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CES 2010: PowerMat's To Be Released PowerPak Wireless Charging Solution is Freak'n Awesome!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jan 2010 01:42 pm EST

Ok ok... so the number of companies starting to offer wireless charging solutions for smartphones is growing (it's already becoming a little overwhelming to be honest) but after leaving CES 2010 in my opinion it's the folks at PowerMat that are leading the charge. Their original 2009 PowerMat solution was already compelling and sold over 700,000 units in no time, but it's their upcoming PowerPak system that is going to blow the doors off the wireless charging market for smartphones.

Check out the video above. With their new PowerPak for BlackBerry (also to be available for a bunch of other manufacturers and devices), the standard OEM battery door remains on the device. Instead, they're replacing the manufacturer's battery with one of their own that has the magical inductive charging technology built into it. Seriously. This is something I've been hoping RIM would do (like Palm does with their Touchstone), but PowerMat is doing it now. Well, not quite now... it'll be available in June, but they had the pre-release stuff at the show working just fine by the looks of it. What I love about this solution is that it doesn't exclude existing accessories, like the bedside charging pod or cases and skins from being used, as the battery door does not change. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Can you tell I'm excited? Like seriously. Wicked. Need it NOW.

Reader comments

CES 2010: PowerMat's To Be Released PowerPak Wireless Charging Solution is Freak'n Awesome!


Dear sirs,
We come up with the same wireless charger like powermat but at way too low price cause it is all made in China including Powermat.
If you are interested in buying some samples first for test,pls feel free to contact us.
Shenzhen Range Technology

wow this is pretty sick. ill def be getting. Im very happy i didnt buy the original powermat now. and $70 is a lot better of a price than $100 +$30 cases

I am a current PowerMat user with a backing for my personal Tour 9630 and Work Curve 8330. Sucks that I forked out the cash for the backings but this is pretty cool news!

Think they'll offer a discount if you had already purchased a backing?

Very Cool! I wonder if it will work if you have a case/skin on the Berry? And, if it will work, I wonder how thick the case/skin can be before it will not work.

Would definitely like to know this also, I have a barely there casemate on my phone and if it works through that I will definitely get one.

We have a powermat and my wife has a Silicone case (VZW original) and it charges just fine with the case on. The case is not meant to fit with the Powermat adapter, but since it is silicone, it streches. Point is, it charges through the skin/case without a problem, so I wouldn't think it's an issue.

Dear sirs,
We come up with the same wireless charger like powermat but at way too low price cause it is all made in China including Powermat.
If you are interested in buying some samples first for test,pls feel free to contact us.
Shenzhen Range Technology

This may just make me think of getting this. Although I have the charging dock for my Tour so I am currently getting wireless charging. Oh and I saved $30 to $40 dallars from what the video said this would cost.

how are you getting wireless charging already? the charging dock does NOT charge wireless. it charges thru the metallic points on the back of your case

I've got this system for my iPhone, wife's iPhone, iPod touch and my kids' nintendos. I'd love this caseless battery pack for my Storm 2. I'd buy two single unit charging stations, too.
Hope they come to market before June like he said in the video. 6 months is a long time to wait.

nice! looks like a great candidate for a contest once these babies become available. i'll be buying one regardless!

It's a cool idea to integrate the wireless charging goodness into the battery itself. But, unless they can do magic or have new improved battery, the additional wireless charging circuits will take up some volume. That means, the actual battery portion will be smaller -- less capacity. Well, if the reduction of capacity isn't too great, it's not a major issue for most users who charge their phone daily.

This is one of the best charging alternatives that I have seen. I am assuming you can still charge up the "old fashion" way if you don't get back to your powermat in time? I can see this being the grand prize in an upcoming contest........

guess i'm one of the few people who is happy with it the blackberry charging pod. the powermat is cool but seemed like a $100 solution to problem i solved with $12.

I'm with you.

And in that video, they only showed a pad that could hold basically one device/battery. I wonder if the previously released wider pads which could hold 3-4 devices would still work with the new battery/pack?

Cool all around, but not a sale for me.

The new charger is only a single charger. The original charging pad can charge 3 devices, but the technology is the same, and the powerpak will work on the original mat.

this is awesome..I"m so happy I waited. Still uses oem battery door....blood brilliant.

I'm def picking one up

It doesn't actually seem to offer any additional functionality at all. In fact, it still seems less functional than my $10 charging dock, since it lays the phone entirely flat, it can't even be used as a clock.

Yeah, technically it's wireless, but when you have to put the phone ON the charger, it might as well be wired.

Won't be swindling me on this one.

Looks easy enough to stand the charger up at an incline and become a dock...

And has promise for offering a universal charging unit for any/all electronic devices.

But, hard to believe that the PowerPak would get "comparable" capacity with equally-sized batteries.

For $100 bucks you don't have to physically plug in the device to a USB/Wall Charger...WTF? FAIL.

Right now I can buy 3 or 4 USB/Wall Chargers for a few bucks a piece and put them in my office, bedroom, work, car, laptop bag.

The only way I would want something like this if it were "true" wireless. Meaning, as long as I'm within xx feet. So when I walk into my house my BB is charging.

It's a start but....

