CES 2010: Ed Hardy Displays New Cases for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 8520/8530 (Warning: HOTTT Video!)

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Jan 2010 05:34 pm EST

* Warning: If you don't like looking at scantily clad girls showing off cell phone cases, don't watch this video and just scroll down to our next post. *

However, if you like girls and BlackBerry Smartphones you'll want to hit play immediately (and ladies... I promise if I come across any buff guys in speedos showing off BlackBerry accessories here in Vegas, I'll record that up and post it here too just to keep the score even.) Ed Hardy is on hand at CES 2010 with their collection of cases for smartphones, including iPhone, Droid and BlackBerry. New for BlackBerry cases they have designs available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 8520/8530. If you like that Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier style, you'll want to check these out!

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CES 2010: Ed Hardy Displays New Cases for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Curve 8520/8530 (Warning: HOTTT Video!)


Kevin...can you please post more videos like this on here?? LOL...great stuff! And the accesories aren't bad either.

Good job finding a blackberry girl! That was the best part of the video when she said that. I'm not sure if I care much for the cases in that video...lol. Oops...

uhm nice bod.... till i saw the tiger cover on the bold 9700 kevin can u post the link of where can i get that.... ima buy it as sooon as i see the link to buy... i like how he went all around on her :p

ah the life of a crackberry expert, bet its not often said `so youve got the blackberry covered on both ends!` amazing professional composure :)

I am getting an error claiming "an error occurred, please try again later." Anyone else getting this error??

Got it to work. Had to reload the browser and then it would only play in non-HD mode. Better than nothing! :)

wow this is the best video to date on crackberry lol right.
need more videos like this one.
ps: i like the very end could you not make it more noticeable where that camera was going lol

Well that was a nice breath of fresh air....nothing like a hotty and a blackberry. Ahhh and a nice bum ;)

damn!! the girl at the back dancin is pretty hot!! funny how kevin said let start at the back and the girl turned around lol

I had to watch it a few times, but I"m still not sure. Did that have anything to do with Blackberries? Forget it, who cares? I want your job!

Nice, I like the look on the first chics face at the end when he gets caught getting another peep, and then the camera zooms away fast. Lol

Thats about the funniest clip I have ever seen on this site. Kevin you're the king!!! (nice camera angles, i love it)

That girl would be hot if her gut wasn't hanging out.

PS- Ed Hardy has been played out for 2 years now.

could not be any more gayer. to even promote the idea that any of these girls would be interested in types that woud actually buy said product is nothing more than absurd.

not sure where in the world are you... but here is a MUST to wear a BlackBerry, here we dont ask for cell numbers but "Whats yor PIN?"...
Also Movistar Venezuela pulled ads with that exact sentence...
And that girl is hot, but not that hot!... gotta come to Venezuela my friend! ;)

Their job isnt to be interested in you, its to draw your attention to look and explain the product they have, which IS THEIR JOB. Id say they accomplished that fact.

Ed Hardy was never played out, because it's never been IN. Only douchebags from the midwest and tools from the NE wear that garbage.

You rock Kev. I love how you pan the camera to just the right places before going to the cases. Another job well done! Did you get her PIN? XD

Kev you have quite the eye for framing the Shot Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sin City Baby!

you guys are so funny.....nice still shots of her booobs and her ass and not the bb case....lol
that made me chuckle..i wonder does she know she will be a crackberry all time post...lol

Kevin, I didn't even notice the cases until you started stating about Ed Hardey lolololol..... Video was great! All I want to know is; did you get her number???? When can we purchase theses and will crackberry dot com sell these??

I bought a few of these 2 weeks ago for my Tour. They were on clearance 75% off the normal $24.99 price. The cases are ok. They have an extremely tight fit on the phone and the case really isn't bendable. 7 out of 10 rating for a case

Like the shirts I see every douchebag in the bars wearing, these cases will be too small, and to glittery for the average person...

but hey, if anyone here wants to have a cartoon tiger case, maybe one will come free in your next box of Frosted Flakes.... their GRRREEEAAATTTT!

Wow, nice umm "case". Definitely have a Hardy err consider an Ed Hardy case.

Kevin, I like how you snuck in "iphones suck". And classic get caught at the end of the vid :)

are so fucking lame.

theres like 30 comments here that say the same thing, "there were cases in that video?" tee hee! were so original!

obviously the majority of the users here have never been laid.

I'm still waiting for the Ed Hardy TP so I can wipe my ace with it while playing with my berry. I'll be so excited when I can have that down syndrome tiger face my phone while wiping with Christian Audigier's soul.

She's got no butt and some pancakes. I'd get to know her.

Probably the best post ever seen on crackberry, just joking... Good designs by Ed Hardy and first accessory that is really consumer oriented only

LOL LOL!!! Very funny! Guess the focus on the camera was slightly off seeing that it was mostly concentrated on body accessories! LOL

You've hit the bottom of the barrel in crass commercialization when you push "Ed Hardy" anything.
/just saying

I do dig hot chicks unfortunately none are to be found in this video. But... if you like chicks full of cellulite slutting around thinking they're hot, then this is all for you :)

Kevin, excellent work on getting a video on here more guys would want to watch. the chic was hot as hell. Can u find the Playboy booth while your at it? lol... Keep up the good work.

