Celebrity Sighting: The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Bold 9700 user

By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2010 10:04 am EDT
Arnold Schwarzenegger BlackBerry Bold 9700

This celebrity sighting comes from John who spotted this pic of former action star (The Expendables doesn't count right??) and current California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on his private jet. He's rocking a Bold 9700 while hard at work doing whatever it is he does. Glad to see that at least he's made one good choice (his choice of smartphone) in his career. Thanks John!

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Reader comments

Celebrity Sighting: The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Bold 9700 user


Probably he uses BB for emails/BBM, or might be just his Official Phone. But always seen his tweets are from "Twitter for iPhone"

I believe Kat Von D from her hit TV show "LA Ink" was using a BB during a talk to her publisher about her book deadline and last chapter on a an episode this week.

I think the watch is an Audemars Piguet! He's known to be a big time collector of those watches. Some of those are worth as much as 50G on average. i have seen some that are over 100K!

60mm Watch.. only Arnold or a Pro wrestler and pull off wearing that beast.
Normally Arnold is a AP guy, they have several limited edition pieces with his name on them.

Thanks crackberry! And lol at the watch comments...I said the same thing when I seen it

60 mm, Eguizano edition. Look it up. :)

Stallone wears it too, but not in his movies. In my opinion, the 341 fits Arnold better than Sly

lol nice with the politically charged comment at the end. Would the same would be said if you found Pelosi with a BB?

Also, I wonder if he enjoys the BB...or uses it just to check email, since they are simply messaging devices now.

It is bigger than 20 size pocket watches, which are the biggest watches I've seen.

Marine chronometer on his wrist, perhaps? LOL

The buttons aren't flat but have a curved point. With big fingers you can easily, ok ok with a bit of practice, push the buttons. Which reminds of the song, Push the button :)


He looks so pathetic. A mere shell of his "80's self". Perhaps it would have been wise to disappear at the height of his career, yanno, "Jim Morrison" style.

Wow dude, that's brutal to say. Everyone ages my friend. Ignorance is bliss hey? Man you're brutal

I think the Clock tower clock from any of the "Back to the Future" movies would be smaller. Perhaps he could strap a sun dial to his forearm?

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