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Celebrity Twitter
By Adam Zeis on 17 Jun 2009 02:57 pm EDT

Twitter fever has taken over, and it seems to get bigger everyday. As many of you know, there are a bunch of celebrities that use Twitter, but what you may not know is that a bunch of them use BlackBerry Twitter clients as well. We thought it would be fun to track them all down and see what their app of choice is. It looks like TwitterBerry is the clear winner with UberTwitter a close second. A few have chose the premium TweetGenius client, and a huge shoutout to Joy Behar who is the only celeb that uses Tiny Twitter. If you're curious to know which of your fav celebs are Crack'n on Twitter, hit the jump to see the list. If we missed any celebrity BlackBerry / Twitter users that you're following, you can add them to the comments. And if you're looking to get a twitter client on your BlackBerry, be sure to check our our Twitter App Roundup and Twitter App Round Up Part Deux.

Celebrity Tweeters and the Twitter BlackBerry Twitter Clients They Use 

   Andy Milonakis - UberTwitter

   Arnold Schwarzenegger - TwitterBerry

   Ashlee Simpson Wentz - UberTwitter

   Barbara Walters - TwitterBerry

   Carson Daly - UberTwitter

   Donnie Wahlberg - UberTwitter

   John Mayer - TwitterBerry

   Joy Behar - Tiny Twitter

   Kim Kardashian - TweetGenius

   Lady Gaga - TwitterBerry

   Lance Armstrong - UberTwitter

   Lauren Conrad - TwitterBerry

   Lily Allen - TweetGenius

   Mariah Carey - TwitterBerry

   Mark Hoppus - UberTwitter

   Michael Phelps - TwitterBerry

   Moby - TwitterBerry

   Nicole Richie - TwitterBerry

   Oprah Winfrey - TwitterBerry

   Pete Wentz - UberTwitter

   Rob Thomas - TwitterBerry

   Ryan Seacrest - TweetGenius

   Samantha Ronson - TweetGenius

   Sean P. Diddy Combs - TweetGenius

   Selena Gomez - TwitterBerry

   Shaquille O'Neal - TwitterBerry

   Sophia Bush - TwitterBerry

   Wil Wheaton - TwitterBerry

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Reader comments

Celebrity BlackBerry Twitter Users


Except for a very few, this list does not bring to mind "celebrity". When one has not heard of someone, can they still be considered a celeb? I guess so. I was expecting to see Kathy Griffin on this "D List". Let's get some additional big names here. I mean really, Sophia Bush? Come on..... Ryan Seacrest? Puhleeze! Perhaps they could create a "wish they were celebs using a blackberry" list.

Okay, I've cranked enough, but geez, Sophia Bush, a 2000 Tournament of Roses Parade Queen? and Ryan Seacrest? I could go on.....

Ryan Seacrest would be considered a huge celebrity. He only host the biggest show on TV and replace Dick Clark for the New Years Show. Please come out from under that rock, lose the rabbit ears on your tv and come over.

never noticed he was using that until you just mentioned it! He really should check out uber twitter though

I think most of those people are pretty well known celebs. I'll bet each one of them has more money in the bank right now than you'll make in your lifetime = celebrity!

(reply to first)

I dont know how people use twitterberry over ubertwitter....I downloaded twitterberry first and got rid of it...ubertwitter is so much easier and nicer to use

Russell Simmons-Twitterberry
Khloe Kardashian-TweetGenius
Kourtney Kardashian-TweetGenius
Rob Kardashian-Twitterberry

Russell Simmons Twitterberry @unclerush

Fonzworth Bentley UberTwitter @cooloutrageous

Anderson Cooper Twitterberry @andersoncooper

Not all of the celebs you mention use a Blackberry, I know Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) uses the iPhone, as does @mrskutcher (Demi Moore), @mooonfrye (Solei Moonfrye) does her twittering from the web...just some FYI :)

Melody Thorton (of Pussycat Dolls) - Twitterberry
Ashley Roberts (of Pussycat Dolls) - Twitterberry
Rob Kardashian - Twitterberry
Sherri Shepherd - TweetDeck

I'm glad my initial comment was able to create so much response. Of course, everyone has their own opinion. Celebrity is different for different folks. Fortunately, I'm old enough to remember when celebrities were those who actually had talent, rather than looking good in pix (aka Paris H.).

Paris has NO talent whatsoever other than looking good in outfits and has a flair for getting her picture taken everywhere she goes. I hope she enjoys her new Sony Ericksson "phone". Doubtful after having a blackberry. I agree that she will likely return to Blackberry, but seriously, who cares?

Lindsay Lohan. So much talent gone to waste. So many possibilities were ahead for her. Not so much these days. Its what happens when you attempt to hang with and remain in the dark shadows of a Paris H. type. That much darkness will tend to remove the light in most anyone.

Heath Ledger, a true talent, whose status in Hollywood would have skyrocketed after his "Joker" role in latest Batman movie. Heath was a celebrity whose light was quickly snuffed out due to pressures of being a celebrity. Hated the Batman movie, but you had to watch in awe at Heath's "Joker". WOW!

Also, money in the bank does not equate to celebrity status.

Its a sad commentary to think that only those that look good in skimpy outfits or with pants or shorts down beyond the typical beltline could make someone a celebrity.

I'm just sayin......

No, but LOTS of money in the bank does...

Point is, all the people listed above (whom you have never heard of) have lots of money, and they didn't get it from not being famous....

Jay Mewes (as in Jay and Silent Bob) uses twitterberry
Kevin Smith (yes that Kevin Smith) uses the web
Eliza Dushku uses the web, text, tweetdeck and has an 8900

Selena has been using Twitterific to tweet as of late.

Miley Cyrus - Twitterberry
Shaq (@THE_REAL_SHAQ) - Twitterberry
Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) - Twitterberry
John Legend (@johnlegend) - Twitterberry
Jessica Simpson (@JessicaSimpson) - Ubertwitter

"It looks like TwitterBerry is the clear winner with UberTwitter a close second."

How can a clear winner have a close second...

Just read this comment and move on, don't comment it