CES 2009: Hands-On Demo with the Palm Pre Smartphone

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jan 2009 02:59 pm EST

This isn't BlackBerry news but it's definitely the biggest mobile news coming out of CES 2009... 

Yesterday was the day that Palm would either sink or swim, and with their announcement of the Palm Pre and Palm Web OS the company clearly made the impression that they will once again be real contenders in the smartphone races. Judging by the way Palm's stock price ended the day (wayyyy up!), you could argue Palm is jumping back in the pool with almost Michael Phelps-like expectations.

I attended the Palm Pre announcement with Dieter (live blogged at Treo Central) and afterwards went to the Palm room where I had an awesome walk through of the device with Palm's VP of Product Design, Peter Skillman. I video taped the encounter for your viewing pleasure (more information and pictures here). 

I've gotta say, Palm paid a lot of attention to detail in the Pre's design and how the Palm Web OS works for the user. It is impressive. I think the competition (RIM included) will be making note of some of the new innovations Palm introduced yesterday. The video above is long (25 minutes!) but gives a solid overview of the device and platform. And if you want to learn more, just head on over to TreoCentral.com where they've been blogging non-stop about all things Palm Pre.

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CES 2009: Hands-On Demo with the Palm Pre Smartphone


Kevin this phone is seriously sick : ) VERY NICE. Laughed when he totally dismissed your Storm. Your like "I got the Storm too" he's like "Yeah........." and moves on.

Storm is already the stepchild after just under 2 months.

Didn't like the phone it self, but the idea for their OS is great, it will be a good phone to bad is on the wrong carrier...

I started out with a Palm (actually a Handsping with Palm OS...remember those?). And then 'graduated' to BB a few years back. The pre is pretty impressive looking.

On a side note - just found out today that Palm's Director of OS went to high school with me...funny!

Phone looks really nice some cool ideas RIM could use... See how quick that guy turned off the video once Speed Racer started playin on the Bold. That screen is still amazing

BB is like "oh no- thats what the storm was suppose to do!" This phone kicks the crap out of the storm as far as what I can see. That slide out is sweet as well. NOTE: Im not saying it kicks the crap out of BB, just the storm. That click screen bs is just that- bs. I went back to my curve. Efficiency went up like 100%, but then you lose that beautiful screen on the storm. The Treo Pre is like the best of both worlds. Hopefully the Storm 2 will learn from this. At least this will keep everyone on their toes and keep the creativity up.

The Storm was a total disaster from the get-go. I actually dropped T-Mobile for the Storm.. kept it 4 days and gave it back and cancelled my service. I then ported my number over to AT&T and went for the Bold.

RIM and Verizon should have never released the Storm when they did. That devise has another year of development before it is ready for prime time. I bet Palm has been working on this for a couple of years.. at least. They have this new OS down and it looks slick. Yes, it was sluggish from time-to-time during the demo, but I will bet that the actual release version is pretty clean. Unlike the Storm that has nothing more then a rehashed RIM OS from years ago. Of course the Bold isn't much better in that regard.. but at least it is better then the Storm in terms of response.
No question... the new Pre kicks the Storms butt all over the field. RIM made a huge mistake with the Storm and Palm is going to shove it right down their throat!

Looks very busy and the potential to be a slug performance wise...lot of stuff going on. I've liked Palms products in the past, had a handspring and a 680, but I'm still not impressed...too much bling imho!

I love how he says that the "first and foremost is the product itself after going on for like 3 minutes on how the packaging is the biggest breakthrough...

Plus, hilarious how Kevin sneaks the Storm in for the comparison shot and totally throws him off of his presentation, like..."What are you doing, this is the Pre presentation, not Storm." I love that...

That was funny as heck. The OS looks sweet and the quick launch. I personally like the slide out (guess Im not a truely committed to 100% touch screeen yet), but I agree that they could have done better with the shape. But then Again, I felt that BB made the Storm a little on the big and heavy side as well and I cant stand that wedge shape on the ends (top and bottom)

This phone does look pretty cool. It just seems too flashy for me. I don't really like the slide out keyboard either. I know some people don't like the click screen on the storm but I find it to work excellent and I can type really fast on it.

This is the sickest smartphone I've ever seen.

With one fell swoop, Palm's new WebOS leaves RIM's dated Blackberry OS in the dust.

I bet RIM will get that mythical slider R&D into higher gear now.


