CES 2010: BlackBerry Presenter Live Demo

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jan 2010 01:43 pm EST

Since the BlackBerry Presenter was announced by RIM last week it has already received its fair share of coverage here on the blogs, including an in-action video. For all the hardcore Crackies out there, here's another CrackBerry video of the BlackBerry Presenter. The product manager for the BlackBerry Presenter, Ryan Bidan, gave us a live demo of it while we were on our BlackBerry booth tour at CES last week. For more info on the BlackBerry Presenter, you can check out blackberry.com/presenter.



Any word on whether they will consider a firmware upgrade or separate model that will work with video? I noticed that it can be hooked up directly to a TV, so video support would be a natural fit.


When are you going to announce that I won the free one?

Should have looked a little further down, Don't worry I'll wait for the next one.


This should cost $25. I just don't see anyone paying $200 for the limited functionality that this product offers.


I think this is pretty awesome. I could get a lot of use out of one of these.


I saw it at the CES last week. It was a big letdown when I found out that it ONLY works for powerpoint presentations.
It would be nice if it could do video and show whatever is on the BB screen.
I'm thinking of a BB mobile SlingPlayer/Projector.