CES 2009: AP Mobile News for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jan 2009 08:36 am EST

Associated Press was on hand at RIM's BlackBerry booth at the Consumer Electronics Show last week showing off their AP Mobile News App. We have dropped word of this feature rich news reader a couple times in the past, both when it launched and when it became available for the Storm.

If you haven't seen this app in action before, you'll want to check out the video above! Maria gave me a great overview of AP Mobile News running on a BlackBerry Storm. This is actually one of the first vids I recorded at CES (early afternoon on Day 1) and Maria told me she actually started using the Storm for the very first time a few hours earlier on that day. In a couple of spots she has a bit trouble with the Storm's touchscreen, but for the most part gets a long with it pretty well (I was tempted to stick some felt pads behind the battery cover).

Reader comments

CES 2009: AP Mobile News for BlackBerry


Very Cool app but Maria really needs to spend some time learning the storm. Overall, a nice video of a very nice app.

I agree with litchblade. I just installed it and I am stuck at the first asking me for my US zip code. Why are most apps only US driven?

Anyone noticed at the large AP screen (right at the start of this video) the device displayed is not the Storm? I believe it's an early mock up done by BGR way before the Storm was released.... sad.

Not Quite. That's the image of the device that RIM put it into Fledge, which is the Storm/Thunder's device simulator. Just like RIM used the name Thunder name to mislead leakers like BGR from the actual Storm name, they used an image other than the real Storm in the device simulator.

This is by far the best news reader I've seen. Love the headings and sub-headings, which make it easier to find specific news articles that suit my interests.

I downloaded the the other week when 1st mentioned here at CB and I love it. I use it every other day and it is a great app. No probs or complaints so far.

I love this app...The only thing it needs that would make it really really good is live sports scores...they have the scores after the game is over but you can't keep track during the games. You hear that AP...get live sports scores and you will destroy viigo. This app is so much more user friendly than viigo.

Do I need to adjust any settings in my phone before downloading this app? The reason I ask is when the app finishes downloading it states that the download has failed. I just did a batt pull but that doesent seem to help either. Any suggestions? Thanks

I have tried several time to down load this app. I get a 907 invalid JAR error, control flow...

Are there any ideas?

i was having the download error problem but then from the blackberry wiki page when downloading nav4all it mentions being on the blackberry browser instead of IE or firefox, so i tried this for the AP mobile news and it worked, also did it through that site so maybe that is what it is.

This is the exact reason why I returned the storm. The app is great, but the storm can be such a hassle at times

I downloaded it to my new Storm. It is an awesome application.
Just about any news story you can imagine. No problems at all. As they say "Try it you'll like it".