CES 2009: Poynt Does Local Search Right

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jan 2009 10:55 am EST

Here's another BlackBerry application that is no stranger to the CrackBerry blogs. Ryan reviewed Poynt back in June, in August in made our list of Great Free & Paid BlackBerry apps, in October it was announced as a Finalist in the BlackBerry Developer Challenge (Personal Productivity and Lifestyle Category) and ultimately went on to be named a Grand Prize winner in that same Developer Challenge!

But if for some reason you're still not familiar with Poynt, be sure to watch the video above for a quick live demo and click the links below for more information and to download this awesome local search (and more!) application for BlackBerry.

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CES 2009: Poynt Does Local Search Right


this app looks awsome, when i get to the site on my phone to download it say the server is full, is anyone else having this problem?

Just downloaded this app straight to my Sprint curve without any problems. Not too shabby of an app. Give it a try again and hopefully it will work for you this time.

GPS doesn't work with Verizon BBerry's. But since you can easily manually set your location, it's a great program nonetheless.

If you have a Storm now, go to the download site http://m.mypoynt.com and it will know you have a Storm and give you a notification alias. Email this alias and when the application is ready you will receive a notification. Stay tuned :-)

But has someone been using their Storm quite a bit? He keeps going to scroll and click on the screen. Too funny.

Just a warning..you need bb maps to use this app...and if you're like me you deleted bb maps cause you use a better app like google or live search. So if you deleted bb maps, you cant use this app

Default it works with BB maps though go to "Options & Settings" and you choose either BB maps or Google maps as your map provider.

I had emailed mypoynt a couple weeks ago about compatibility for the Storm. They said they area currently working on it and should be out shortly. Hopefully another couple weeks at the most.

Sure the application looks and feels great ..... BUT......

this is a trade show right?? meaning:
1) Public Contact
2) Business Development Opportunities
3) Visibility Management

Perhaps someone should inform him to use a nail brush and scrub that filth away from his thumb nails....YUUUUCK !!!!

I just got Poynt, but I know I'm going to love it. It's so easy to use and very accurate. Thanks for letting me know about it.

This app sucks.

Total fail.

The map just transfers you over to the real map application.

The movie times list by movie rather than theater.

The local search function is no better than using Yelp through the web browser, or just using "search" in Google Maps app.


I really like Poynt; it is probably my favorite app.

You can definitely search by theater, by choosing "Theaters Near Me" (second option) on the Movies section.

Can't wait till they get the OpenTable integration, too.

Local search works well and is pretty fast.

I couldn't get this to work correctly on my curve 8330. Freezing up and couldn't find my gps locations

Even though I'm on 4.5 and have full GPS use in Blackberry Maps, Poynt doesn't see the GPS. Seems like Verizon is still blocking the GPS from 3rd-party apps?

Even though I'm on 4.5 and have full GPS use in Blackberry Maps, Poynt doesn't see the GPS. Seems like Verizon is still blocking the GPS from 3rd-party apps?

Poynt seems to work well. I can see how it can come in handy when out of my home town, but I get similar results elsewhere. I removed BB Maps when I installed Garmin's software, and Poynt doesn't see Garmin as a mapping program (gotta love turn-by-turn directions).