From this initial look, this phone could drag me away from BBs. Although if the Storm taught us anything, it's that first looks me jack squat. I'm excited about this new Palm though.

Well RIM never really gave us a first look with the Storm... they hyped it and showed us pictures, but do you remember EVER seeing a walkthrough of the device prior to it going on sale?? I don't.

I think there is a reason for that... they knew it wouldn't live up to expectations, so they used hype to sell it. The iPhone and now the Pre gave us thorough walkthroughs of the device, because they are good enough to be able to sell themselves on the merits of the product.

That's so true. Never saw a official demo/walkthrough of the Storm. Just a leakded video from their Chief Marketing Officer. RIM totally new that the storm would kill itself with an actual keynote presentation. Can you imagine how embarassing it would be?

This phone is rather impressive for Palm. It's nice to see that they're actually trying to make an effort to stay afloat. I think this phone will do well.

honestly, it looks like the iphone and storm had a baby and threw a keyboard in. OS looks slick, phone itself looks bleh. I personally believe that there is A LOT of potential with the storm OS and i think someday, it will shine through, so, i plan on sticking with BB. I had a palm, and i love my BB more.

I think you have it backwards... the HARDWARE of the storm has a lot of potential. The OS is outdated and RIM needs to go back to the drawing board and start over completely like Apple and now Palm have.

well, i was used to OS 4.2 becuase i had the world edition before the storm, so it was a HUGH upgrade for me. I have always had this feeling that one day we will see an OS similar to the iPhone on the storm, has the same potentials just clicking with the screen.

and what HUGE upgrade did you see with 4.6??

A SLIGHTLY improved web browser?? A slightly improved media player?? The underpinnings of the OS are the same as they always have been except now it is less responsive.

I guarantee you this... you will NEVER see a powerful OS like the iPhone or Pre on the Storm. What you see is what you get, with the exception of some bug fixes and maybe performance improvement.

If RIM is going to take the time to completely redo the OS (which at this point all insiders say is not happening)
A) It will take so long to do, the Storm would be completely outdated.
B) Why release it for free on an existing device, when you can hype and sell a completly new one.

The Storm is what it is... and thats the way it is going to stay.

Wow, that thing is nice. It looks like the OS is already faster than my Storm. Also it has momentum that the storm doesn't have yet either. Slide out keyboard is pimp. From what I'm seeing just from this video is that this phone is already better than my Storm.

I've been a Sprint customer for 7 long years and have only upgraded my phone twice. I'm not a BB user, though I have always wanted one. I'll be 100% honest. I'm impressed. As soon as I watched a couple of the rn thru vids of this phone, I wanted it. I want it still. I am imressed that Spring, the most lagging butt company when it comes to phone selection is getting this first. my only concern is that no one is even mentioning what the price will be. I've been a loyal customer for 7 yrs, never late with a payment. I EXPECT this phone to be no more than $300. Period. They better come through on the price. I can't wait!!!

if that guys says ummm one more time I'm going to cut my ears off with my scissors.

cool looking phone, just doubt it's going to be able to compete with RIM and Apple myself. i wonder how its exchange support is?

To be honest, I stopped watching the video because it was too painful to here him say "um" and "uh" so many damn times. Information under load for sure.

Rofl.. EXACTLY what i was thinking.. i was THIS close to punching the screen..
On the other hand, I couldn't actually turn it off because that PRE looks damn nice. I'm really loving how that OS looks.
It really shows grandfatherly age of the BB OS. Yes, it may do things well and efficiently, but from that PREsentation, I see that the PRE does things just as efficiently, and at times MORE efficiently than BB OS.
It's finally the device that has fused the work aspect of a BB with the sex appeal of the iPhone.
I'll definitely be picking one of these up!

Just finished watching the whole video. Damn Kevin, your Blackberry looks like you been using it after eating some KFC.

I am an ex treo user of 3 different models and had nothing but trouble with all of them, so skeptical about using a Palm again.

Really looks like a great device!

Gotta say, I'm truly proud of Palm. They really stepped it up and, although I won't be running out to get a Pre when it launches (after switching from the Treo to BB a few years ago, I'll never go back), I think it can only help the touchscreen industry. They really went all out in creating a truly exciting and innovative OS (I wish RIM had been as innovative with the Storm). It does, however, seem to already be lagging towards the end of the video. And, IMO, releasing on Sprint is a TERRIBLE business decision.

