CES 2010: Pong Research Offers Cases To Protect You From Cell Phone Radiation

CES 2010: Pong Research Offers Cases To Protect You From Cell Phone Radiation
By Bla1ze on 7 Jan 2010 11:30 am EST

For the past little while there has been a lot of information in the media regarding cell phone radiation and the possible effects it has on a cell phone user. The information has actually sparked conversation about the possibility of cell phones having to come with the issuance of a warning label attached to them in some states. Pong Research is looking to help calm the help everyone out with their recently announced protection cases which claim to stop up to 60% of all cell phone radiation. They have even got the FFC's backing with their claims through the laboratory tests the FCC has completed.

While using the protective cases signal levels remain unaffected which also effectively maintains battery life while offering radiation protection. At this point you can grab the case for iPhone, iPhone 3GS and more recently announced BlackBerry offerings coming compatible with 8300, 8310, 8320, and 8330 Curve series devices. Price is a little steep for me as each case will cost ya $49.99 but if radiation is a concern for you, price likely will not matter. 

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CES 2010: Pong Research Offers Cases To Protect You From Cell Phone Radiation


I was wondering why I was going bald. It must be from the cell phone radiation.

What a crock of BS on this whole cell phone radiation business. The cases do look nice though.

If the cases can prevent radiation with such simple thing, I would think RIM should be able to do something in battery cases?

How will a case with metal behind the battery protect you? It seems to me it would act as a reflecter and point the RF towards your head..?

Notice they don't cover the actual part you stick against your head and face, the front of the phone.

Preying on fears with a product that probably doesn't even do a thing.

They are not holding the phone backswards its just showing an x-ray of the phone showing the materials inside, all you have to do is look at there cases and you would see that.

I can see the forum posts now: "I just installed the radiation shield, it's great, but I get no bars! What's up!" ;)

As mentioned by hackntossh above, there was a news write-up that went across many online news services that claimed research had shown cell phone radiation may help reduce Alzheimers disease.

As is also posted above, this sounds like a whole lot of fear factor marketing. I hope this POS fails in the markets soon.

Silicon snake oil. If it doesn't interfere with signal strength, there's absolutely no way that its' blocking a significant portion of the radiation emitted by the phone. Really, paranoids should wear lead clothing.

This is utter nonsense. They're preying on people who don't know anything about RF and antenna theory. It's impossible to shield oneself from any hand-held device that emits RF.

The only time RF becomes a danger is when you get too close to an antenna that's transmitting at a much, MUCH higher power than a phone. Cellphones operate with under 1 watt of power. Two-way radios operate with 2-6 watts and they've been around a lot longer than cellphones. Consider also the microwave oven. Plenty of RF escapes them and it doesn't hurt anyone (unless you have a pacemaker).

If you block the "radiation" how then is the phone supposed to communicate with the cell tower? Besides, how many tons of PCBs and phthalates are getting pumped into our water supply to make these cases??

Looking at the website, the metal film inside is supposed to act like a chimney and then at the top it will send the signal out the back away from your head. Where is the entena located? I thought it was coiled at the top of the phone and not the bottom.

I also love how it says it captures the radiation and moves it up the case and then away from the user... conveniently the spot where the radiation is "moved away from the user" is right where one would tend to be holding the device. Any one want some hand skin cancer to go along with their brain tumors?

I don't recall the name of the app but some months ago Crackberry had a blog about a app that claimed to help you detect radiation levels. Does anyone remember what it was called? I wonder how many will buy this protective case plus that app thinking there giving themselves extra protection? Some people just might be that paranoid!

Roughly 45 days ago I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. I'm 31 years old and in pretty good health. The tumor is the size of my fist and the most shocking part is that they say its been there roughly 10 years. They have no idea how it developed. Something like this would be ideal.

My guess is my heavy cellphone usage. Recently in the news they said cellphone radiation does not cause tumors; think about it if they said yes it does the whole world would be turned upside down.

I'm sorry to hear you have a brain tumor but I seriously doubt your heavy cell phone usage was the cause. You would have been 21 years old 10 years ago and that means you would have gotten a brain tumor for talking on a cell phone for only 5 or 6 years tops - and most of that time you should have been in school paying attention (and not on your phone).