I like this setup a lot better than the fist one but if it was like the charging cradle I would get it in a heart beat. June is a long time off I may change my mind.

Hey Kevin, are you excited? LOL!

I have to admit that I wasn't very excited about their current offerings, but THIS looks AWESOME! The price isn't bad either (same as OEM)...and I'm glad they have the small mat...that will fit on the bedside table!

Now that is crazy smart. Why add an adapter when you can just replace the battery and keep the BB looking sleek! Gotta get one in June!

i'm ecstatic!!! i was going to buy the power mat today but screw that i think this is worth the wait!!! unless you were able to steal one then i'd be willing to buy that ;)

So your going to spend $70.00 to unplug your OEM charger from the outlet, plug this into the same outlet, pull out your OEM RIM battery for a power pack battery, then place your Berry on this pad. I thought I was a little tech savy but I dont see the point. Someone convince me....

I still can't see a situation where I would want one of these over a cheap wall charger or cheap charging dock....

I didn't have much interest how it was previously, with having to install a different bigger battery door
but this way is MUCH better, and I think u guys will have even more success with this methodology

that's what i call a manufacturer making great strides in product design, innovation and functionality

cant wait to pick one up!

Dear sirs,
We come up with the same wireless charger like powermat but at way too low price cause it is all made in China including Powermat.
If you are interested in buying some samples first for test,pls feel free to contact us.
Shenzhen Range Technology

Can you still charge via A/C & car charger with their battery in the phone? Also will it still charge on the pad if you have the phone in a skin or case such as the otterbox impact?

I wasn't too keen on the old (ie, 2009 model) setup. I just didn't like the look of the bulky door/recharger. But this? This I'll definitely buy!

For those whining questioning (aka, whining about) it's functionality....would you rather come home lay your phone on the mat and relax? Or, come home, fish for the end of the OEM plug, make sure it's facing the right way so it plugs into your phone, then plug it in.

If you'd still opt for Option 2, well whine away...I've got better things to do with my time.

you can charge w/o removing your thick case..
can make the mat tilted so you can use the clock...
the battery has a good capacity...

makes no sense buying this.Drop it on the mat or just plug it in. You still have to plug the powermat into the wall what's the difference

I did hear him say the charge capacity "is some-what comparable", probably a bit weaker.

Still do not see the advantages as others explained.

come home from a late night and just throw it on a mat..but if the capacity isn't there..I'll have to pass.

I am going to guess otter box might encounter some issue.. if you can still charge with otter box on it would be super fantastic.. if not I will switch to a seido case.

I just hope the mat provide some kind a slot, so it can also charge the original bb batt. Nobody knows when she needs a spare batt, right?

Great news! I love this. I really do.

Dear sirs,
We come up with the same wireless charger like powermat but at way too low price cause it is all made in China including Powermat.
If you are interested in buying some samples first for test,pls feel free to contact us.
Shenzhen Range Technology

If you plug in your phone religiously or use it in a home office with a dock, that's great, and this is not for you. But for those of us that use it at work all day long, and put it down when we get home because we have 2 kids to take care of, this is a great product. My wife and I use ours at work, and kind of forget about them until the next morning. Since I have other priorities, sometimes I forget to take my phone to where I have the charger pluged in. Then I'm running on low power all day, kicking myself for forgeting. This badboy sits on my counter, and when I come home, I put it down on the mat, set my keys down, and I don't have to think about it till the next morning, and no, I'm not putting 2 chargers and their cords on my kitchen counter. The mat is not an eyesore, and the power wire to it wraps up tight so it blends right in. For us it is great, but if you don't want it, who gives a SH!T!

when we get it and actually use it we will see if it stands up against the oem battery, only time will tell if this stands up against what he said in the video. and the life span of that battery how longer does it last, how long does the powerpak takes to full charge the phone to full cap's. IMO if this replacement dont out perform the OEM and regular charging its a waste of my money, no wires to break or usb ports to short this looks good for that but im more concerned about a longer lasting battery before it shows signs of a replacement and the OEM does this pretty good. 3rd party batteries never stood up against the OEM's, they usually dies out and fail before the OEM does. Good luck.

What about us that purchased the original 2009 doors???? I hope they come up with a trade out program, that will really help those of us that bought a few of them for our devices


I realize that this is a forum for just Blackberry users but for all of you who can't understand the incredible magnitude of importance of this product here goes...

I own a Blackberry Bold, Nintendo DSi, wireless headphones, Garmin GPS. My wife has some crappy Telus phone and the same GPS as I do. My son and two girls each own their own Nintendo DSlites and generic mp3 music players. My son also owns an iPod Nano.

Imagine being able to charge ALL of these items with one plug. Not 10 to 12 different plugs. Not five plugs in the kitchen, three in the living room, one in the upstairs halway, and one in each bedroom.

We used to do the latter. Now we have just one charger. The Powermat removes all of those wires, plugs, outlets, and hastles.

Now imagine the future...

Moving your toaster over the induction power spot on your counter for toasting. Sliding the coffee maker beside it for your morning beverage. No cords; both go back in the cupboard easily. The mixer, blender, toaster oven, Magic Bullet, Notebook, radio, etc. all work the same way with NO CORDS.

Just some of the possibilities.