Center For Disabilities Embraces BlackBerry Technology

Center For Disabilities Embraces BlackBerry Technology
By Bla1ze on 15 Mar 2010 09:14 pm EDT

The 25th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference kicks off in San Diego, Ca on March 22nd - 27th. While many courses and hands on labs will be held during this time one things of interest to BlackBerry users with disabilities is sure to be the "Creating Closed Captioned Content for BlackBerry Smartphones" lab. This lab in particular will be held on Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 10:40 - 11:40 AM PST.

Lately, we have seen a growth in adoption of BlackBerry offerings for those out there with disabilities and this is a great chance to learn how to cater to the needs of those individuals. As we all know, BlackBerry is a great communication tool already. Great labs like this, serve to bring the offerings to those who might have challenges on other platforms out there.



As a special education teacher and BlackBerry fan, this is totally awesome!


......Lately, we have seen a growth in adoption of BlackBerry offerings for those out there with disabilities.....
Please elaborate on the "growth", please. Are there some accessories/attachments? Seriously.

Bla1ze /

With the advancement of the RIM accessibility team, you'll start to see more and more initiative to meet the demands of those with disabilites. So yes, the growth is there and it is continuing. Is it at the level it should be? Certainly not.


I work with five deaf women and all five of them use Blackberries. There's no question that BB's are already a great tool for them, so its clear RIM was already taking a serious interest in providing services and features for people with disabilities. It is great that they are continuing and expanding in this area!


Im hard of hearing and don't use my BB as a 'phone'. I'd love to see some further developments for CC on these devices.


I'd love to see how CC can be used in BB!! I'm Deaf myself, and rely on my BB daily. I'd say maybe 90% of the Deaf community that I'm in (Ontario) has a Blackberry. Very useful for the Deafies!!


...A blind person still can't use a BlackBerry other than through some cheap, yet overpriced app that barely runs on the Curve 8520 and no other device. :( RIM has overlooked accessibility for way too long.