That being said, no phone is perfect. I moved from the 8830 to the Storm in December and, despite its many faults, am content with it. But, I think RIM can learn a lot from the Palm Pre. I hope and expect that they do.

Competition breeds excellence!

P.S. Kevin, thanks for the video.

..go together right now, not sure Palm had a choice. Remember, ATT just gave Palm the cold shoulder on the Treo Pro last year (well, that and they have a full stable of hot phones anyway) and from what I have read, VZW only wants them once Sprint has worked out all the bugs (how long was it before the Centro hit VZW? And,well, they already have a hot phone called the Storm). So, bash Sprint if you like (why, I don't know - VZW & ATT can be just as TERRIBLE) but I would bet there was not necessarily many options for poor, tarnished Palm.

It looked pretty damn fast to me - there were a few moments of lag, but overall, it seemed quicker than most.

yeah just you. it lagged on a couple of things like when he had like 3 browsers open, but lol my storm lags far more.

The OS did lag a number of times during the demo. One that especially struck me was during his email demo.. it really lagged at one point. This obviously is not the release version of the OS and most likely has more work before any consumer sees it. What is sad, being a huge Blackberry user, is that Palm's new OS kicks anything RIM has around the block... numerous times. Thier is no excuse for RIM to be on 4. anything... we should be at the 10. mark by this time.

What I also found funny was the failure of the "static charged" recharger to stick to anything after he rubbed the bottom of it on everyone's pants in the place. Supposedly you rub the bottom of the (accessory charger) on something and it will stick to any non-pores surface. Oops... didn't work!

Only time will tell if the Pre is a new start for Palm or the begining of the end. Clearly the Treo has seen its last days. It is outdated, cheap looking and feeling and Windows Mobile has never performed up to its potential. I had some of the earliest Blackberrys then switched to the Treo and after 2 frustrating experiences with those, I migrated right back to Blackberry.

The best thing about the Pre is that it hopefully gives RIM a kick in the pants to get with it and develop true, meaningful upgrades to the current, totally outdated OS.

The OS might have lagged a bit, but seriously considering that it is still in BETA stages, and have months left until launch date, they have much time to tweak.

On top of that, it is still just as fast as the iPhone or the current Curve 8900 I'm using. iPhone lags a LOT as we all know, and that was one of the reasons why I picked up my brand new 8900. But, there are times when 8900 lags just as much. Not as many lags in general, but when it does, it does lag for at LEAST what the PRE was lagging for. I guess the Bold would be faster than the Curve 8900 since it has a faster processor, but still it's only the diff of 100mb.

Point being, that the amount of lag that PRE is showing is PERFECTLY fine compared to other devices currently out, and on top of that it is still being tweaked, so I expect it to be even faster when it is launched.

I gotta say I am very VERY excited for this phone, and definitely kicks the BB OS' ass around the block many times over. It actually takes a good looking, well thought out, efficient OS and puts even more innovation into it, and on top of that makes it work well! I really can't wait for this device to come out.

Now the only thing I'm afraid of, is that they go in the WRONG direction within the next few months, and make the phone crappier by the time it's released, but I trust Palm not to do that, as if that were to happen, it would really be the end of them.

I'm rooting for the PRE to do exceptionally well! Good potential come back Palm!

Now any hope I have of getting the doctors around here to go with RIM is trashed. They all have palms that sync labs and patient information to their palm devices via WiFi in the hospital... I had tried the, "but you have to carry two devices angle... now I'm lost. ;)


I want to use an ITouch for the hospital wifi sync. (BBerry for personal use) Why will the rest of the docs not get away from Palm PDAs?????

Probably could have used a rep with better presenting skills. Best part was placing the Bold down with the Speed Racer trailer. His response to the Bold's superior contrast.....Is that a touch screen?......Classic.

It just shows that you can really tell how good a phones display is by placing it next to another device.

If you're going to be the person who gives demonstrations of this phone to the press, take some speech lessons. Slow down, speak declaratively, and sound confident. First impressions...

Also, the way you interact with the UI (not the components of the UI) is so much a ripoff of the iPhone it's embarrassing.

