Celcom Malaysia now taking BlackBerry Q10 registrations - Official device release May 15th

By Bla1ze on 7 May 2013 11:07 pm EDT

Moving a bit faster than the BlackBerry Z10 launch, the BlackBerry Q10 is now set to make its arrival in Malaysia. Celcom Malaysia has opened up their pre-registration page for those interested in the device and is currently offering some additional incentives to go along with it. If you register now, you'll be eligible to receive a free Bluetooth speaker and an additional RM200 rebate which works out to a discount of RM20 for 10 months off your monthly bill when choosing a qualifying plan.

The official release date for the BlackBerry Q10 in Malaysia is set for May 15th and device pickup locations have been noted on the Celcom webpage linked below. Additionally, the BlackBerry Q10 is also being offered by Maxis but as of right now, they don't seem to have a preorder page set up.

Register for the BlackBerry Q10 on Celcom

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Celcom Malaysia now taking BlackBerry Q10 registrations - Official device release May 15th


Is there a list of release dates (or potential release dates from extrapolated data) available anywhere? ie compare release dates and gaps from the z10 and compare to already released dates for q10. Most importantly (sorry US CrackBerriers), what would this data say about an Australian release?!

It is inexcusable and deplorable that Blackberry is taking so long to launch ANYTHING in the US. It's only their largest single market by far! Hard to believe.

Z10 hasn't even been launched in New Zealand yet.....you'll get the Q10 years before we get it....so chill bro.

With respect to New Zealand and every other country waiting, the US is a unique market for BlackBerry and Heins has admitted on several occasions that it's vital for the company's comeback, yet it delays it's products for months... And that genuinely sucks that New Zealand doesn't have the z10 yet. Kind of ridiculous (so much for a "global" launch).

Yes, it most certainty does indeed 'suck' that NZ doesn't even have the Z10 as yet.....still we are at the very bottom of the world.....and I don't even think NZ is on Blackberry's radar as Nzer's aren't big buyers of their products. I had to buy my Z10 from a importer in a small shop in a shady part of town. I will buy the Q10 from the same shaddy shop. As for the delay in launching BBRY's new products into the Usa, I heard that it took awhile for the US carriers to get through their process of bringing the Z10 and Q10 to market. We will soon see what the vitally important market of the US thinks of the new Z10 when BBRY puts out it's 2nd quarter report.

A full two month delay on bringing the z10 to the US market won't help that 2nd quarter report. And it wasn't "carrier testing", Kevin himself even called bs on that one awhile ago. And NZ is an awesome place, hardly the "bottom of the world". Well, I guess technically, but an amazing vacation spot.

BBRY has had a couple of months of selling the Z10 in th States.....so that should be enough time to gauge the interest of the Z10 from die hard CrackBerries......oh and yes Kevin did call BS on the US carrier issue.....so why did BBRY launch in the UK first.....shouldn't they have started in the States if the States where that critial to the success of the launch of the BB10 OS? And your quite right....NZ is a beaut place to live, full of iPhones and Droids.....and sadly just a handful of Berries.

I have been showing people my Z10.....and most are impressed....people think BBRY is dead down here.

I think the z10 would've had more traction if it hit much closer to the UK and Canadian launches. The buzz was in early February, not two months later. It's marketing 101. Do you think anyone remembers the super bowl commercial?

And that's awesome that people are digging your z10. Hopefully bb can get some momentum back in NZ.

Dont be discouraged. Are you forgetting the 'pent up' demand for the new Berries....globally.....which includes my flatmate.....who likes my phone, but loves his Curve and it's keyboard....so he will be a Q10 buyer. I also met a few young guys, 20-25ish, one whom had a very old BBRY as he loved the keyboard for txting and emailing, but he also had an iphone for his itunes music.

Many humans here in the land of the long lost sheep.....baaaa, NZ is full of sheep...haha, ahem, back on message, have 2 phones. One for business and one personal, or one for Telecom and one for Vodafone.....like me.

What I see happening is this, people who used to have a BBRY and have jumped ship to iphone or Somsang will slowly return to the Sheppard, BBRY, and keep their iphone or droid, but have a BBRY as well.....just you wait and see my friend. I am Looooooooong BLACKBERRY.....hear me roar.....meeeeeow. ;)

As my ex-girlfriends have said, I am always right.....mwah...hehe. Seriously though, I brought the iphone5 last year....I came from the Somsang S2 which is quite a qood phone, I had the ip5 for a month...hated the keyboard....and the screen was.....small, so I upgraded to the Somsang Note2....great phone, but the flow and keyboard....and security of the Z10 is far superior....by a country mile.....so to all those people that sold out of BBRY on the sharemarket this morning.....shame on you.....cause I didnt.

Indonesia is a large (emerging) and important market for them, but the US is the largest, especially with high-end devices. And it's the US market that will ultimately decide the company's position in the industry. I'm not trying to say that other markets like Indonesia aren't important, but there's no denying the significance of the US to BlackBerry's future. They are not handling these launches well...

You still haven't figured out BB's marketing strategy. Really, after all this time. It's not that hard.

They're fighting an uphill battle and can't afford any major setbacks, like huge delays. So yes, these delays could be a tipping point that has serious long-term ramifications. The competition, which is eating their lunch, isn't standing still.

exactly. and with malaysia's launch is coming, i'm sure Indonesia, Singapore and Australia will be next. lots of my friends have chosen to skip Z10 and keep waiting for the Q10 in Indonesia.

We assume Maxis will have details on their site over the next few weeks. DiGi should also have access to the Q10 in the next couple of months or so - this is the trend we note from the Z10 anyway.

BB also did say that the device will be available from distributors from June onwards.

Guys,i am digi prepaid user.will i get unlocked sets from celcom?else from where i can ge an unlocked q10 in malaysia after. 15thmay.


Basically you've got telcos and resellers. telcos will tie you onto a 12 month or 24 month contract.

If your with DiGi on pre-paid, then its best you check options via resellers.

Check out our Q10 Buyers Report on BB10.my for infor on where to purchase the devices - we've got info on 2 resellers who have stock of the device now.

my favourite carrier... go celcom...
they already have 4G/LTE albeit its only for broadband... but i'm sure when they launch it for mobiles, i really hope they bring in an LTE Z10 so i can replace my STL100-1

Not so sure about non stl1 Z in here cause I'm pretty sure Maxis has stl1 as well. Is bbry or the telcos who decides which stl they are getting?

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Awesome, smaller populated countries we rarely hear about are getting the Q10 before the US, that's the smart thing to do....

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I was impressed that Kuala Lumpur had a dedicated Blackberry store when I visited there. You don't see that often in other places I've been to, not even in London.

Are you sure about this? Whereabouts is the store? There are lots of authorised resellers and they get the full BlackBerry branding in their shops. They may seem like official BlackBerry stores but most likely not as we have not heard of any official BlackBerry store in Malaysia.

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I don't know if it's official. Took me a while to google through pieces of memories but here it is,


pure black decor, big logo, sells nothing but BB. pretty bold step for 3rd party go to BB exclusive.

they also have a FB site


I supposed they may be like what you say, an authorized reseller with a full BB branding. Pretty Bold choice given the shrinking market.

Hungry U.S BlackBerry customers are still being pushed aside for Q10 release. No word from carriers.......too bad

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