Cellfservices.com Tweet for a Treat Free Unlock Code for AT&T, Rogers & T-Mobile - Today Only

Tweet for a Treat
By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2009 09:47 am EDT

Unlock company Cellfservices.com is giving away FREE unlock codes today until 11:59pm EST. All you have to do is send them a tweet, and they'll get back to you with an unlock code for your device. While I'm not sure they fully understand the "CrackBerry Effect" and most likely aren't prepared for the amount of tweets they will get from this post, they said they will get back to everyone that requests a code as soon as possible. Just send a tweet with your IMEI, device model and carrier (unfortunately this is only for AT&T, Rogers or T-Mobile customers) to @cellfservices in the format:

@cellfservices FREE BLACKBERRY UNLOCK CODES! IMEI: (15 digit imei no slashes no periods) Model: (ex. 8320) Carrier: (ex. Rogers) 

If you aren't on these carriers, you can't still snag a great discount on unlock codes from Cellfservices. That have specials on CDMA codes going on right now.

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Cellfservices.com Tweet for a Treat Free Unlock Code for AT&T, Rogers & T-Mobile - Today Only


This sounds like a great thing. However, i'm a little wary about having to tweet my IMEI information to get an unlock code. Think they should have a "dedicated" mailbox to handle the volume of requests; but i'm not thrilled sending my information via tweet....just my opinion!!!!

Same question. I really don't use Twitter a lot so if I tweet them my IMEI is that mean everyone one in the world will see my IMEI? If so that's not safe at all to tweet them my phone information.

The IMEI is used to ID your phone. When you clone your phone its IMSI that is used. So I don't really see an issue.

Unless I'm wrong, so please feel free to correct me.

My twitter updates are protected, but I still don't want to give out my info. And you can't send a direct message unless they follow you. I agree with candigrl73, they should have done this another way.

hmm i did it and i didn't get anything.

if they are not following you how are they suppose to see your tweets directed to them?

Just looked on Twitter and searched for @cellfservices. I don't have a Twitter account, but I can see the tweets, and lots of peoples IMEI's, phone models and carriers.

Publicizing your info may not matter much, but I wouldn't feel too safe putting it out there. A catch all email to send it to would have been perfect!

I don't understand what the big deal is about free unlock codes. I got a free code from at&t customer service. As long as you have an account with them and a BBRY in the system you simply call them and state you are heading overseas and need to have your phone unlocked. They either provide you with an email with instructions and a code within 5 business days or they supply code and instructions right then. Currently rockin an unlocked Bold and didn't have to jump through any hoops at all.

# 41 minutes ago from web

# @verdiergpd IMEI: 356088027264188 CODE: 5251695360574917 INSTRUCTIONS: http://bit.ly/SHsVv41 minutes ago from web

# @Stephyv1 IMEI: 358453025327791 CODE: 4771305881894520 INSTRUCTIONS: http://bit.ly/SHsVv41 minutes ago from web

# @somin1080p IMEI: 351845036927138 CODE: 7899252141644806 INSTRUCTIONS: http://bit.ly/SHsVv41 minutes ago from web

# @MarkL8 IMEI: 359315011211074 CODE: 1928720553158914 INSTRUCTIONS: http://bit.ly/SHsVv41 minutes ago from web

# @Dwain77 IMEI: 355383030413208 CODE: 9375888929520998 INSTRUCTIONS: http://bit.ly/SHsVv41 minutes ago f

>>> and the rep I talked to would NOT give me a code. They said that they had to to transfer me to the international provisioning center so they could set up my BB for international travel. They are not buying the "international traveling" excuse anymore because so many people are calling for a code. I think they have set up a department to screen out the folks who are just trying to unlock their phones!!!

i did the tweet. how do i know if they got it/saw it???? for these ppl that always say the carrier gives you unlock codes aswell, does that apply in canada to rogers? The ppl who always say it are in usa. does rogers do this too

Rogers never gives out unlock codes. You can try, but would be amazed if you get one. If you sign out of your Twitter and just search "cellfservices" you'll see everyone's posts with the IMEI numbers... Not so keen on that.

Looks like when they reply your tweet for the unlock code they display your IMEI on their tweets. So others will still end up see your IMEI number.

