Celebrity Sighting: The GEICO Gecko is a BlackBerry User

By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2010 10:36 am EDT

It looks like some "business professionals" are using the Curve 85xx series as seen here in the latest GEICO commercial. It turns out the GEICO Gecko is a BlackBerry user and is sporting a black Curve 8530 or 8520. The commercial is poking fun as it jokes about where the gecko actually carrys his device. Maybe he needs a better case from ShopCrackBerry :-)

Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Celebrity Sighting: The GEICO Gecko is a BlackBerry User


All the needless negatively on this site is getting old too - maybe someone needs to squish you people...

The Gecko is the small green thing, the Gentleman is the "Boss" as he is known. I noticed the phone the first time I saw this commercial but will now take a closer look next time it is on to really look at the phone.

I love the commercials, but since the gecko sports a BB, why is it that they only have a Iphone app??

And I can confirm we are in the works for an Blackberry Dash app as well. Expected release date by Feb 2011. Iphone and Android has such a big market base that the supply was made according to the demand. Plus even though I am not specifically working on the BB app, I am sure there are more details into creating it. I for one can't wait till it comes.

IPHONE had that first. why blackberry and the other want to copy everything. why the don't come their own ideas.

Blackberry always dreams to be iphone or droid.. that's a shame.

Make them feel the burn! Tired of these I bought a BB because they where popular but realized they weren't as catered for me as an device elsewhere. Don't be a follower and take advice that you can put to test, and you will make better decisions in life. Now get off CB and go charge your phone.

Cute commercial, but I've not been convinced that's an actual Blackberry since it started airing a week or so back (and I continue to see almost every day). It just doesn't look right. Watch when the boss turns it to look at it and it faces the camera briefly. The screen lights up (a blank white screen at that) but it's almost square - more so than any Curve. It also looks too narrow, but not as narrow as a Pearl . It looks to me more like a prop department modified Palm Pixi.

Unless someone can do a high-def screen grab that shows otherwise.