CES 2010: Take Control of Your Contacts with Xobni for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jan 2010 10:12 am EST

While at CES I once again ran into the awesome guys at Xobni. We've seen their application in action quite a few times now, and each time they show it off it looks better and better. There aren't many apps that I've been dying to get my hands on, but Xobni is definitely one of them. The ability to manage all of your BlackBerry contacts so easily with this app is something that I think everyone needs. All of your contacts get a "profile" and you can find any person or subject with only a few clicks. Hopefully we'll see something solid in the next few months, and actually be able to play around with Xobni itself - but for now, check out the video above to see some of the cool features.



Trackscan? It looks like Xobni will be a hit on your Berry.


cant wait. finally an app that will make a smartphone "smart". this plus berrybuzz/smartalerts will really help me to show incoming and outgoing who im communicating with the most and help me manage clients more effectively. will be a hit when getting my 9650.


They don't have any open beta testing positions. I was put on the waiting list.


i've used their outlook plugin. froze constantly. didn't connect email addresses to the same person, even when they were grouped to one contact in outlook. only grabbed the fb pic if the email matched the profile you chose. started giving me a virus error. disabled.


causing problems with OLK 2007. Also killed the sync I have using Pocket Mirror for my Palm Pre, had to disable the Add-In in Outlook, restart Outlook and now PocketMirror works fine again. However, I have to say that the program looks AWESOME, and I hope it will be improved as time goes on.


Are there any word-based apps for updateing and editing your resume' specifically designed for the Blackberry phones? If so,are there any freebies to download? Just asking.


I have been playing with GetMail for Outlook email searching from http://www.searchterrain.com for a month now. It has been searching my emails much faster than I thought. The seach experience has been exhilarating.