Celebs turn out for BlackBerry 10 launch event in Los Angeles

By Bla1ze on 22 Mar 2013 03:16 pm EDT

If there is one thing for certain that we know, it's the fact that celebrities love BlackBerry. At the BlackBerry 10 launch event in Los Angeles there was plenty of love given back to Hollywood as well.

With BlackBerry CMO, Frank Boulben, on hand and giving out demos to such folks as Christina Ricci, Rachel Bilson, Chloë Moretz, Josh Duhamel and more we're hearing the event had some pretty great turn out.

Of course, the publicity for the event was great as well with many celeb blogs on hand to capture the events as they unfolded. You can check out the gallery below and hit the source link for more.

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Celebs turn out for BlackBerry 10 launch event in Los Angeles


Surprised the photographer had room to capture both Christina Ricci and her giant forehead!

Jokes aside its good there was some celeb presence...hope to see more endorsement and snaps of people using it.

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So she has a larger than usual forehead, why bash her on that? She's hot and has an acting career. What do you do? You're probably overweight and ugly. Or super skinny and ugly lolz

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I think it's funny to joke about flaws, my own and others. And at the very least to comment on them, not to hide and pretend they don't exist. Ease up and enjoy a laugh! She's got a big forehead, almost like an alien and she's also a successful actress and good looking overall. All of these are true.

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I'm all for jokes and poking fun, and not to jump all over JasonGallager, but this is a problem in society that women have been scutinised, judged, teased, ridiculed about their APPEARANCE of all things, all their lives. Combine this with media beating in to us all our lives that flawlessness is worthiness and how is young girls' and women's in general self worth supposed to handle that?

Jason, it's a forced perspective. The photographer is actually the distance of 3 football fields away.

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These photos look a bit unusual on my Playbook!
(Cropped center middle of each shoot.)

But maybe the best way to view them!

BB by choice!

Everything looks unusual with CB on PB and 9900, aside from being slooooow slow! Lots of checkerboard

Cool, but why wasn't this even mentioned until this afternoon. Only NY was talked about. I didn't even know there was an LA event. And of course, it wasn't open to the public...

Leave Christina alone :-) I sat next to her on a transcon flight. She's very polite and sweet, and asked whether I would mind if she took her little dog out of its carrier for awhile. Her pet turned out to be peaceful as well.

So Christina Ricci comes out in support of BB and we go and trash her in the comments? Way to stay classy CB readers...

Hey- let the celebs promote it..................I hear AT&T is doing a *hitty job of it! I hope the other US carriers aren't as stupid.

Bullshit, they were all sent invites and paid small appearance fees and given free stuff. Lending their time and support is not something in hollywood lingo.

That's exactly the case. They're not "supporting" BlackBerry, they're paid thousands of dollars and given free phones, so they show up to these events. Most will never be heard from again regarding BlackBerry. Unfortunate but true.

WHO CARES!? The point is that they are there! They use us so let's use them, but we gotta' focus. NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT ANYONE WHO IS SHOWING SUPPORT PERIOD! We are in too deep of a whole to afford that. We have to turn our attentions to ones who are BLATANTLY trying to sabotage this launch! @ATT should be ASHAMED of themselves. They high jack first place and then use their positioning to kill buzz, buy having NO ENTHUSIASM or MARKETING for the Device WHATSOEVER in stores!?!? We have to get the word out! Big up @Verizon & @Tmobile, put the pressure on them to do better and let @ATT know that we see what you're doing & we're not going to take it sitting down. #TeamCrackberry

She's quite a famous actress. Starred in Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp, stared in Adam's family when she was younger as well as Casper the Ghost, Monster with Charlize Theron, and many others. She's a talented actress and I always enjoy watching her in the movies.

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Anyone catch the TSN endorsement?
An ad that is brought to you by blackberry 10 pretty cool to see! Keep it up BlackBerry!

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And why are you guys being rude about the endorsements? Can you never be happy or satisfied?

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It's OK Christina, you can get Lurch to sort out all the haters & cruel idiots later on. ; )

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Damn, used to be in love with Christina ricci. My first crush was her in Adams family and Casper lol. Too bad she looks very unhealthy these days

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Christina Ricci looks unhealthy? Bwahaha, I'm sure she can beat you on morning run, Mr. CouchPotato. Ha

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Good to see many famous celebs endorse BB...more good publicity for BlackBerry.

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I LOOOOVE BlackBerry!!!
I Have a crush on Z10....

Christina hwo??? I only see white BlacBerry over a Blue board.....

Christina started to age back in time or what?! She absolutely lovely in those pictures.

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Christina Ricci looks pretty fit! From the Wednesday in the Adams family, she blossomed!

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speaking of hollywood...i just finished seeing the big budget actioin flick Olympus has Fallen, about a whitehouse take over...it seemed like eveyone at the whitehouse uses blackberry (showcased by a blackberry bold)... i'm guessing that the movie was still in production before the z10 was announced which is why they didn't show that instead... i think with more celebs jumping on blackberry, they stand to gain some ground towards passing android...at least here in the u.s.

