CES 2010: Energizer Shows Off New Charging Solutions

CES 2010: Energizer Shows Off New Charging Solutions
By Bla1ze on 7 Jan 2010 09:10 am EST

Last night was the Digital Experience show in Las Vegas, which kicked off the "pre" CES celebrations. Energizer was on hand to show off some of their upcoming products some of which fit in the Energi To Go line. With everything from solar powered chargers to in pocket solutions being shown off Energizer looks as though they preparing for consumers to never have to worry about a dead battery ever again.

One such solution shown off was the EnergiStick that offers micro and mini USB connection options which can keep your individual device charged for an extra 30 minutes on the go. Perfect for those times you need that extra boost to get you through till you get home.

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CES 2010: Energizer Shows Off New Charging Solutions


Eh.. Great concept but only 30 mins??? I invested in a "portable" solar power charger a few months ago. I haven't used it yet but its great to have just in case! U charge it once and it stays charged until you need it and it'll defiantly give you more than 30 mins of power.

I don't believe that tour has a case on it. I think it's just the reflection of everything around it. You can see the table graphics on the bottom bezel of the phone.

As for the solution. I have the Energizer Energi to go product. Works off 2 AA batteries. I find that it will give me a good half battery charge before the batteries die. It has served me well in a few circumstances where i didn't have access to an outlet or car charger. I keep it in my glovebox. And when i travel, it goes in my pocket or my bag, just in case.

Definitely has a case on it (can tell from the side buttons) - looks like just a clear, snap-on hard case. Hard to say which for sure.

D'OH! Just looked again. Can clearly see the case when you look at the bottom bezel as well. Ha ha ha. My Bad.

I agree that it looks clear....or at least the same color as the bezel.


i believe that is the snap on case made by speck that is offered here on the crackberry store. I own that case and it looks just like it. Offers screen protection and also protection for the mute and lock buttons on top of the phone. Very good case!

i think thats the "BlackBerry Tour 9630 Barely There Case" in metallic silver... im almost sure...i googled about an hour to find out hehe....

Was just on their website and see that it is out of stock. But I think it may be a better alternative to just buy a spare battery or two, and a spare battery will give you a lot more time then either the solar battery or the Energistick.

i have been looking everywhere for this theme for the tour. i hate the theme preinstalled on 4.7 OS tours. does anyone know if this theme will come with OS 5.0?

I've checked the wesbite, and at the moment the Energistick does not work for the Bold 9700. In fact, most portable chargers do not have the output capacity a 9700 requires. On the 9700 charger, it states that output is 750mA. :( If you have come across a portable charger suitable for Bold 9700, wld appreciate a heads-up. Many thanks.