I don't know if I agree about the iPhone ripoff. Yes, it has smooth transitions, and the lists scroll really fast with a flick. That is well liked by touchscreen users, so why would someone not include it? The storm does not do that in many of its windows, and that bothers me(they really should've included their infamous trackball imo). I end up looking like I'm twiddling my thumbs just to get the scroll to move fast enough. That is OK, because I love the storm. But everyone needs to stop comparing every MOTHER FRIGGEN PHONE TO THE iPhone! Have you looked at the Nvidia Concept Phone? That thing has seriously smooth transitions... Ripping off the iPhone? I don't think so. Just making their OS and UI flow like melted butter on a hot pan... mmmm

My highly placed insider at Sprint says the best he can find out is sometime before Summer and not more than $299. He indicated that this phone isn't that "real" given how little information he has available from a marketing perspective. I guess you have to consider where the Storm OS will be in the next 5 months.

If this device was offered on Verizon I'd think about holding off on getting a Storm to get a hands-on look at it. But, Sprint's coverage in NH is spotty on the highways and nonexistent everywhere else.

But, the device looks like it's well-executed and I'm glad to see Palm getting away from the Windows Mobile OS.

Holy crap is that a nice phone. Are we sure this is a Palm phone? I was never a big Storm fan (sluggish OS, terrible browser, lack of truly utilized touchscreen abilites) but this makes the Storm look like the red-headed step-child. This looks like an amazing phone! I can't wait till the stores get it to see how it handles running all those apps at the same time. Palm just secured its spot amoungst the top smartphone developers. Obviously it's not BlackBerry to which I will never falter, however, I think that RIM needs to step it up several notches. Like take whatever ideas they have for oh, say, 2012, and deliver them in 2009. Overall looks like an awesome phone - nice job Palm.

well....I think they are targeting more the iPhone than any other touchscreen out there but... they shouldn't bite off the style IMO. The UI looks very nice... I like a lot the capability to run multiple windows / apps...and barely lagged.... very nice! I'm not sure about the screen res thought... Did U see the comparison to the Bold??? LOL The Bold totally put all other phones to shame!!!
Over all I liked the phone... not sure if I'll ever get the Palm... but for sure I want nothing to do with Sprint.

One of the more polished looking OS's at launch that I have ever seen. Depending on how it integrates with popular email and 3rd party apps, this could really be big player in the market again. I am very impressed! Love the device as well.

This looks like a pretty sick OS. I am concerned at the time it took to load items though. The processor may need to be beefed up already.

My last Palm device was the Palm T3 and I loved it (still have it). The Pre is making Palm fresh and attractive again and is sending out a message that they are still in the game. I doubt I will switch from my BB Storm, but this should light the fire under RIM's pants for UI innovation. Do the menu's on the Storm seem a tad complicated for a touch screen environment?

I will probably be buying this Palm. Even though I have wanted a new BB for while, this one wins and the UI blows RIM and Apple out of the water. Development for appz will be easy too.

Having been with Palm from a 650p to another 650p after the first bricked trying to do an upgrade, then to a 700p with another brick this time spontaneously to a 700p replacement, VZW customer service at its finest, thak you!- I am now jumping into the world of BB and the Storm. I must admit this new Palm OS looks very sexy and attractive. However, Sprint??!! First of all, they aren't even in my state, let alone area. VZW, with all its faults, is still the best for lack of dropped calls, customer service, etc. I'll stick with my Storm,and trust in RIM to improve its OS and let the Pre get released, used and upgraded (you know there will be bugs, there always are) and finally ripped apart by users who don't like the way the phone works, or the unit freezes when doing whatever. By the time my next NE2 is due, either RIM will have a Storm II (or the Storm's upgrade OS really rocks) or the Pre will be updated as well (if Palm survives). Plenty of time to make a decision which way to go. Kevin, thanks for the quick first look. I await your full review of this since I trust you will let us know both the worts and the beauty of the product.

This is the device uh.... It's now clean uh... uh... uh.... I can open the calendar uh.. and calculator uh... we can uh close things uh with a gesture uh. uh. uh

I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings, but I do suggest that people attend public speaking courses because first impressions in most cases can make or break you.

I will be a Blackberry fan always, but have to say that this Palm is pretty interesting.

OMG that Palm looks SICK! I'm a little bit giddy over something PALM makes, and I hate the current gen PALM product. This thing does more than give the Storm a run for it's money!

Is this Palm VP your brother in law or something? I'm sorry PALM is Dead. This is a Blackberry site. Consider palmberry.com no wait, no one would visit.

