CES 2009: Pageonce for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jan 2009 10:32 am EST

When Bla1ze dropped word of Pageonce in the blogs at back in October, he referred to it as one of the most useful applications EVER! In case you missed that review, you can check it out here.

Want the Cole's notes version? Pageonce allows you to search out and add your accounts from literally thousands of providers (financial institutions, carriers, utilities, etc.) and bring them all into onc location on your BlackBerry. On one page you have quick access to alll your important data and it's smart data - can trip alerts, etc.. You can watch the video above for a better hands-on explanation and walk through (note - we had some reception issues in the CES hall so there's a couple choppy parts, but althogether not too bad!).

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CES 2009: Pageonce for BlackBerry Smartphones


I tried to check out this app. They want $5/month for it (and don't disclose that anywhere on their website)! That is ridiculous. Plus, there is no Storm specific version of the app, at least not that you can download from their website. The only version you can download is some generic, one-size-fits-all app that doesn't work well at all on the Storm.

Anyone know about the security of this app? I was using it on my iPhone but got a bit nervous and closed my account. I am using Mint.com for financials but there's no guarantee it's any more secure and doesn't do (as far as I can tell) anything other than financials (no miles accounts, etc.). Also Mint doesn't have a blackberry app so maybe it's time to give pageonce another try. Anyone using it that can rave about it?


Read abt the BB specific security.

My best example would be when I switched devices, I had my accnt set to only use my PIN assoc. to my BB, when I got my new BB I installed pageone and loaded it up, attempted to login and got an error telling me that all application data related to page once and my accnt would be deleted from my device. This of course was due to the fact I never changed my PIN on the site it's self.

I installed it on my Storm and it won't go into landscape mode and when in portrait the keyboard won't go away. So far I can't get it to look like it does in his demo...any suggestions anyone?

*edit...nevermind, it was a compatability mode issue as well.

But I can't get the keyboard to minimize and it wont rotate with the screen on my Storm.

*edit: Sorry for asking same question. I would have read the above comment first, but comments kept timing out. Thanks CB folks!

wow, i thought this app was free, guess not. i wouldve used it if it had a one time pay, but they want 5 bucks every month. its not expensive, but its not like i have accts that i have to be updated so frequently that i need to an app with a monthly subscription... it does seem nice tho

I use it and like it a lot, super convenient. I think people need to realize the accounts are not updated in real time, usually once a day. You can also manually update the accounts as well but it automatically refreshes once a day. It was also once a free service and they're changing their model now and asking people to pay $5 a month. Alternatively, you can go to Handango ( I think it's Handango) and pay a one time charge of $30. The site might be wrong. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will look for it.

Someone needs to tell that guy to update the OS on that Storm. It took so long to switch from Portrait to landscape that I thought it was stuck and was expecting him to shake it or something...lol! Looks like a useful app, but not necessary for me. Thanks for posting all these neat vids though!

As the CNN article said, this company has to get through a trust barrier with their users.
Now they've added a $5 monthly fee on top of that.

I don't know why I'd pay $5 a month to view information I have available on my phones browser already. Yes, its slightly more convenient, but I don't access 90% of my accounts daily anyway.

It's a great free app, like viigo, but as a monthly subscription it fails big time.

I think its pretty cool, but I can make it work right on my Storm and I have no clue were the advance options are to disable the compatiblity option. Lastly when I had my iPhone this app was free with no monthly charges.

quite buggy, I cant seem to hide the keyboard and cant get it into portrait mode either....anyone else having these issues?

Hey, to get out of compatibility mode, go to options, advanced options, applications, highlight this program, hit the blackberry menu key, and select disable compatibility mode. That should eliminate the problem.

While the idea of this app is great, I don't think it is a good idea to trust all your personal, private and financial information to one company. If somebody breaks into the system, bam!!! They have all your accounts with passwords. Even though they tell their app is secure, it is still a database, and somebody from their employees may access the info to commit a crime.

How come when I d/l this on my storm, it doesn't look like this video. you can't rotate it at all and it looks very bad/