The brain is about the size of two fists so if your tumor was really that big, I would think the pressure exerted on your brain would have killed you long ago.

I was all ready to call BS until I actually took a look and the site and realized they might actually be on to something.

Pretty much what they did is add Parasitic Elements to form a directional yagi antenna. Same thing as the "Pringles can" antennas that were all the rage a few years ago to send long range WiFi signals.

The 2 types of elements are Reflector and Directors, the reflector element does what it sounds like reflects signal away, the director draws the signal towards it.

The Yagi is a highly directional antenna and would divert more of the radio signal (radiation) in one direction. It is actually a very old (1926) and well known affect used regularly in antenna creation.

I'm not endorsing the product by any means as I would have to see all the design specs and test data to see if the radiation is being sent in an effective, but safe, direction. But it is not as silly a concept as it may seem.

P.S. ignore the fancy graphic, it is meant as a way to demonstrate the concept to a layperson, in actuality the radiation map would be much different looking and more upward facing.

Also I am making no claim that radiation from Cell Phones is harmful, just that their concept to deflect it is based on solid theory.

Considering they haven't been able to form a solid case showing radiation doing much of anything in the first place, this product is relying on paranoia for sales...

Do you all remember the stories that living under power lines caused cancers? Yea...after years of research and millions of dollars spend, that was found to be false.

Radio waves carry over a million times less energy than visible light. If you're afraid of cell phone radiation, I might suggest never leaving your home in fear of sunlight.

Lastly, if you have 20 bucks just lying around to waste, why not paypal them over to me? thanks bye.

"Radio waves carry over a million times less energy than visible light. If you're afraid of cell phone radiation, I might suggest never leaving your home in fear of sunlight."

Except Cell phones are no longer in the Radio waves area of the frequency spectrum, they are now in the Microwave area.

Verizon uses 1.9Ghz frequencies, currently there are some frequencies licensed for cellular at the 2.1Ghz range.

The microwave oven in your kitchen uses 2.45Ghz to cook your Cup-o-Noodles in under 2 minutes, but how long is your average phone call?

(Yes I know cell phone signals are order of magnitudes weaker, and not saying they are a health threat, but just saying you can't dismiss it as impossible so easily.)

A Microwave heats food by applying rapidly alternating electric fields. This has two effects, polarizing the water molecules in the food and align them to the Electric field. When the external Electric field is flipped in direction, the aligned molecules also flip and are aligned. The process is repeated very quickly, causing the water molecules to heat up. Cell phones do not do this process.

Also, your microwave has at least 300 Watts...(about the power of a desktop computer). Your cell phone does not have this much power (or your battery would last 2 minutes, let alone 8 hours).

Yeah, when I read this article, I thought about my grandparents who used to say a TV remote would cause cancer LOL. Even they got a TV with it, they still walked to TV to change stations and volumes. Good exercise!

@ UnifiedTechs .. But I like my brain noodles kept warm.

This is useless for many BB owners who do mostly texting/emailing...

What a ripoff. The biggest FAIL of 2010. I hope people aren't stupid enough to buy into this nonsense.

If you really want to protect yourself, use a bluetooth headset like I do and don't hold the phone to your head in the first place..

If you use bluetooth, is the phone clipped to your belt or in a pocket and radiating your internal organs? Something to think about but I still wouldn't use this product.

I hear you can put aluminum foil on your windows to keep out all the radiation, too. This company would make a killing with window-sized foil panels.

Just my 2 cents, but I believe that unless you have a PhD in physics or electrical engineering with a specialization in electromagnetic wave communications, your opinion is worthless. I.e., if you don't really know much about the subject, your hunches or "common sense" derived reasoning don't really mean much.

These cases are probably made for people wearing tin foil hats. They recently discovered cellphone radiation actually prevents Alzheimer's. I'm quite sure I won't get that disease :)

Seriously? does no one actually read the posts before posting? How many different people posted about the frickn alzheimer's article????

With just modest due diligence:

Positive EMR studies, you'll find a telecom involved somewhere down the line.