Take they azz back to the drawing boards and stop making half-azz products..(storm), And y ppl worrying about the price for re-f'ing-lax..when their ready to release the goods you'll know then DAMNIT, their not that STUPID to make it so expensive, now would they (think) . And the phone design is decent not beautiful but nice enough for nosy azz ppl to ask questions...Multi-tasking on this sh*t is f'ing ill...I think you'll know ur limits as far as how many "cards" u realistically can have open plus the media to find out when it gets buggy. And Kevin dont ever pull a stunt like that again at any other tech-shows...lol.

I'm impressed with the Pre. I think this will cause my beloved and RIM to step their game up and blackberries should get better. Time for that touch screen slide out full qwerty RIM. Oh that was funny as hell now Kevin put the Storm into the shot.

I honestly applaud Kevin for going above and beyond, and placing the Storm beside the Pre for a good comparison shot of the two devices. That's a big tip of the hat for all of us out here in Crackberry land.

As well, when he asked the question 'what if you mis-tap and want to go back' or some such, I was like "Great question!", because I was wondering the same thing throughout the presentation. You have the physical keyboard, trackball, and of course, screen+ gesture bar area, but no dedicated back button.

Though the answer may have been somewhat unclear, I'm really glad it was asked.

That dynamic updating thing is pretty cool. Idk if its the video or the phone but it seems slow but a nice looking device regardless. Definitely will keep them in the race. Another phone with momentum scrolling ... hmm storm could use that lol.

For Christ's sake, this guy needs to learn how to speak.


I couldn't make it through the whole video. Absolutely annoying.

I am with you. SO annoying and too much distractions...I forward and skip through the entire process.

I hope this is a better phone. Before BB i had a palm treo and I got so tired of it freezing and always having to take the battery out and resetting it in traffic just to make a phone call.

man, nice phone, but it seemed like he just picked it up. He was really struggling with the presentation. He should think everyone around him is naked, calm his nerves a bit.

Just for the few minutes I watched it, it really got annoying because this guy can not talk for crap. I got tired of hearing the uhhhh duhhh uhhhh duhhh uhhhhh and the hesitation for him to keep going. Public speaking surely isn't his fortay. So uhhhh yeah uhhhhh let me uhhhhh well here uhhhhh what was I going to uhhhh say uhhhh again. You see uhhh what uhhh I'm saying. uhhh if this uhhh message is uhhhh getting to uhhh be annoying uuhhh then you know uhhhh exactly uhh uhhh what uhhh I'm uhhhh lets see uhhh her yeah talking about.

That thing is amazing!!! I owned the storm for 3 weeks and finally gave up.

other then the click screen, there is nothing even evolutionary about the Storm. I went from an 8703e to a Storm to a Curve (that was outdated when I bought it - gotta love buying a BB when I knew that up in Canada they where already using the next gen of the same damn model!).

I didn't mind typing on the Storm screen but I am still WAY faster on the Curve.

The Storm was just a touchscreen BB. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing new either.

This Palm OS is truly a major leap forward and acknowledges a number of things that just need to be on these new touch screens. AND THANK GOD SOMEONE FINALLY CAME OUT WITH A TOUCHSCREEN WITH A REAL DAMN KEYBOARD!!!

If Verizon came out with the Pre I'd give it a serious looksie. I think that Palm made a mistake by choosing a carrier that many think is noy long for this world. But I'm sure they had a reason. I would assume they would have preferred VZW or ATT, but couldn't get in.

Congrat's to Palm for throwing everything into their dying breath. CPR may just work in this case!

I really like that phone, particularly, the OS. The look of the phone doesn't wow me. It looks like it could be really nice and intuitive to use. I had two Palm devices (not phones) before I got my first Blackberry and while I like my Palm PDAs, the one big thing I HATED about Palm is that, once they released a product, they basically stopped trying to improve it software-wise with the exception of bug fixes. This drove me crazy because they would release a new Palm OS and would never let older phones have it. They were all about making you buy the next device if you wanted the latest that their OS had to offer.

Blackberry does much better about this. Still, I agree that RIMs OS is somewhat dated. I think it could use an overhaul, but would like to see it be able to maintain backwards compatibility (something important to RIMs succcess in the business world, I think), but that might not be possible. They can start by getting rid of the compartmentalized memory scheme. If the phone had 8 GB of internal storage, it should be able to use ALL of it for whatever you want. I wonder if the Palm Web OS does that (unlike the old Palm OS)?


