CES 2009: FlyCast for BlackBerry Smartphones

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Jan 2009 02:39 am EST

We first heard about FlyCast at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, which left us all jonesing for its release which came in early November. The initial app was great which has given FlyCast a loyal CrackBerry following and at CES FlyCast sweetened the pot with a whole lot of platform enhancements. Check out the video above for an awesome overview by one of FlyCast's co-founders. And remember..when you use FlyCast, be sure to click the ads once in a while. Everybody's gotta make a living!



I didnt even notice that it said T-Mobile down at the bottom of the phone. I thought I read that T-Mo wasnt getting the bold? Good catch dude.

Kevin Michaluk

T-Mobile has the Bold in other countries (aka Germany). I don't think there's anything in that picture that says it's a USA T-Mobile Bold. Probably just an unlocked one from overseas (though will have to email Joe in the vid to find out for sure!).


Can't see it in the video but, typically T-Mobile Germany has two dots before the T in T-Mobile and T-Mobile USA has only one dot in front of the T.

This is seen on the individual sites, also bare in mind T-Mobile Germany also has the iPhone for sale, and T-Mobile USA likely never will, so no reason why Bold could not follow the same fate. Besides RIM would need to design specific for T-Mobiles 3G bands, and that means a whole new "breed" of Bolds. You'll see a CDMA Bold on Sprint before T-Mobile USA.

..T-Mobile -Germany


This app is AWFUL for the storm, I do not recommend trying it.


I am constantly losing the connection.


and I had the same problem, so I never used it really. On my Bold I have slacker, and have yet to have a problem.


Did I just see him holding a BB Bold with a T-mobile logo on it???HHMMMM...