How many hours ago did you tweet?

There was an update tweet from them awhile ago that said to hold tight codes were coming soon.

I am still waiting. Did they tweet the code back to you?

Carrier as in where the phone Came from? or the one that I'm currrently on. I have a 8310 i want to get unlocked that was from AT&T. Im on Tmobile.

I just checked their tweet home page and codes are being sent back via reply. Keep refreshing your twitter.

They just posted a message that said that were going to process IMEIs that required an "approval" last. What is the approval? What carrier is requiring an approval?

I think I'll "protect" my tweets and give it a try. I'm not sure what it could really hurt anyway.

What is the worse that could happen by having your IMEI out there?

i have to go the city(nyc) to get my phone unlock. plus i have to pay them a decent amount to unlock it. a free code would benefit me in so many ways.

I'm sorry for the lack of Twitter jargon. By "Approval" we mean where we have to request an approval to follow you. There are far too many requests to wait for each person to approve along with our normal daily operations. We will do our best to get around to it your request though! Hope that helps.

Thanks to both Crackberry and Cellfservices. Received my code, unlocked my device. The only issue was I had to learn how to use twiter :)

I RT'd to the whole six ppl on my Twitter list, but hopefully they spread the love too! Thanks Cellfservices!

Thought I'd share with you all, that the code he provided me worked perfectly on my girlfriend's T-Mobile blackberry. :)

Just did this, took a few hours, but they came through. I did it just because it was free and I could. I didn't want to pay for it, or call my carrier about it. I bet they're getting more than they bargained for.

all the codes are the same for each model ... did anyone get the code for the curve 8900 from t-mobile ?


Tweeted over 10 hours ago....confirmed my IMEI is right and all other info is good. They even started following me on Twitter....but no code....what gives? :(

Twitter has said that we are over the "status update limit" so we cannot send replies for the next few hours. We will however ensure that all requests made before midnight EST tonight will be returned as quickly as possible.

@ItalCanadese your @reply was sent back a while back.

I got my code a few hours ago, and just got around to entering it. Everything looks to have worked great. Thanks for the freebie.

i didnt get my code my mother and father didnt ether. we summited at 8pm i thought it wasnt over till 12am . if im right this is whats stated "Unlock company Cellfservices.com is giving away FREE unlock codes today until 11:59pm EST. All you have to do is send them a tweet, and they'll get back to you with an unlock code for your device" am i right . this is whats said on twitter at 1am from cellfservices "That's the last of them! Blog posting of results and special news will be up shortly :) Thanks everyone for participating!"
24 minutes ago from web
but before that it said "Promotion ends in 1 hr and 18 minutes. If your tweet or DM is dated after 11:59pm, we will not process the code."
about 4 hours ago from web
so i guess me my mother and father should be getting ower unlock codes then am i right

Sent this morning and nothing yet. I'll wait and I've send them a message on twitter. And yes I triple checked my numbers.

sent my info in the morning, and got nothing.. their response "The promotion is over already."

How can it be over when I sent it 17 hours ago?

I sent in my info yesterday afternoon.. before 4pm and didn't get a code.. double checked my info, everything was fine.. weird.

I sent in my information before 4:00 PM CST, and I never recieved anything from them, was this fraud??? or some scam to just get our phone info??? I need to know if this needs to be sent to apporpiate Authorities, I am willing to give this 24 hours from when I sent in my request. "R"

sent mine 23 hours ago (well before the deadline) and no dice...how do I send a DM to them if they aren't following me?

EDIT: Details, details...apparently the above announcement on Crackberry didn't include all of the required steps ("Just send a tweet..." didn't git 'er done).

The statement "All you have to do is send them a tweet, and they'll get back to you with an unlock code for your device", should have read "All you have to do is [follow them on twitter THEN] send them a tweet, and they'll get back to you with an unlock code for your device."

Apparently, they were just using this to artificially (and certainly temporarily) increase their twitter followers.

This morning cellfservices is saying to most people who didn't receive a code that it was because they didn't follow rule #1 (as posted on their blog) that "You must add them on twitter."

Yet nowhere on here (in the article, in the comments, in the replies that cellfservices was making) was this communicated. The only thing here was "send a message".

