CellUnlock - Unlock your GSM BlackBerry with an easy to use application

By Bla1ze on 1 Jul 2010 09:48 am EDT
CellUnlock - Unlock your GSM BlackBerry with an easy to use application

Been looking for an easy way to unlock your BlackBerry? CellUnlock has released an application for GSM BlackBerry devices that will help get you all fixed up in no time. The application can be downloaded OTA to your device and ran simply by clicking on it. The method it uses is a rather simple one.

Once you run the App, it will read your phone's 15 Digit IMEI & Model. All you have to do is enter the Country/Provider your Blackberry is from and submit. Your order will be processed by one of our members and the unlock code and instructions will be emailed to you.

The best part is, even though for the most part this service is automated, you still have a user on the other end checking the information and producing the codes for you. So, if you run into any issues while using the application you can always reach out to them for further support. Right now, the CellUnlock app is available for $9.99 and is good for unlocking one GSM BlackBerry smartphone. Give it a shot, if you need your BlackBerry unlocked.

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CellUnlock - Unlock your GSM BlackBerry with an easy to use application


The price says $19.99, is there a promo code available to get it at the $9.99 price you mentioned? Will this work on a Verizon Worldphone, the Bold 9650?

Cool app from a great company to do business with! I'm sure it'll work on your 9650.

My cousin was about to hard lock his Blackberry by trying with wrong codes recently. We talked to our carriers first but they had certain conditions to give one that was not met by us. They warned not to go for free codes.
Later came across several forums and free codes, in fact fake codes and finally gave a chance by spending just some $. Thank god and for them who helped us with suggestions. Beware of "free fake" codes anyways. Now before choosing one, compare the prices b/w couple of providers and pick the best. If possible bargain ;). Let me help you referring some

I'm not gonna knock the app or anything, but I called ATT and asked them to unlock my 9700 and they gave me the code and helped me unlock it no questions asked. I saw here a while ago that a lot of carriers were doing that. Like I said though, not hating or knocking this app at all, just a little bit of info.

this is probably a dumb question, but could this potentially allow a T-Mobile user to use the 9800 on its network when it eventually goes to AT&T?

I don't see why not. Just make sure that you have the right APN settings and remember that you will have EDGE, but not 3G.

Sounds a cool little app to make the unlocking process better.

I get all my unlocks from T-Mobile (my carrier) but if they refused for any reason, I would use this company to unlock my phone.

Very nice. Been looking for a quick and simply solution to unlock my BB and thus increase its value of resell price.

All I need to do is replace the outer casing which is slightly damaged.

Ideally when the 9800 is out in the UK I'm going to sell this just before hand and then buy that network unlocked :)

Still got over a year to go before I can upgrade.

This app is a complete waste of money. Good for one Blackberry? Go on Ebay, search for your model BB and carrier......... PURCHASE FOR 99 cents or 2 bucks at the most..... and be done with it.... 20 bucks for this? You guys over at cell unlock must be dreaming.... only suckers will purchase this app.

What we're selling is a service and we make sure to offer the best service. Not sure a seller on Ebay will take the time to call you and assist you over the phone in case you need troubleshooting :) The code is the same, the difference in price is justified by the quality of the service and the after sale customer service. We always tell customers, it's the same as washing your car yourself, automated car wash or hand wash. Difference in price for all 3, difference in results in all 3 as well. Let us know if you need to unlock a blackberry, and we'll help you out!

I just bought the app because Verizon only unlocks your device once every 18 months. I was charged $19.99, whats the deal??

hahahaha. are you serious? and on top of that you say this is a special!!! Crackberry should be ashamed of putting this in their blog. slow day at the office I suppose

Tough crowd today. But CB always puts crap like this up on the blog. I wouldn't buy anything just because CB puts it up here. I made that mistake once -- a LOSER of a theme -- and I never will again. At least with this one you know what you're getting: a $2 code and $18 of "service."

Ive always had great support/service from my guy on ebay i go to..... unlock code in 10 minutes.... and great communication... 20 bucks for this is realllllllllly a steep price... Charging 5 bucks for this app is more appropriate, that way if support is needed, the price is justified.

Soooo...say the slider/torch device goes exclusive to ATT. Could a person buy the device from ATT, unlock it, and then activate it on US Cellular?

I just called T-Mobile and they are emailing me the unlock code and procedures to unlock the phone for FREE. I'm not sure if this applies to other carriers but from what I'm hearing on the blogs I'm almost sure they are all doing this. I can't wait to hit Rivera with my 9700.

What do you say when they ask why you want to unlock it? I wanna unlock mine when I sell it, but don't want them to not tell me if they know its for resale purposes.

Im sorry, I know business is business and everyone has the right to make money, but this is crazy! 19.99 to unlock your phone? even 9.99..... too much. You can unlock your BB for as low as 1.99 and if you convince your service provider to get you the code, they can do it for free (this last option is more difficult but has been done) For instance, I would pay the 9.99 or the 19.99 if it was unlimited unlocking (I normally change phones when a newer better version comes up).... but thats just me...

We just want to thank you all for taking the time to leave a comment. It helps us determine easier what the end-user wants. We are always here to listen and make the appropriate changes.

How long does it take to receive the unlock code? Doing it this way because I really am too lazy to come up with another lie to get T-Mobile to unlock it for me like with my old BlackBerries.. takes too much work... back to my question, sent the info around 3PM, it's now 2AM, still no e-mail.

There is a miriad of sites that will email you with codes and instructions, so far I hav e found berryunlock.com the cheapest for 9€ (around 11 USD). Don't need toi install and pay anyway!

I had some reservations using cellunlock.net, but i got 2 codes for my BB 9700 and it worked perfectly first time. They are 100% legit!

We sell all blackberry unlock codes for $7. If anybody is interested my site is: www.usedphoneforsale.com

We send it within minutes and offer phone support as well.

This is a nice application though but the price is high for a simple feature.