CES 2009: Nobex Radio Companion for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jan 2009 02:24 am EST

CrackBerry readers should be famiiar with the name Nobex Radio Companion. They were a finalist in the BlackBerry Developer Challenge and after winning the BBCool 15 event at DevCon were chosen as a Grand Prize winner by the BlackBerry Partners Fund. We've of course given Nobex Radio Companion a thorough CrackBerry review as well. Therefore it was really cool to meet Nobex's President and CEO, Gadi Mazor, and have him give a quick run through of Nobex for CrackBerry Nation.  Check out the video above!

Reader comments

CES 2009: Nobex Radio Companion for BlackBerry


Slacker had some of the Nobex features, like being able to scroll through the last 10 songs, and sending info to your email about them if you want it. I listen to a lot of indie stuff so there are times where I hear something I like and I want to find out more about a band, or download some of their music, but I cant remember their name cause its been hours since I heard it by the time I get home.

Also, can we get one app that does internet radio stations and local stations too. That would be convenient.

I should have gotten this app sooner. Being that I work for a radio station, there are times where I am out live at a location and need to hear the actual on air broadcast but don't have access to a tuner. With this I can see myself just punching up the station, running a break, then listening back to it on my BB to hear how it sounded. Albeit the stream quality is not great.

uhm, is it me, or is that a Curve 8900 with white and black keys... you know, the one's that ATT brands their phones with???

This is a cool app for tracking past songs and having it email you. it would have been really cool if it streamed the stations I listen to in San Diego. Since it doesn't, I'll probably only use it as a companion app to my real favorite: moodio.fm

Nice App. Wish it streamed more stations, but probably all in due time.
Since I'm on the nextel (read snail speed) network, it streams great on my wifi but sure it will bog down on the mobile network.
All in all, still a great program, thank you!