CES 2010: Video Demo of Kodak Wireless Printing for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jan 2010 09:07 am EST

Kodak was on hand at the BlackBerry booth CES 2010 demoing their new app for BlackBerry that allows you to print documents wirelessly from your BlackBerry. Check out the video above to see the demo. Cool stuff. Yet another thing you can do with your BlackBerry. :) Only potential downside here is that the integreation is via Documents2Go, so if you're one of those people who uninstalls it to save app space you likely won't be taking advantage of this. 

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CES 2010: Video Demo of Kodak Wireless Printing for BlackBerry Smartphones


IN the demo it lists a Kodak printer. Hopefully it would work w/ ALL wireless printers, otherwise it's utility is severely limited

This will probably be tied to Kodak printers - that way they [may] sell more printers. Probably only a matter of time before other vendors release similar?

What's needed is a device independent solution and included in that solution the location of the printer (imagine in a large corporate with lots of printers listed...)

It's a good idea. I wonder if you can print photos with it as well.

I have a wifi HP printer and I'd LOVE something like this. :)

This app would be great if it was able to print on any printer on the Wireless Network.... I would think this app would be tied into Kodak.. as mentioned before

So i think i will have to wait for a independent solution.

This isn't the same Kodak that is suing RIM for patent infringement and seeking an injunction at the International Trade Commission?

the only down side i see to it is the need to HAVE a blackberry WITH WiFi. On Some carriers, there are very few options for wifi enabled blackberries. US Cellular for example JUST released the Curve 8530 with WiFi however, for those of us who prefer the Tour, we are excluded from using this app. Maybe Lexmark will figure out a better solution using the internet as a print server?

How is this any different then getting a bluetooth printer?
2 years ago (or more) I was at best buy and was sending pictures from my blackberry to the printer, via bluetooth. And then it wasn't limited to just blackberry's. are they just getting an app so you buy a Kodak printer?