There was a statement made that if you were protected, you would be processed last. But never did they say during the promotion that you had to follow them.

Followed Crackberry's simplified instructions, not knowing that there was a rule #1 - FOLLOW ON TWITTER. SO a lot of crackberry followers got f*cked because the blog ONLY said: "Just send a tweet with your IMEI, device model and carrier (unfortunately this is only for AT&T, Rogers or T-Mobile customers) to @cellfservices in the format:... "

Nothing referencing cellservices terms of the contest or even to go look on the website to make sure. Grats Crackberry, L2promote.

You mean the link in the text stating "If you aren't on these carriers, you can't still snag a great discount on unlock codes from Cellfservices. That have {beginlink} specials on CDMA codes {endlink} going on right now. "

Sorry, but that doesn't look like a link to rules to me...

crackberry says.. "All you have to do is send them a tweet, and they'll get back to you with an unlock code for your device"

what part of that indicates i was supposed to follow them first?

463 Codes were delivered yesterday through Twitter as well as some that we had legitimately missed today. Missed codes with all rules followed are being returned throughout the day through DM.


463 delivered.

I searched the public timeline and had over 660 requests in the prescribed format (before twitter told me that older items were unavailable). That means that over 1/3 of the requests didn't follow the rules?

"It has been posted on our Blog since Sept 30..." They don't seem to understand that this doesn't matter (to us). I never saw the dang blog because I never had any reason to click the link (I have a AT&T BB - so no need for "specials on CDMA").

I'm sure they LOVED all the traffic they got from CB - just no love for those who followed CB's instructions.

Someone owe's me a unlock code for my Cellphone, there was nothing on here saying anything about following or this or that, and the only link posted was to buy a code for CDMA people. This is not right, and it needs to be made up either by cellfservice or Crackberry, because this was a fraudulent posting and very decieving. "R"

I removed my tweet to them, no point on having my info running for nothing.

I second the fraudulent posting.

Hello all,

First, this was not a fraudulent posting. We did indeed give out free Blackberry unlock codes. The mix up seems to be in the "following" which was not posted in this particular post but was posted in our blog since September 30.

However, we understand people's frustration who did not follow because they were not instructed to in this post. Therefore we will honor the following....

"Those that tweeted before 11:59pm EST on Monday, October 5, 2009 will receive an unlock code for a Rogers, AT&T or T-mobile Blackberry"

This means that any Tweets made AFTER 11:59pm on Oct 5 will not receive free unlock codes.

We will be posting a link in the comments here shortly with full instructions and/or details, so please hold tight.

Just received an email from Cellfservices stating I did not follow the rules of the giveaway. Specifically, I did not add them to my follow list on twitter. I responded that the blog entry on Crackberry did not mention following them. Their response was Crackberry missed it and I have not been able to get a response yet back from them. Crappy way to do business (or try to drum some up).

Thank you cellfservices for doing the right thing, and fullfilling these requests, although I feel you are not the only one at fault here, but so far the only one willing to stand up and do something. Once again Thank You for doing the right thing! "R"

Already sent in my email, will now have to see how it goes. Thank You cellfservices for following through with this, now we just have sit back and see what part Crackberry itself is going to play in this. I t would be nice to hear to hear from the website itself!!! "R"

Recieved my unlock code with no problem. Followed the rules, read the post, tweeted within the time period. They updated with tweeter. Thank you cellfservices and Crackberry

Glad you followed the rules, which means you visited the website, are part of cellfservices, or maybe even a customer of them before. But a lot people did not visit the site because there was nothing there to promote visiting the site, and as for myself I have never heard of cellfservices and had no reason to visit them. But I will tell you one thing by cellfservices doing the right thing they will now have a customer when I get my Blackberry Bold 9700. So out of curiosity how many of ya'll have heard of this company before??? are any of ya'll a former customer??? am I the only who felt like I did not have to visit the site to get a free code from them??? Thanks for your replys "R"

Many thanks to cellfservices for stepping up and honoring requests which were initially declined due to CBs incomplete article.

I hope CB steps up and helps cover the additional requests.

When I got up this morning, I also had my email with the unlock code. I have not used it yet... but Thank You Cellfservices. "R"