Inversely, there are mounting studies that is now showing a link to cellphone, cell towers, wifi, etc, and brain cancer. No telecoms contributing to these double blind studies.

The Alzheimer research is done by USF and I only check for Verizon as a major contributor to the school, but I would bet many telecoms contributes to a research school. Verizon already gave a Macbook to all the athletes at the University, plus $600,000 last year. All for the good of their hearts?

I'm don't see how this Pong gadget can work since EMR is radiated all around and the metal device will not attract RF magically which emits outward. Using the speaker phone is better or wired earpiece.

BTW... This is all long term and cell phones have recently be commonly used widely. So the jury will be out for a while. Malignant brain tumors are usually fatal. See what's out there around the world on YouTube regards this topic.

But most importantly, kids are most at risk researches say. If you want to gamble, fine, but think about it when you give your young child one. IMHO

So many post by those that seem to know nothing about any of this. Go to
and see what they found out about the Pong case.

The robotic probe takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 30 minutes to complete the process. According to the certificate filed with the FCC, Apple’s iPhone 3G S has a maximum SAR of 1.19 W/kg when it’s held at the ear. Our test showed the iPhone 3G to have an SAR of 1.18 W/kg, or just about the same as the official FCC number.

Next up, testing the iPhone with a Pong case. The process is repeated and about 20 minutes later, the results are spewed out at with SAR clocking in at 0.42 W/kg.

In other words, Pong’s claims seem to be legitimate: Its case reduces the amount of radiation going from the iPhone into your head to a third of what it would be without the case. Contrary to what we initially wrote on the Pong case, it does appear to work.

After about 3 months of research I picked up the new PONG Lexan case (chip design sits within back of hard plastic) for the Bold 9700.

Using Tawkon on as a point of reference for radiation output during calls (before case and after case insertion)the case truly does work. I've been using Tawkon since its beta Android days and then shifted to my Blackberry. Depending on signal strength, during a call (without a case) Tawkon's icon on the top of the OS6 screen blinks from green (safe) to red (high radiation discharge). Tawkon then prompts me to go into speaker mode immediately since radiation is being absorbed. Of course this is reliant on signal strength\the signal boosting the Blackberry is doing to get optimal signal during the call (bouncing from 3G to EDGE to GPRS and then back to 3G -correct me here on signal boosting if I'm incorrect).

Upon PONG case insertion, the Tawkon icon sits green during an entire call, not turning red at all! Going into Tawkon, the details of the previous call state "0% radiation has been absorbed." Normally it would say "100% of radiation has been absorbed." The case must be doing something if Tawkon hasn't popped up with the "Please activate speaker mode immediately! Radiation is high!" since using the PONG case.

Battery life has also increased! Wow, that was a surprise! Normally by about 2PM of my work day of texting, BBM'ing, phone calling on a mixture of headset, speaker and normal spearmodes, the battery lowers to half -45%-50%. With the PONG case, battery has come down to 80% by 2PM. I'm trying to see if there are more tests I can run on this thing.

Oh and did I mention, the new black Lexan hard plastic design (matte finish) is smudge\oil\fingerprint proof and looks like it was pulled out of Batman's arsenal (think Batman Begins Nomex suit design)? The design is simply the most sleek and edgy I've seen to date! PONG's concept designers are damn talented!

All in all really satisfied so far!

Just be very, very wary of dealing with this company- Pong Research. I purchased two cases after reading reviews like this and found them an absolute nightmare to deal with. I returned everything and got a very minimal refund losing a great deal of money in the transaction. I feel strongly that I would never recommend them to anyone. Save yourself the headache and loss of money.

I read that the cell phones emit a dangerous non-ionizing form of electromagnetic radiation; radiation which can be absorbed by the tissues and cells which come into close contact with the phone. That's why I decided to use a <a href="http://www.pongresearch.com/science.html">cell phone radiation blocker</a> . In the end though, I found a couple of reviews of Pong Research's cases, that convinced me to give it a try. This case is built with an antenna in between layers of the back cover, which reduces exposure to radiation while optimizing the mobile reception.