Funny how in this first look at a new smart phone you didn't hear anybody having to explain that this is a pre-release OS and things will be worked out before launch. This beta model works much smoother than any post release storm I've used or seen! I'm a huge BB fan and don't plan on going anywhere, but RIM was just shown how to create buzz about a new product- have it actually working! And the amazing thing is that of all companies- PALM was the one to show them!

I've got ice on the face of my storm right now. It just got knocked the fuck out! Just like on the movie "Friday". This is the OS I've been waiting for. Its even better than the iPhone OS. It has a touchscreen and a full keyboard. If I was a virgin I would be creaming on myself like Jason Biggs on American Pie. Did you see the browser? Did you see the Notification thingy? This is just too much for me. I'm going back to icing my storm's face and wondering when verizon will get one of these so that I can throw my third storm in the trash. Every time they update the OS on my storm I hope that I will get something like what is on that Pre. I just wanna know if I can get one from Sprint and put it on Verizon's network. I want that phone. I have to have that phone! For now I guess I'll just keep looking at my storm and keep pulling the battery 8 times a day wishing that it could compare to the Pre.

Why does every phone have to be a fingerprint magnet!? Bold, iPhone, Palm Pre, etc! Bring back the soft touch matte black finish please! I hate all the shiny black! This phone looks sick besides the thickness and fingerprints!

Blackberry's video quality just OWNED palm in that video, and this guy has no idea most of the time what the heck he is talking about... Obviously the screen on this palm had the contrast and brightness way too high, so he's got no black on the screen, and when he say Bold, he asks "is that touchscreen". Yeah, it is also rubscreen.. come on man..

I started with Palm as well. Have had quite a few. Handspring, and a few different Palms, including a Treo. Then I switched to BB. Probably would never go back, BUT, if I wasn't already hooked, I'd be looking at the G1 and this phone. This is great! Very smooth, like the keyboard (same with the G1), and it is designed REALLY well! I say good luck, Palm, you guys deserve all the success you can handle! They are pioneers, and have always been a good company.

Definitely impressed by the potential of the Tre and the OS. Palm looks like they could potentially have a great product. However, the demonstration left me lukewarm. It seems like there is a lot of glitz and window dressing on the OS, but I am not sold that it performs well. Throughout the video, the presenter had to repeatedly execute commands to get things to work the way he attempted to describe them. I also noticed some sluggishness from the phone (which I'm sure they will work to tweak before release). Overall, I just kind of had the same feeling I get when I think of Vista vs. XP. Yes, Vista is flashier, but XP is more of a solid workhorse.

OK, so some attention to detail with the OS. But please, aside from having the utmost respect for the Rep, they (Palm) might have fared better if they hired Billy Mayes from the OxyClean commercials. This guy sounds like he needs to go over the index cards Palm supplied him. I'm sorry, but when I'm surrounded at a tech convention by people selling tech, I suppose I expect those techs to be very clear and concise about the product(s) they're trying to sell me. I've had geeks at Best Buy 'sound' more up to date than this guy.

No disrespect intended, just my two cents.

Yeah Uh, this uh, presentation was uhm, pretty good but uh I had to turn it off because of the umms! Go ahead and watch again and count the ums! Prepare yourself to demo the "sink or swim" product for your company. Though this phone, by and large, is quite the contender in Palm's arsenal, it needs to be tested and brought up to speed with say BB's capabilities before revealing sexy packaging and unanswered questions about what it can (can't) do. My $.02

i was so intrested in this phone until when he pulled the phone up and the keyboard showed. It's 2009, in my opinion, coming from a blackjack 2 and going to the storm, touchscreens are in. it's like im using a hologram to make a phone call, and then someone wants to make an email. OS looked great and would work great on the storm, but physical keyboars disgust me now

What a nice device... should I change from the Storm, shouldn't I...! Tough question!
Well done Palm!

I was impressed!

As a 3 handset Palm owner from way back. It was nice to see Palm climb out of the toilet bowl, as they surely looked like they were headed down it for good. Bravo Palm!

I wonder about a few things..

1) Will they have a desktop for Mac? - If so 50 whacks with a wet noodle for RIM for being so slow with theirs..

2) What will 'power user' / long term typing be like on a thin slide out keyboard?

3) Exactly how cool will the OS be? - some nifty phones get trashed for using Windoze Mobile.. Again - will it play nicely with Mac?

