Celio Corp at MWC: Update on RedFly; Moab Lets You Tie Any Keyboard/Display to Your BlackBerry and More

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Feb 2010 02:32 pm EST

The folks from Celio Corp were on hand last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where they had a pod at the BlackBerry booth and I caught up with them to see how things were going. They released the RedFly for BlackBerry a few months back (read our review) so I first got an update on that. From there they also showed me a couple new things... Moab and a prototype touchscreen RedFly.

Moab is a small docking station that connects a full-size keyboard, mouse and display of choice to your BlackBerry. This allows you to use your BlackBerry with basically any monitor/keyboard you like (great for kiosks like those on hand at the BlackBerry booth). The prototype touchscreen RedFly will allow you to use touch input to control your non-touchscreen BlackBerry. I sort of joked in the video that this is the first touchscreen BlackBerry Bold we have seen to date! Check out the video for full details.

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Celio Corp at MWC: Update on RedFly; Moab Lets You Tie Any Keyboard/Display to Your BlackBerry and More


I would buy it today if it was available for the Storm, but it is not. Most of the BB users at my job would love it for editing their excel sheets and word documents without transferring it back and forth to a PC.

I could see myself using the moab with my dell 24" screen. I could plug the vga cable to the monitor and use my favorite mouse and keyboard while using the monitors PIP functionality to use both my pc and my bb simultaneously. then again, that moab seems like an overly expensive kvm switch. hmmmmmmm.

during the short time i had an htc droid eris a couple of months ago, i found an app that allowed me to control the handset from the computer i was sitting at granted they were both on the same network using the phones wifi. that seemed like a great idea as well seeing as i could read/send sms mms messages from the phone using the computers large monitor and much more comfortable to type on full size keyboard. the moab seems to accomplish this using hardware, a plus for bb devices that lack wifi or for locations where it may not be possible to connect the bb to the same network as ur work pc........hmmmmmmmmmm

My girlfriend, father, best friend all have the Droid Eris, what's the name of that app?


I REALLY want one of these. I have been looking for something just like it that would be smaller and lighter than my laptop but allow me to take notes in board meetings easier then the small keyboard on the berry.

blackberry is a mobile device... plug it into this screen and it is no longer a mobile device.
what is the point?

I still dont see why anyone would use this product. It costs as much as a netbook but only supersizes your bb. Maybe if it also ran a real OS it would be useful. I bought a dell mini with a full os and 160GB of storage for only $249

And how much do you pay for your netbook Internet service each month? Once factoring this in, REDFLY becomes highly cost efficient solution.

This argument doesn't work because i can still tether my bb to a netbook. I would still pay Comcast $30 a month for my 15 Meg Internet either way even if I didnt buy it, since it isnt my only computer.

So does Moab allow you to use the internet connectivity of your BB on your computer without the possible $$$ charges from your carrier?

The video says absolutely NOTHING about "internet" or "computer"...........................................

Sorry, but the Redfly thing is dumb. The typical business user has a LAPTOP with their BlackBerry. NOBODY in their right mind is going to carry a BlackBerry, laptop, and this monstrosity. It's 2010- Moab makes more sense but that price point is a little high, in my opinion. Bluetooth video streaming would make these products way more desirable.

We only have one computer in our house and surfing the 'net on our Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) or Nintendo Wii isn't all that fun (though the screen-size is great, especially for YouTube!)... We don't need a full-blown, second computer because we only need a second device to access the Internet, so the next logical choice would be a "netbook"...

And therein lies the problem - a typical netbook in Australia costs $AU500/$US452.85-$AU900/$US815.14, whilst the Redfly device would cost just $AU275.97/$US249.95 (8-inch version, CrackBerry.com Store)!

Yes, it won't be quite the Internet experience that one would get on a computer, but the sites I usually access either display fine in my 'Berry's browser, or have a BlackBerry/mobile-optimized version of their site (heck, I can even access YouTube!).

The other comment I wanted to make was in regards to their prototype touch-screen device - this also looks pretty impressive (though in all honesty, I probably wouldn't buy it because I insist on keyboard-based input - this is one of the main reasons I choose BlackBerry products), but in the final version, I sure hope they include a smaller bezel...

It would be a real shame to offer such a device with a massive bezel, like the demo unit used in the video.

All i want is a USB cable to run from my desktop to my blackberry and be able to use some sort of interface on my desktop to use the applications on my phone.. i don't want to spend $200 on a box that allows me to have a huge screen for my berry.. can't someone just develop software that does this instead of hardware?!!?!

They also have the REDFLY Mobile Viewer which a SW version of the RMC for the PC. Hopefully will be available again soon as it has been taken off the market for the time being

I don't get it; why not just make this into an app that runs on your mac or pc?? This way we don't have to purchase a useless keyboard and screen.