CES 2012: A quick look at Powerbag!

By Bla1ze on 12 Jan 2012 05:33 pm EST

Ashley roams the halls of CES 2012 looking for the weirdest, coolest, most fun tech on the show floor. For all of us in the Mobile Nations, the Powerbag is a must-have bag to tote around all your gadgets, since you can charge on the go. 

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CES 2012: A quick look at Powerbag!


Im surprised its only 9000 mah..... current android phones are coming out with 2000+ and are still very thin and from the look of that battery it should be a bit more than that..

I want to know, if you connect your BB device, will it charge? I have already bought Duracell lithium ion charge battery, it works on every thing BUT a BB.

So I am thinking that the BB device will not work....

If one extra battery works for your needs then great. This is for someone who needs to charge multiple devices, or is a very heavy user, and one extra battery won't cut it.

i got a blackberry branded one from work about a month ago on a single bag charge i can get about a 50% charge on to my playbook. its handy when Im traveling for work.

Who would buy a bag just for charging. I've seen similar product where you can just chuck it into any bag you like, with all type of connections too... BB,NOK,iP,MOT,HTC... you name it they got it. :D

As a person that travels every time i go to work, and i spend lots of hours in the middle of no where, this bag may be just what i need to keep my torch, atrix 2 and playbook working over time!