CES 2010: MogoTalk for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jan 2010 02:52 pm EST

MogoTalk has been available for the iPhone for a little while now and last night at ShowStoppers at CES 2010 they were showing off some pre-release versions of their MogoTalk accessory coming to BlackBerry Smartphones. MogoTalk offers a pretty elegant solution to an annoying problem - carrying around a bluetooth headset and ensuring it's actually charged. MogoTalk offers a case that surrounds your BlackBerry, offering protection, and on the back actually houses a bluetooth headset. On MogoTalk for BlackBerry, the cases feature a charging port that allow you to charge both your device and your headset at the same time. So with MogoTalk, you'll always have your bluetooth headset with you and always have it charged and ready to be put to use. Not a bad concept at all.

You can follow mogotalk.com for more information. Right now they're looking at a Q2 release. We'll be sure to review it as they hit the market to see how well it performs in everyday life. Definitely a unique and useful concept for those who use a bluetooth headset regularly.

Reader comments

CES 2010: MogoTalk for BlackBerry Smartphones


indeed. However, not sure if the bluetooth would stay in the ear or if it's comfortable enough. I like it with the ear hook for guaranteed support.

That is really cool. But have to agree with Rob128 dont know how comfortable it would be in the ear but for the price im sure its comfortable. Like how you can charge both at once.

Very cool but I carry a Motarolla H12 and it wasn't anywhere near the 130 pricetag. I guess if you want something that will always stay on you it's cool.

This would be really nice to have. I will never buy another headset with a ear loop again. I hate having the thing over my ear. Just insert and go. Maybe a little uncomfortable at first but once you get used to it there is no alternative.

This is a really cool idea, not sure how comfortable that would be to have consistantly in my ear though. I can't stand the earphones that go directly into my ears so I don't think this is for me but the concept is great.

I bet the earpiece would probably be comfortable for most, even though it looks weird and it's hard to believe that thing goes in your ear. The price is good too!

great idea, need to wait and see once it's released. I would get it if the case is good, comes with a holster and the bluetooth is good quality.

When you're taking a video of a new product, and talking to one of the product representatives, maybe start the video showing their face, you know when you're saying hi. Okay, yes, the product is the main thing, but we'd like to see who you're talking to.

In the video she was holding a Storm 2 with the Mogo already on it. Kevin, go back to that booth and see how it works without contact points.

Looks pretty swell. I'd be interested in giving it a try. A little curious about the comfort-factor of the earpiece, like others. Overall seems like a very convenient product to own.

That is seriously going to drain battery, all the BB drain lots of juice, they should come up with one with and xtra capacity battery, now that would be sweet, don't you guys agree.

Can't completely agree. I hope not to make the phone too much more heavier than as is, unless extra capacity with less weight is possible! :)

Convienience is the name of the game for me!! The less I have to carry in my already heavy handbag, the better!! Looking forward to testing and reviewing...currently using Jabra BT3030 for the main purpose of stereo playback but the cords (Mini-usb charger and earbuds) are a hot mess. Yay!

I'd want one, if it came in pink. Sounds horrendously bimbo, but hey, I've got a pink skin, pink theme, and if I weren't so chicken about changing the chassis for my Curve 8900, I'd make the berry ball and keyboard pink too! Would be kinda counterproductive to slap on a black thingy on the back.