CES 2009: A Quick Look at RIM's BlackBerry Exhibit

CES 2009
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jan 2009 01:49 pm EST

CES 2009 is in full swing now, and even with attendance down from previous years this show is a MONSTER. After a late arrival on Wednesday (travel hiccups had me arrive at 11pm instead of 11am) and spending the better part of Thursday helping Dieter cover Palm's Pre announcement (more on that to come) I finally arrived at my personal mecca, RIM's BlackBerry booth, late Thursday afternoon.

I always like RIM's tradeshow setup... their theory is to engage people. You never see folks just looking at stuff on display and moving on to the next exhibitor. Instead, they're always talking to the knowledgable reps on hand, getting to demo and ask questions about the products and applications on display. And not only can you handle RIM's latest devices and accessories, but they also have a ton of partners on hand showing off their latest BlackBerry solutions - like Slacker, SlingBox, Nobex Radio Companion and even our pals from Viigo (Social Networking support (aka Twitter Support!) soon coming to Viigo). Another cool feature in RIM's CES display is their "home" setup, where a quick five minute presentation walks you through all of the cool things you can do with your BlackBerry in and around the home (just wait till you Schlage's BlackBerry door locking solution!).

I'm heading back their today armed with my video camera and will be grabbing lots of hands on footage. You'll want to stay tuned to the site over the days ahead as I post the vids to the blogs. In the meantime, you can take a look after the jump at a few more CES 2009 pics!

CES 2009 BlackBerry Exhibit Pics

CES 2009

CES 2009

CES 2009

CES 2009

CES 2009


I hope the next new phone makes it to the states first


Thanks for the coverage, looking forward to futher reports.


I can't wait to see if RIM reveals something like new hardware


i wanna do that....hmm i wonder what it takes to become a RIM Rep.


Any new info about 3G Curve for AT&T??????? (I know, wishful thinking, huh?)


That chick popping the zit on her elbow is cute.



In the last photo to the right of the Curve (might be a Bold) there looks to be a face plate for a pear. Its not a standard one, can you get changeable fronts for your Blackberry?



Yeah that's a Bold. The usb is plugged into the top side, the 8900s are on the lower right. Also yes you can get different parts for your Blackberry, some sites sell some for most models.


That face plate is actually a magnet of a Pearl. You can pop out the area where the screen goes and replace it with a picture of your own and then stick it to the fridge.


Found this quite interesting, for I work for a company that troubleshoots problems with blackberry phones. Where was this exhibit held?


Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas


Thanks for the info. Rather interesting since I work for a company that troubleshoots technical problems with Blackberry phones


Interesting. Thanks for the info since I work for a company that does technical troubleshooting for blackberry phones


I think you should check for another AT&T branded 8900 since we already seen one out there. Might be some more, and that will be some good news for us AT&Ters.


My local AT&T store confirmed today that the 8900 is coming, and it will be a 3G device... now the worst part... the wait.


I am still at CES and the blackberry booth was very good.


Wish I was there...I would love to see all of the new gadgets...


I have talked to the RIM guys and gals at CES and right now, the 8900 will be released in Feb. to T-Mo only and exclusive to them in the US. There is no word when and if At&t will be releasing it. I asked... "How long will it be exclusive to T-Mo for?" and they say they have no idea.

And I know some other site has reported that there are At&t branded 8900's at CES and that is NOT TRUE!