the only one, I mean.)

It's awesome.