I hope these are people that wanted to be there rather than being paid for their presence... good that it gets coverage, but better if they're genuine fans that were there for free (even if they were extended an invitation).

Sadly, to many possibly interesting threads go off the rails with stupid comments. So I just stop reading them!

Yup, Hollywood loves Blackberry, and now Blackberry10 they will love it more. Christina and the rest of other stars that show up at Los Angeles BB10 event, you guys are true stars of Blackberry kingdom :) my love to you all, here from Hollywood. You all have class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can only speak for me but Christina Ricci is absolutely gorgeous. The ones that are making asinine comments about her are only insecure about their own looks.

They couldn't afford them they got washed up celebs for a washed up phone. I am glad blackberry didn't release in the US a month ago now. I was rocked off and went and got me a galaxy note 2. Love it! But I decided to add another line to my account and pick up a z10.I was the first and the last to go fork out 213.00 for a z10 on release day in Washington Utah's best buy. The cell phone guys didn't even know it was there they had to go threw the att sheld to ding it. Then while some pimple faced kid added the line on to my account the two managers made fun of the blackberry and how there was no one coming in to get it.
That embarrassment aside I have had the z10 since 3 o'clock and the Note 2 or performs it on every function.z10 Goes back in a few hours. Sorry bb you have failed.

Nah, you're just wrong...
Seriously - you care about what pimply-faced kids in Utah think?
Are polygamy and inbreeding not the name of the game there?


No I don't care what the pimply faced dork at best buy thinks my point is the z10 is getting little to no support or interest here. And there plus have one little town in Utah Hildale. Most of them are actually in colarado city Arizona. We hate them more than any one and your comment shows how little you know.

Chloe Moretz is Hit Girl in the Kickass movies. The sequel to Kickass is a highly anticipated release this year. Hardly washed up. Josh Duhamel was just in a movie. Rachel Bilson is on a current show. Christina Ricci is hot. Now, go drink your haterade on the Android Central site.

anticipated by who you can get the first kick ass movie at the dollar store for a buck and that is too much.and it's hardly hatred I had a blackberry for 10 years before I switch to the Androidmy point is comparing the 2 side by side the Android kicks blackberries ass sorry about it but it's true blackberry is doomed to fail I'm afraid

Sorry...but you can't make a proper review in 24 hours between z10 and note 2....you need a month of un disturbed use to make a fair decision. So this being said, your either full of crap and never bought a z10 or you bought it and because of peer perception you took it back...both scenarios make you pathetic....

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Maybe you need a month, are you really that slow? I know what works and what doesn't and I have had a Blackberry since the Pearl. It took me a while to figure out The way the Galaxy did things but I have had it since they failed to release the Z10 in the US last month. I know how the z10 is supposed to work and for the most part it does its the berrer of the two with email but that is its one strong point. The bridge application would have been another but unfortunately they killed that it sucks now. And if ya want a picture to prove I bought it send me your email dip shit its still setting here next to my playbook and pc I haven't taken it back yet.

"I had a blackberry for 10 years before I switch to the Android"
"I know what works and what doesn't and I have had a Blackberry since the Pearl"

The Pearl was released in September 2006, that's 6.5 years at the most. Perhaps you need to download a malware free calculator for your Note. And from all the spelling, grammar and spacing mistakes, clearly your Note doesn't do "everything" better or "berrer", maybe you should download a new keyboard as well.

Christina Ricci looks absolutely stunning and that dress, WOW!

like it or not, but celebrity 'endorsements' is one of oldest marketing tools in the book. Good on BBRY for holding such a lavish event. They deserve to splash it out on the US launch. It deserves to be successful!

Lotta whiners and complainers here...
Must be that whole "Mobile Nations Passport " thing...


Not my black snake ;) . yea that was a low joke.

All kidding aside I'm worried about whom showed up as celebs ... all but 1 featured in this article are kids ... which means fickle tastes that change on a dime about what is IN or COOL.

Love that stars came out to show interest and possible support for the platform. Please fix the spelling of Josh Duhamel's name in the caption above as a sign of respect for his support.

I agree! Christina is awesome, but I'm definitely a Chloë Moretz fan as well. It's pretty much a win win situation ;^)

Anyone with a large forehead and they LOVE BLACKBERRY, they've got to tattoo the blackberry logo there with a heart! :)

I love seeing those celebrities there. It makes a big difference!

Im a BB lover, but sorry "Christina Ricci, Rachel Bilson, Chloë Moretz, Josh Duhamel" is pretty sad "celeb turnout for an event. Clearly you weren't working with the right PR firm or celeb wrangler. Hope this group didn't cost you a lot of money, cuz a few of these folks barely deserve to be called "celebs".

Money, money, money. Must be funny...
George Clooney is out to advertise Nespresso. But even old fart Chuck Norris could be a better choice than these... Where did they find them, I wonder. In the bottom of the list of the low-paid actresses?