CES 2009: Follow CES on Viigo!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Jan 2009 04:24 am EST

Our friends at Viigo have put together a special CES channel to make it easy to follow all of the coverage coming out of the event. The video above demonstrates the process of adding/removing the channel (youtube kinda killed the video quality but hopefully you can still follow along).

Don't have Viigo yet? You can pick it up for free by visiting CrackBerryViigo.com on your BlackBerry's web browser.



very poor quality, I cant see anything in this video :-(


...that, when I open my Viigo, and follow the instructions, I don't have CES listed. I'm just saying.

And, yes, I do have the latest CB version...


I don't see it either


Not working on the Storm.


Watched the video to make sure I was doing it right and I was - I show no CES listing. I have the current version and reloaded the channel list.


I loaded the viigo app yesterday and tried to add the CES listing today. The CES isn't listed for me either.


Nope, no CES here either.

Matt Bogart

For those who are using the CrackBerry version of Viigo and were not able to add the CES channels we would like to apologize for the inconvenience. These channels are now available to you.

Matthew Bogart


Yep, it's there now.

Mr. Bogart,
Thanks for the prompt response in resolving this issue.


Matt Bogart

Not a problem. Again, sorry for the little mix up and thank you for persevering.


Did I miss something or isnt Viigo still in the bata (doesnt work very well on my storm) mode? When I had this app on my phone is locked up and when it did work is killed my memory down below 12. I had to remove it and reboot my phone....


Have these problems been fixed and it is no longer beta?????????

Matt Bogart

The Storm version of Viigo is an Alpha build. There is an update coming soon that will take further advantage of the Storm's functionality. This will be the Beta build.

The latest Beta versions of Viigo, the most recent being 3.0.446 (not available for the Storm), have made significant improvements in both memory and performance, especially on Bold's. So, yes, the problems have been fixed with further refinements ongoing as one would expect.


Was trying to get the channels as well and they still didn't show up until I got to the Viigo home screen, pressed the app (blackberry) button and selected close. Then when I opened Viigo again, the CES channels were available to choose as they were supposed to be.