Cellular South Throws Down $49.99 Blackberry Plan

By Adam Zeis on 13 May 2008 08:48 am EDT

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A few weeks back I did a pretty intensive comparison of unlimited plans for the four major US Carriers.  It seems that Cellular South did not want to be left out of the loop.  In what is perhaps one of the best bargains yet, their new BlackBerry Plan rings it at only $49.99.  It provides users with unlimited nationwide mobile web and email usage, unlimited nationwide text messaging and unlimited nationwide mobile-to-mobile calls to and from other Cellular South customers.  The plan also includes 500 Anytime minutes for calls to outside carriers, and you can add unlimited nights and weekends for another $9.99.  Overall this is a great plan and definitely beats out most other carriers (for the time being).  If you are looking for a way to save and still want to have a great plan, maybe switching over to Cellular South is the way to go.

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Cellular South Throws Down $49.99 Blackberry Plan


between SunCom's plan and this plan is that this plan includes voice. You have to pay an extra $30 for voice with SunCom.

I live in Tallahassee, FL and it looks like their footprint makes it to Destin - about 60 miles away. They have always had the best plans. They had unlimited before it was the cool thing to do.

According to Wikipedia - they are one of the largest privately held cellular companies.

Though a privately owned carrier, Cellular South operates in such a way that the larger carriers can't even compare! Rock on BB & Rock on Cellsouth!

and on a side note, i live in mississippi where cellular south is based. best coverage down here hands down. their phone selection doesn't compare to the very big wireless company i work for, but coverage is tops. also, 3 other major carriers use them for roaming agreements for voice and data, including evdo. if i didn't work for another wireless carrier, i'd use them.