CES 2009: SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jan 2009 02:10 am EST

With SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry finally available (in public beta form), many of you have already experienced the joys of viewing your SlingBox-recorded content on your BlackBerry first hand. But hey, it's CES and it's always good to see an overview of the product direct from the source. Enjoy!

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CES 2009: SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry


Did he seriously just say "You guys are never happy" I dunno if that was insulting or so brutally honest that I can't deny it lmao!!

Ahh well, Sling on BlackBerry is freaking sweet no denying that!!

Looks nice, too bad us CDMA users have been left out in the cold on this.

Pick up a PRO-HD Slingbox for only 249 on the Deals of the day on the canadian website. I was about to get the Solo but for 50 bux more i'll just get the HD PRO

I have wanted slingbox for about a year and a half now. I was waiting for the blackberry release though. I own a blackberry storm, so I will keep waiting for it to be released for the storm. It is just good to see that it does in fact work on the blackberry system. Slingbox looks awesome.

don't get too excited yet - been trying to get it to work on a bold on att 3G - it wont. works fine on w-fi (pretty pointless for me) but it wont connect over 3G. sling tech support has been HORRIBLE. no matter what you say or explain, no matter how tech savvy you are, they just keep saying "read the troubleshooting page on the webite" .....like we all don"t do that before we call.

folks on the sling forum boards have been much more helpful and are certainly more knowledgeable than tech support. but after trying everything, it still wont work over 3G. if you check out the boards, i am not alone.

this thing is still beta "0.5" ....so after 4 days of wrestling with it, i am waiting it out.

1st if we were ever content then you would be out of a JOB!
2nd you delivered a half baked product, come on where is the CDMA version?
3rd if you're not using Wi-Fi then it sucks b/c most aren't gonna be on 3G

Stop complaining and get back to work you whinny ....... and find us CDMA users solution so you can sell more $30 slingplayer applications to us.

Why not make sling for the CDMA crowd? CDMA phones have the most reliable and now the largest 3G network in the US(thanks to verizon). The whole thing about 3G not being sat enough is a joke because my Storm loads web pages twice as fast as my ipod touch can on my colleges crappy wi-fi.

I'm the beta manager for SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry. The issue is not GSM vs. CDMA, there is a platform issue shared by the 8130, 8330, and 8830 which prevents SPM from streaming on those platforms. It'll install and run, but when you try to stream the phone resets. RIM is aware of the issue and is working on it. If and when they resolve the issue (with new firmware) then SPM will be supported on those models. For now it is out of our hands.

The Storm is a different matter, we're currently working to support the Storm's touch screen UI.