Certified quality apps coming to BlackBerry App World along with a $10,000 incentive to build them

Certified BlackBerry Apps
By Bla1ze on 1 May 2012 03:55 pm EDT

One of the larger announcements to come out of the BlackBerry 10 Jam keynote was the fact the RIM will be setting up a certification program for developers who create quality applications and there is plenty of incentives for developers to sign up and participate. Aside from line-jumping the BlackBerry App World queue, developers who create a quality certified app as determined by a third-party and have it submitted to BlackBerry App World also qualify for an additional incentive from RIM. A $10,000 incentive to be more specific. If your app is certified quality, submitted and earns $1,000 on its own but not $10,000 -- RIM will cut you a cheque for the difference. RIM is placing a lot of focus on developers and this is only a small part of a what is $100 Million investment into their ecosystem.

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Certified quality apps coming to BlackBerry App World along with a $10,000 incentive to build them


That's great that you want Skype and all, but building an ecosystem is how you get big players to care about your platform.

Wow. That's a lot of money they are throwing at developers.

All that's left is for the smart Devs to start grabbing. Here's to plenty of great new apps in the ecosystem!


Yes, that's a key question. But they've also announced a certification program today as well, so presumably there will be a formal set of criteria to determine how this question gets answered.

I sure that will get NetFlix, Hulu, Kindle and Skype on the PlayBook in no time.... ;)

Let's face it for the average consumer their are only a few Apps that are really desired and it isn't developers that are keeping them from being released.

KEVIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!! i cant win the grand prize without the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev!!! Please get your hands on one for a amatuer developer. You get it and I will send you the $300!!!
And NO im not crazy lol, seriously im not, lol. This can change my life, bro, gimme a chance... Thanks again...

Precisely what they need. There's a cycle that RIM has been on the wrong end of: people buy less phones/apps because there are less apps, devs build less apps because there are less buyers, and so on. They can't really break the first half by themself, but they can break the second half by giving developers ridiculous incentives to make sure they are still profitable even if the userbase stays small. Well done, RIM.

It is just amazing to me that after watching the amazing process RIM is in someone just wants Skype on his Playbook. Some people just never get the meat from the potatoes.

This is awesome news. RIM is locking in all the creative juices of the development community. The apps will come.

If I can get a camera that does what they showed I could care less about any specific app.


Someone tell me how this makes sense. Not only do you have to submit the app before the new phones are launched, I.e. You wouldn't know what apps populate the market, and what apps are needed and would click with the audience, but you also need to earn 1000$ on your own. So how do you make an app that is worth atleast 1k$ without knowing where the os falls short and what other apps are available to do the task you plan to do?

I was planning to develop for bb10 anyway and the initial tweets regarding this programme had me excited, but after reading this, I'm not sure if this programme is why I'll be developinf for bb10 this summers.

I'm not sure if submitting the app before the actual device launch is a requirement. If it's not, it answers your question