CES 2009: Unify4Life Game|Shadow for PS3

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jan 2009 01:22 am EST

Also in action at CES from Unify4Life was their Game|Shadow solution which allows you to use your BlackBerry as a remote control for your PS3. You can even use your berry's keyboard to browse for text input on the PS3's web browser. Here's the official description:

Game|Shadow: can be used standalone, allows your smartphone to control your PS3 DVD. In addition you'll now be able to surf the internet on the PS3, using your smartphone as the keyboard. When used with the AV|Shadow you'll be able to seamlessly change inputs on you AV system and be taken to any book marked website you choose. Game|Shadow will be available in April 2009 with an MSRP of $39.99. 

Be sure to watch the video above to see Game|Shadow in action!

Reader comments

CES 2009: Unify4Life Game|Shadow for PS3


This looks neat but I can't help but wonder why people are still making dongles for USB connectivity? PS3s have always had Bluetooth built in and so do most BlackBerrys (I think).

Anyway, it just frustrates me.

...I just wish this was a purely software based solution. The PS3 supports bluetooth (for keyboards, mice, and headsets) out of the box, but I'm sure Sony has some policy in place that blocks the full controller functionality via bluetooth.

if it didn't need the dongle. Bummer. I'm sure the Blackberry is blinking blue because it has an active bluetooth connection.

$40 for this......
you gotta be kidding, lol.

My wireless DS3 and $10 wireless Logitech keyboard work just fine.

Interesting concept, but is it worth the $40.00? Probably not. It would be easier to use a wireless keyboard for 10.00 and not have to worry about draining the battery on your Storm from all the typing.

All of this is stuff is nice, but what good is it if Unify4Life is never going to release any of it?

It will be in September! (2008) No..November (2008)...Err..Now it will be December! (2008)..Nope..January...the 15th! For Real this time!

In 2 days their website will probably read they are going to start shipping on Feb 20th.

Unify4Life was cool when it was announced 8 months ago. Now it's just a joke.

This company is jerking us around more than AT&T did with the people salivating over BOLDS.