4) In the video it looked less 'manly' than the 8900 or 9000 IMHO (a tad like a ladies make up compact?) Will have to see one in person, I am loving the look of the 8900 at the moment..

Let the QWERTY keyboard handset battles begin!

Exciting stuff...

I think Palm is making a colossal blunder by launching with Sprint. Sprint is a distant 3rd to Verizon (1st place in revenue after purchase of Alltel), and ATT. They need to traction of either ATT or Verizon soon after launch to give this phone a shot at making the big time.

No offense to my Spring brethren here, but Sprint coverage is weak nationwide compared to Verizon's coverage map. I have a Sprint Curve company phone (had no choice) and a Verizon Curve personal phone. Verizon kicks Sprints coverage to the floor. I travel all over the U.S and Verizon never lets me down and with Sprint you have to 'guess' re: coverage. I just compared Sprint coverage map to Verizon's where I live and it is night and day.

Slick Phone and I have had great success with Palm Treo in the past w/ Verizon. They took a lot of abuse and always came though.

Update, employees are pushing IT re: Sprint and coverage problems (these are sales reps all over the U.S.) via checking work mail and they are still riled about having to settle with Sprint.

Summary, great phone with great potential. Love the keyboard/screen touch combo Choice of carrier is very weak and may doom phone re: volumes

I think Palm is making a colossal blunder by launching with Sprint. Sprint is a distant 3rd to Verizon (1st place in revenue after purchase of Alltel), and ATT. They need to traction of either ATT or Verizon soon after launch to give this phone a shot at making the big time.

No offense to my Spring brethren here, but Sprint coverage is weak nationwide compared to Verizon's coverage map. I have a Sprint Curve company phone (had no choice) and a Verizon Curve personal phone. Verizon kicks Sprints coverage to the floor. I travel all over the U.S and Verizon never lets me down and with Sprint you have to 'guess' re: coverage. I just compared Sprint coverage map to Verizon's where I live and it is night and day.

Slick Phone and I have had great success with Palm Treo in the past w/ Verizon. They took a lot of abuse and always came though.

Update, employees are pushing IT re: Sprint and coverage problems (these are sales reps all over the U.S.) via checking work mail and they are still riled about having to settle with Sprint.

Summary, great phone with great potential. Love the keyboard/screen touch combo Choice of carrier is very weak and may doom phone re: volumes

The new palm OS is impressive, the hardware is average. Remember that this phone wont be out for another 5 months! where will the storms/bolds/8900's be by then?

some have said that RIM will show off an updated OS when it releases its app store in March. RIM still has a lot of time to catch up before the pre is released.

The Pre has INCREDIBLE software. The Storm makes the iPhone look dated and the Pre will make the iPhone generations old. I loved the iPhone. Then I switched to the Storm because of the hardware improvements. While I am happy with the Storm, I have to say that I am very interested in the Pre. Blackberry and Apple better take the software of the Pre seriously and upgrade their devices as quickly as possible to catch up. My guess is that I'll be getting a Pre.

If you look at 20:18, when he flips it from vertical to horizontal mode, the screen flips the wrong way!!! how ridiculous...I have a feeling palm will still be the same old crappy palm they have always been

this is a great video but if Peter was so nice enough to stop saying "UH UH UH" every second i would have watched all of it.

dont we take speach classes for that in college? anyways, great phone and i hope at&t carries it sometime this year.

thanks crackberry

Touchscreen and slide out keyboard... that's what we were talking about way back when, here on Crackberry... that's what we would like to see in a BlackBerry.

I consider the Pre to be a nice device, especially the OS, but its still not a Blackberry. With regards to the Storm, I agree it has a ways to go, but it was never meant to be the flagship for RIM. It was an introduction into the touchscreen market. RIM is alread looking to step into the Palm arena the same way they did against Apple when this new half qwert-half touchscreen comes out. Though I still use my curve until the 8900 comes out, I use a Storm as my evening and weekend device. I worked well for me when I was overseas with it too. The damn this is better then it gets credit for, besides most new devices rarely hit a homerun first time at bat and the Storm never really had to. Every other college kid I know has one now so RIM must have done something rite.

Great video! Could you write what the questions were that people asked him? I could hear the (non)answers, but the questions were blurred by the outside music / audio.

This phone is sick.. I feel like BB just got kicked in the balls.. I was planning on getting the Bold... never mind.
Palm just really took the time to design a phone with the
consumer in mind instead of cramming useless features and
hoping the consumer will conform. Bravo!!

