CES 2009: Dipdive App for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jan 2009 08:55 am EST

During the keynote speech at the BlackBerry Developer Conference a few months back, Will.I.Am took the stage to show off his favorite new application, Dipdive for BlackBerry. He was also in Vegas last week to pick up an award and to hang at the BlackBerry booth for a couple of hours (I just missed him) and show off Dipdive. This isn't exactly a mass consumer application, rather, Dipdive is an app built for musicians and artists to share their content (images, video and sound) in a rich way via the Dipdive network.

Take a look at the video above for more information and details. The user interface on this app is really sweet - definitely sets a standard that I hope lots of other apps follow in!



to finally see it in action, was beginning to look like vapourware, but again...still no release nor any indication of a release date disappoints me.


is this a tmobile bold? i think it says tmobile branded on under the keypad


T-Mobile Germany has the Bold.


Cause, unlike T-Mobile USA they actually support the 3G bands needed, a whole new Bold would need to be created for support on T-Mobile USA.


Dipdive seems to be just a bit bias...

Seems like a cool app, but needs to cater to not just one crowd.


Me and all my friends are in the music bizz. This is definitely a must have for my blackberry! Awesome App!!! ?: How do I get it for my blackberry?

Jay Kidd

Has anyone else notice that he is holding a Bold and it has T-Mobile on it? Hello! I am waiting! You have to be a rock star to get the bold on T-Mobile?


Did anyone notice this bold has a t-mobile branding on it?