CES 2010: BlackBerry On Star Mobile App for the Chevrolet Volt Walk Through

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jan 2010 01:52 pm EST

As the uptake on smartphone ownership throughout North America is growing daily, more and more companies are beginning to take advantage of mobile device ownership to improve the products they offer. A great example of this shown at CES 2010 last week was the new On Star Mobile App for use with the new Chevrolet Volt. The app not only provides detailed information of key stats going on with the car, but also allows you to interact with the vehicle itself. Cool stuff. The only thing I wish now is that every car manufacturer offered this on every new car being sold this year. I'm in the market for a new vehicle in 2010, don't want a Volt, but buying a car that doesn't report back and work with my BlackBerry just seems soooo low-tech now. Oh what to do... come on automobile industry - we need to see more of this asap!!!!

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CES 2010: BlackBerry On Star Mobile App for the Chevrolet Volt Walk Through


Nice job, Kevin. This is interesting stuff. I was wondering why a company, whether it was On Star or Chevy, would only make an app like this for only one vehicle in their line-up. Seems they would have/should have/could have made a full blown app for any GM vehicle using On Star.

Any word on where this might be in the not so distant future?

I asked them the same question. Response I got was that people are "scared" of technology in cars, so they need to introduce it slowly. Volt being electric and more high-tech in nature makes this is smart place for them to introduce it. But seriously.... this type of thing should be on every vehicle now.

Thanks for getting back at me, Kevin. I guess that, sort of, makes sense from their point of view. But I would agree with your sentiment.... this is something that should be in all vehicles by now. No matter the maker, model, country of use or who the owner is.

But I will not be surprized if this takes off and we see it widely available in the next few years. We hope.

Just buy a new McLaren. It's a little pricey, but I'm sure you could get it to communicate with your Blackberry ;-)

Was it only Blackberry? I know this site is Blackberry focused but were there any other phones that had an app running? You don't have to say the names of them...

First thing I thought of is the onStar commercial where the driver gets in a wreck and onStar calls their call to see if they need help...

*Trip over crack in sidewalk and fall down*
RING..."This is onStar. We see there's been a fall. Are you able to get up unassisted of do you require emergency assistance"


Just what I thought of immediately before viewing the video.

They should give you a Volt, to make a personal review.

Then send the car and the girl over here, I'll handle the rest :)

We own a Toyota Prius with the smart key system, whereby all you have to do is have the "key" (a little black box) with you, and the car will recognize you and enable you to unlock the doors, start the car, ect, all without ever handling the smart key. Does this app allow your Blackberry to function this way? It would be great to just use the Blackberry as a smart key and not need a car key.