I hate to say this but I am really impressed with this. Palm seems to have done a great job on the UI. Can't wait till this is out so I can mess with it. Not saying that I would leave my berry, but this is a sweet device.

Could this guy say AH anymore then he already has, sheesh!

Phone looks sweet though, can't wait to get it in stock so I can play with it. Not sure if it will be consumer friendly though, a lot of stuff going on here!!

you know, SHAME to RIM. why?
they had ONE chance of making an impact on the market for releasing their first touch phone. and they screw it up BIG TIME.
I am a long time blackberry user not because i am work in a big company. i have owned a blackberry since their first release 6720 (monochrome screen).
I love their phones, they are great. but HOW a company like RIM released such a piece worthless device like storm, WHERE is the INNOVATION? maybe the clickable screen, but nothing else. they didn't even put a prope CPU in it, the operating system is basically the same as a BOLD, there's so many bugs associated with that makes you wonder, HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU EVEN THING YOU CAN RELEASE SOMETHING LIKE THAT?
It doesn not have one single element that made iphone so popular, except the touchscreen.
at first i wasn't that upset, i thought maybe APPLE is too good to beat, but when i saw PALM's new phone PRE, i knew that RIM didn't try enough. they screw it up BIG time.

Great phone!! This is truly an example of a company
designing a great looking product, paying attention
to details, and incorporating great features that
consumers will want. RIM built a phone around a screen
that clicks, and expect the dumb consumer to rush out
and buy.
First Apple, now Palm.. that's 2 for competition, 0 for RIM.

and don't forget android to add to the competition. G2 is coming very soon not to mention a host of hardware companies with android coming soon like sony.

rim should thank it's lucky stars that it will probably keep it's corporate customers. Please don't let RIM/Blackberry become the next Microsoft!

This phone looks real cool and is really flashy but what makes it so much better then my Bold. My Bold flys and has the nicest keyboard ever. That keyboard looked seriously crammed and well typing is the many function of my phone. Looks nice but I don't think I would buy it...

The OS looks sick on this phone, especially at this stage. I love my Storm (trackballs are dead) but the UI lacks imagination. Like it's been stated a 100 times before, it's the usual BB OS just with touch integration. Which is perfectly fine by me, but this Palm Pre takes it to a whole new level. As for the slider keyboard, meh. Looks kinda funky to hold in your hand.

And yes, this guy needs to learn how to communicate.

All i see there is just another iphone ripoff. All they did was copied many of apple's innovative ideas and tweaked them a little including the finger magnification...do you notice in the video when he shows the 2 finger magnification that he says NOTHING about it...because its NOT THEIR IDEA along with the transitions..yeah the whole "card" idea is slick but its just bound to slow down the phone with more than a few open especially once more memory demanding applications are loaded...it was already lagging with NOTES and EMAIL OPENED for heaven's sake PEOPLE THINK ABOUT IT!

it's just great how every other smart phone with a touch screen out there seems to operate allot smoother than my storm. I sure hope RIM gets there act together with the soft situation on the storm.

This phone is sexy, too bad it's on the completely wrong carrier....
: (

I wish it were released on the Verizon network... I may have to "Convert" for a little while and try the Palm out... especially with this new OS...

A couple of weeks ago, I would have considered waiting for the Pre, but a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't taken the Crackberry plunge.

I would love a physical keyboard - one of the reasons that I was happy to go with the Storm in the end was that I could use a bluetooth keyboard as and when I felt the need - ultimately, I felt that the Bold keypad was perhaps a bit too small for one handed texting, and the size of the Storm's screen is considerable compensation.

And then you see the keypad of the Pre. Whilst I can appreciate Palm's desire to maintain a family look to their devices, I don't like the look of them. They look outdated for a start, and even worse, they remind me of the buttons on the original Xbox keypad, which felt like they were made from bullets, and were painful to use over prolonged periods.
It also looks like the XDA Zest. Which is just wrong.

The other thing that bothers me is the way features appear to be talked up in a way that makes them sound new. Whilst the keypad search sounds interesting, the idea that 'all your contact information from all over can be found in one place' is nothing new - it's called Contacts on a BlackBerry.

The Storm does plenty of what I want, and is actually far better than I had anticipated - would actually love to see something along the lines of the Celio Redfly come out for it, reckon it would be interesting to see where it could go...