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CES 2010: Multiplied Media Rolls Out Latest Version Of Poynt

By Bla1ze on 7 Jan 2010 09:11 am EST
Multiplied Media Rolls Out Latest Version Of Poynt

The good folks from Multiplied Media are on hand at CES 2010 showing off and answering questions about their awesome BlackBerry application, Poynt. The good news is that, just a few days after shutting down their beta testing of the version release they now have available version for download.

Poynt has taken a lot of feedback generated from the beta and put it to work in the latest version. Aside from UI changes such as the live updating weather backgrounds, you can now search local gas prices in addition to the many already great features like business lookup, reverse number lookup and viewing movie trailers. Be sure to grab the latest update which is available now in BlackBerry App World or via the Poynt website.



One of the worthwhile releases early in the year! Great job!


Good job, imigane if these guys made a twitter or facebook app!


and it was great! Glad to see an official release!


And now with this update im sure its only the begining! Excellent work!


looks good. I have always had poynt on my phone but rarely ever used it other then to check movie times. I never got around to really fooling with it untill now. Looks great and love the gas prices


how do you search gas prices? I can't seem to find it.

love the weather integration!

still won't find my GPS on my new 9700. anyone else with this problem?


Gas prices will only show up in select cities.


just downloaded, it's pretty awesome! love the gas price addition (wish i had this app when i lived in california a couple years ago!), and overall it looks great. love it.


How do the gas prices work? cant seem to figure that one out


This is a great app, downloading as I type. Can't wait to try out the latest version.


Love the new look and function.. They have come a long way since being released..


This is an outstanding App. Love the new version


Weren't they also going to add in turn by turn voice directions or am I pulling a Clemens and mis-remembering that?


You pulled a Clemens...


I wasn't able to get to the site, but after 5 minutes of trying I realized I had the wrong "point" (instead of poynt)


this is a huge leap even for an awesome app like poynt. Immediately impressed.


DLing via My Appworld right now......yippeeeee


Great App !!!!!!!! It should come as standard software with every BlackBerry..........simply put: Fantastic !!!!!! Thank you very much Poynt People.


I installed the new version from App World and all it does is freeze up when I try to do any kind of search.

Update just did a few battery pulls it works now except the gas prices freeze up my 8230 flip.

Doctor A

This updated version has nicer interface and just seems to work faster. Locked onto GPS fairly fast and shows current temperature on home screen though do not know how accurate it is.


the UI from the screen shot is different than the UI from the dl?


it changes based on your weather conditions.


Poynt has got to be one of the best, very best, apps for blackberry. I open it everyday now just to see the weather LOL. I love it!


Gas Prices only work for the US right now, that may be why it's not showing up. I changed my location to New York and it automatically shows up on the screen.


Wtg ponyt. The new changes are outstanding. One problem is can't find gas price here in Canada. Boo..hoo. Hoping this will change soon.


Yep ... Canadian gas prices and this is the best app out there :) For us in Canada of course


Great looking app and love the way the homescreen changes with your weather condition. 2 Thumbs up!


Im downloading the upgrade now. This looks like its going to be awesome. Can't wait to use it.


I found incorrect gas prices (off by 20 cents), closed businesses, and a restaurant that is 7 miles away showing up as within a mile. I know this is not Poynt's fault; it is bad data. Except the 7 mile problem -- the address read correctly, and Poynt knew where I was. I don't see a way to report errors. The bigger problem is that I am not so confident in how useful this will be on a road trip.
The weather part is great though!


I agree with all the other Canadians here. This app has long been one of my favourites. And this upgrade is a great leap forward. Seems much more quick and fluent as well. However, it would be great to see the gas prices work for Canada. Hopefully this is a next step???


Just tried downloading Poynt 1.5 but BB App world still has 1.4. Got the new version directly from the Poynt web site.


Great Job Guys thanks for all the effort that has gone into this already great program


Iv been using poynt for a while now, and love the new gas feature, and use poynt alot for reverse phone number lookup. Great App!


The GPS on this new version locks in within like 2 seconds of opening the app. The old one took like 45 seconds or more. Thats on my tour with OS I'm very impressed.


We want a Europe Version!!!


Poynt is available in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy


It looks a lot better now, I guess I'll give this app a go.

Sosai X

The best free app ever created for Blackberry keeps on getting better! Great work, Multiplied Media!


This app is so useful and looks fantastic! 5 stars.


I like the feature that let you poynt from a contact in your address book then map the address on google. The only issue I have with that is the accuracy of the mapping. That said, I think this app is very nice.


I want the Carousel UI for the Storm version!!!! :(


I was disappointed when I saw it was the old icon line interface. Just for a bit, though, cause the app is still awesome.


I love me some poynt. Unlike App World that continually doesn't improve, poynt gets better and better with each new version. Honestly, the best app for blackberry. If it gave me the news and stocks, there would be no need for any other app except maybe pandora. Thank you, poynt. Keep up the excellent work.


I was lucky enough to test for them the last couple of releases including this one, gas prices work in Reno. Thank god & weather is highly accurate. Yes the carousel looks great even though I have the non-carousel ver I still can't live without mypoynt. The Beta team support was great they read every suggestion i had promptly. These guys are going straight to the top. Nice to see all the other comments are very positive too. Thanks Poynt!


Thanks and hail to Poynt. Aside of the cool features the new weather integrated UI layout really caught my eyeballs. Maybe you guys could consider making a sole weather forecast app (or in RIM's words, a widget) which shows full screen transparent weather backgrounds at blackberry's home screen just like how Poynt does on its interface? I believe lots of blackberry users will definitely be crazy about it!


First I must admit I work for Poynt. So I am definitely biased :-)

Thanks for all the good comments/suggestions. Poynt continually gets better due to your support.

A couple items I wanted to reply to. We hear you on expanding gas prices to Canada (and also the European countries we now work in). Working on it.

A couple more little items you may not have discovered yet:

Added Telenav product integration. Some of you know we already work with the NIM product line (ie VZ Navigator). If you go to "Get Route" and you have one of the NIM or Telenav products loaded, you will get the option to use these for Voice Nav.

In app movie ticket purchasing. Previously would would only refer off to the site. Now we allow for in app movie ticket purchasing for theaters that support it.


I still cannot believe this app is free. Thank you!


best app i ever used.......canadian gas would be cool....