CES 2009: Slacker Radio on your BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jan 2009 02:53 am EST

When Slacker was first announced back at the fall CTIA show, on the live blog a lot of us were thinking Slacker Who? Since then, we've been getting educated in the ways of Slacker's brilliance and the Slacker Who? has turned a bit more into Pandora Who? (you'll have to listen to our CES Podcast to further qualify that statement!).

Slacker was finally released during CES (not in Canada yet - but it's coming... darn those pesky music industry licensing agreements) and on-hand at the CES BlackBerry booth was Slacker's Director of Marketing Communications, Zach Hill, to show it off. Check out the video above!

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CES 2009: Slacker Radio on your BlackBerry


I thought being able to get email and internet access was great and I was satisfied with that. Now we can do anything from listening to radio stations, watching movies (downloaded or live via your home satellite receiver), even open your garage door. It's no wonder we have so many Crackberry Addicts. How many other electronic devices that you can hold in one hand have the capability to do what the blackberry does?

I tried Flycast and moodio and didn't like them NEARLY as much as Slacker! The UI is cleaner and nice looking, the sound quality is better, and the ability to cache your stations to your microSD card make this program a winner!

Probably the number #1 Blackberry app. Just. Like. That.:)

Thanks for the video above. It showed me finally how to create my own stations at the website and customize the heck out of it!

Just a fantastic app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I downloaded Slacker Radio when you first mentioned it here on Crackberry. I must say, it is the best streaming internet radio program I have experienced thus far in my Blackberry 'career.' It's even better than the XM that came pre-installed on the Blackberry.

I currently have the Blackberry Bold, and with being connected to WiFi, I get no issues, and hardly any buffering messages.

I thought I'd test it using 3G only. Wow.. a few seconds of buffering and viola!!! I had 'Today's Hits' at work, literally all day.

Kudos and a big thanks to Kevin for letting us know about his awesome program.

WHy don't they fix that last 20 seconds of the song issue... I would use them on my storm right now...but I will as soon as it is fixed...

I find I get an error with this OS. Anyone else have this problem. Program launches but when trying to pull up station I get "An error has occured. Please try your request later."

Just loaded it. Amazing!!! Awesome and FREE!!
Not clear on caching stations. Does this mean that it saves some of the songs on my card so I can listen to even if I am not connected?


It caches music on your card so you can listen when you have no connectivity and it also helps save on battery life.

Everytime I try to go to slacker.com on my Bold, it just brings me to the regular homepage with no option to download the app. I tried slacker.com/blackberry as well, and the links just keep sending me in loops. Very frustrating.

Anyone know what, if anything, I'm doing wrong?

is your browser identification set to "Blackberry"? The setting is under "options" - "browser configuration". Setting it to Blackberry should get you the Blackberry download page when you go to www.slacker.com

Thanks! Who knew you had to set your browser to Blackberry to get it to work? Apparently you did. :)

I tried BerryTunes, Flycast, and then I read about Slacker radio here. It is the slickest streaming audio app for the BB. The streams are high bandwidth so no tinny sound like you get with the low bandwidth streams on BerryTunes. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot.

Installed it on my Storm. Love the program but can't wait for the official Storm version. When playing the song, you have to hit the volume control in order to hear it and you lose the last 20 secs or so from the end of the song.

Looks like a totally awesome app, have not been able to get to it on my Verizon 8330. Keeps advising of a comm failure. Anyone know if carriers could prohibit the service?

I love this. I can't stop listening to it. Every where I go. I even listen to it when I'm working out.

Ok I have downloaded the app I created the account and when I go to sign in it keeps coming up with ( Login failed a connection with the server could not be established) any ideas? Anybody

Ok I have downloaded the app I created the account and when I go to sign in it keeps coming up with ( Login failed a connection with the server could not be established) any ideas? Anybody

I have a curve 8320 and cannot login. "login failure. a connection with the server could not be established". my login and pw work fine from a non-mobile browser. am I missing a setting on my device?

so i was able to listen to two songs and then it stopped, and now it's asking me to sign up for the free trial. I thought it was free internet radio. Anybody else having this problem?

the App isn't available for the Storm yet. You have to setup an online profile @ their website and they will notify you when it's available


Installed it and gave it a whirl. Pauses and skips songs on its own. "Cache current station" sends it into conniptions - keeps trying to sign in and flips back and forth b/t the intro screen and the 'current song' screen. Stations will not cache. I'll fool with it a little more, but it may have to go!

I've had slacker mobile since last Thurs and it is my most used app on my Bold. There are some tips in the forums here on CB.com for caching stations, but once they are cached it works perfectly. Thanks for the awesome app.

I just got my Bold a week ago, and i tried to download slacker. Everything works until I try to make an account and then a message pops up saying...

"slacker_mobile has attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT policy."

erm...am i missing something? this is not a work phone, I didn't think i had a "IT policy"

someone please help this newbie. thanks!

I downloaded this app as soon as I got my Storm. I already had Pandora radio on my Ipod Touch. This app works as well or better, plus you get the album artwork. Oh yeah, I don't have AT&T's crappy service on the iphone. Verizon needs to get to really launching their app store...they have along way to go to catch apple, but this is a start. Plus most all of the Storm's apps are free:)