CES 2009: iLane Lets You Hear Your Email and More

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jan 2009 10:00 am EST

iLane was on hand at CES displaying their new hands-free solution for BlackBerry. What is iLane? Here's some of the official verbage...

iLane is an intelligent, portable device that lets you control your smartphone using simple voice commands when you're inside your vehicle.

  • Hear verbal notification of incoming emails as they're received
  • Listen as your emails are read aloud to you
  • Compose new emails by speaking
  • Manage your inbox with simple voice commands like "Delete", "Call Back" and "Reply"
  • Access and control other smartphone applications like phone and calendar
  • Popular News, Sports and Weather Services Out Loud and On-Demand!

Check out the video above for a product overview straight from the source.



..but way too expensive. 600 bucks plus 8 bucks a month?


if i had money to burn...but wayyy to pricey...


Who chose that price point?! More than half a grand and 8 bucks a month for hands free. I'm sure this app will be used by the masses.

John Vice

The iLane was the reason I bought a BlackBerry. Driving time is now productive time!