... but as a gay man I'd never buy Ed Hardy. If there were shirtless guys with six or eight-pac abs hawking this crap I'd be more inclined to play the rest of the video.

PS: Kevin, you didn't have Steady Cam enabled didn't you?

are you all looking at the same girl I am?
as a young woman myself, she seems a bit...wide..? or something.
if you all think that's so crazy hot, I am seriously underestimating my own "hotness."

...come to think of it, she represents the ed hardy brand well.

Oh my gosh, you said it perfectly. Apparently all it takes is a whale in a tiny swim suit to get a guy to drool. She's a perfect example of ed hardy!

Nice shooting Kev! Really liked that pair of...um...what were they advertising again? I just remember seeing something paired...Can I have that job for CrackBerry?

This video just got better. Reminded me of the karaoke episode from Family Guy- Has the group singing that Journey song. Good stuff top to bottom. er, beginning to end. Sorry, lost my thought again.

Yeah Boy Kevin was having fun with that Chick. Ha ha Kevin i think she Liked you brother hope u got her number LMAO

I hate ed hardy and all the affliction and tapout clothes. NEVER would I ever do that to my beloved BlackBerry. I would rather play chicken with a train than put ed hardouche on my bb

not sure if those were original or chinese/colombian counterfeit... but definely looks hot, too bad these ones were only for curve 83xx and iphone. keeps looking forward for the 9700 one!... BTW, is there a way to tell if is the real one or counterfeit?

When guys repeat the same shitty post over and over again, it makes us all sound like we're virgin douchebags.

I did get a laugh out of this video, because I thought Kevin was being purposefully funny in a juvenile sort of way which I do appreciate, but then when I read the posts left by the majority of the male crackberry users, it made me roll my eyes. I will give it to the girl that she is attractive, but I wouldn't say I'm drooling over her whatsoever, she also appears to me to be dumb as a post, knowing nothing really about the product she's selling at all, which also leads me to believe that if you need to throw girls into bikinis and have them flail around to extremely loud music in order to sell your product then your product is complete garbage and you're just finding ways to distract the consumer from the garbage product. All that for shitty airbrushed cases? Wow.


Have fun jerkin' 'er boys!

on the sick anchor who calls 8520 kid stuff everytime....yaaam from indiaaaah and over here people actually started knowing blackberry with the tremendous launch of this new curve...so what does he use a dildo or vibrator?? an adult stuff as i see :D

Sorry what were they exhibiting again?? ;)

Had to replay the video a few times and even pause so that I could make sure I remembered what hey were selling. lol

There must be something wrong with their cases in order for them to resort to such ridiculous pandering to consumers by using scantily clad buxom women.

Any interest I would ever have in even considering one of their products was just killed instantly by watching this video.

Whatever happened to decency?

Seriously what losers still wear Ed Hardy? Or ever wore it for that matter. This is even worse than the affliction people. You might as well hold up a sign that says "Hey, I want to appear like I am cool so I will wear this clothing that is 10 seasons old". Get with the program people. Ed Hardy/Affliction = Neon Sign Advertising Douchebaggery

Sorry, just trying to do everyone a favor.

BWUAHAHAAHAHA!! Kevin, this video was awesome. I found myself laughing at your comments and camera angles (angels). You, my friend, RULE!

What cases are everyone talking about?? I may have missed it...all i saw was a hot curvy chicks booty and ta ta's. LOL Def. need more videos of hot chicks saying they love crackberry. Maybe that should be a contest for crackberry.com Like who can find the hottest chick or who's has the hottest gf who likes blackberry.

By far the best review video I've seen on here yet. Loved it when you said "let's start at the back" & she turned around, that was classic. I could really care less about Ed Hardy because that's just played out but I'm SO glad you reviewed these "cases." Have to admit, getting busted at the end of the clip was HILARIOUS! Keep up the great work!

I'm not a fan of Ed Hardy whatsoever, but if she pitched a case, I'd buy it on the spot. Hell, if she pitched carpet stain remover, I'd buy it. Hell, I'd buy an iPhone from her.

Before everyone starts thinking CES is all about the titties, let it be known that this gal was probably the most scantily-clad on the show floor - by and large the show is pretty tame.

But yeah, good job Kev. :P

I really want one of these! Any idea when they might be available?

P.S Love the video....especially the end lol

This is Carter Chen! Well done Kev...Well done !! The guys from "Jersey Shore" need to get their hands on this ;-)

Too bad Ed hardy stuff is so out of style here in nyc now. The ed hardy stuff has been played out soo much that people laugh at other people who still wear ed hardy shirts.

"thoose look pretty good are they real? are they built for speed or for comfort? what did you do with them? motorboat? did you play the motor boat? you motor boating son of a b*tch, you old sailor you kevin!"

Is it wrong that I rewatched the video after reading some comments...I apparently missed A LOT. LOL. Thanks Kevin.

she asked me to go out and get drinks but she said u can pay though i said right and then got on with ces girls are hot but i wanna drool over all the stuff at ces lol