CES 2010: BlackBerry Presenter In Action

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2010 10:30 am EST

The results from our poll yesterday were mixed, but for the most part it looks like most of you think that the BlackBerry Presenter is a "Good Idea... But something I would never buy or use". Well if you're curious about just how it works and want to take a closer look, check out the video above from Inside BlackBerry. Ryan gives a quick look at the features and functions of RIM's newest accessory. Also, if you didn't already, don't forget to enter to win a BlackBerry Presenter of your own!

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Reader comments

CES 2010: BlackBerry Presenter In Action


Would be a lot better if it worked for things other than just powerpoint. If it would just send your screen over bluetooth to the presenter. Then it could be used to project things like videos from YouTube or Slingbox. Now that would be a cool product.

Ryan says in the video that you can set the presentation to Loop mode and just walk away... but does the BlackBerry have to stay within bluetooth range of the Presenter, or is the powerpoint loaded in its entirety on the Presenter?

BB has to start using the 9700 bold as ther flagship model... although, i cant argue that the 9000 is a much more recognizable bold.

They probably started working on the marketing "stuff" for this before the 9700 was even released.

I read an article on another site that the Presenter will be $199. They also said the iPhone has a similar device for $399 that includes the projector and isn't much bigger...something to look forward to for Presenter 2? Of course, the integrated projector would really need to work in ambient lighting or it is pretty useless.

Yeah.. RIM's site shows the $199.99 price (www.blackberry.com/presenter) then go to Details.

I'd love to win one.. as I'm not spending that much for this. At least for that price is should display anything on my screen and not be limited to only PowerPoint presentations.

Sounds like they are doing the same marketing they did for the Storm. What can you ship by the predetermined deadline. Cut back on performance to meet the deadline. The question will be will the additional capabilities be a software upgrade or new hardware (Storm 2)?

This would be a great little device if you didn't also have to carry an actual projector. The ads I've seen for the new, LG device, which has an attachment that projects the image on the wall, is, to me, a much better solution for this type of application. Unfortunately, it's for LG phones, not Blackberry.

im glad i left blackberry when i did. android is killing the market right now with constant updates of their os . they just keep making things better and better . and rim is a ces with this bullshit.

i got the droid in nov. now they came out with the nexus im looking forward to that when it comes to verizon in the spring.

i use to love bb, now that i have the droid and see all the shit that i wished my bb did. im not coming back.

but i do love CRACKBERRY!!!