CES 2009: Live At the Palm Keynote!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jan 2009 01:23 pm EST
Palm Keynote at CES 2009

We're all BlackBerry here at CrackBerry (of course), but our good buddy Dieter and I are covering the much anticipated Palm Keynote LIVE at CES. We're on location and will be live blogging the event right here. The event kicks off at 2PM EST.

Click the image above to head over to TreoCentral to get the latest. What's the new Nova OS going to look like? Will it be tied-in with a new device? Find out shortly!

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CES 2009: Live At the Palm Keynote!


It's a good thing that the device is Sprint exclusive...
I would have to think about swaping out the storm honestly.

Awesome looking phone...but worst carrier choice lol. I would have gave this thing a serious look on VZW or even ATT but sprint..come on!

Looks like a nice bit of kit. Hardly the only phone that fits in with everyones' entire lifestyle though.

Overall, though, there should be a few worried companies out there (the cards in particular look as though they will put the Xperia to shame). Looks like Palm have found their footing.

BlackBerry FTW still though.

And I was expecting there to be a kick in the rear which didn't come - how much is this thing going to cost? And the web bit - are we talking about doing EVERYTHING online as with Android?

Looks like a contender if the software is up to the task, really curious to see some video of this thing in action. And yeah, if it was on VZW, I would probably have to give this some thought (same goes for the a'frack Phone). But, as the commercials say, it's the network, and my previous experience with Sprint was not exactly great.

This is the *best" form factor I have ever seen! It has a big screen like a Storm / iPhone, keyboard like a Bold, thin size like a Curve, and it is long and angled like a flip phone!

If the OS is up to the task, I'll probably give up my Curve and jump back to Palm. Just about anything has to be better than slow, bloated, confusing Java.

That PHONE is Wicked!

Sprint has very good coverage as well... I had Sprint for about 6 years before bailing and getting my Storm (which I LOVE!).

From the "PRE" videos posted online, it looks fast, and has some very well thought out UI choices. I guess what remains to be seen is the actual real-world performance.... and that won't be til summer.

I am a storm owner and I would seriously be considering this phone if it came to verizon. The storm is a complete let down when it comes to "new and innovative". This phone looks to put the storm to shame and OMG do i miss a keyboard!!!

every palm customer who calls in is annoyed that their phone reset itself and they lost all their friends- i hope that doesn't happen with this phone! lol

Agreed, the BB OS has essentially been the same for years. They need a MAJOR overhaul to continue to compete with some of these new OS's

On the other hand, there's the Microsoft Windows aspect to operating systems. Look at the recommended specs for Vista over XP (or indeed make a comparison with any previous Windows release).

Essentially there is an addendum to Moore's Law - any new OS must take up 200% of the resources of its predecessor.

With the Pre, we have no internal specs (as of yet), if those cards work as well as they have shown, how much processor power is it using?

And if it's cloud based, I'm not as interested. Loving the charger though.

I was actually thinking that they might announce the rebirth of the Foleo project - seems perfect for a modular system.

If it lives up to the hype, Palm has a winner and others will be scrambling.

The one thing I still miss from my Palm 700P is single handed typing with very few mistakes. I'm getting a bit more use to the Storm keyboard, but the Storm OS has a way to go just with stability and speed.

Application-wise, I have been very disappointed with the lack of choices on the BB platform. If the new Palm OS is as easy as they say it will be to write for, all other platforms will have some serious competition and I probably will go back to Palm if they come out with a Pre or Pre2 on VZW.

Sprint? No way for me. God bless the people who have good coverage in their areas. I wish I could use Sprint. I'm a NASCAR fan would love to support Sprint for their support of NASCAR. However, I've got to have a phone that works.

Word to RIM...get busier!!!

Word to Palm...if it's for real, get it on VZW if you want me back!!!