Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting Roundup 001

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jun 2008 10:07 am EDT

Jay Z with his White BlackBerry Curve
Jay Z on his Private Plane with a White BlackBerry Curve 

After our last Celebrity BlackBerry sighting post (Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian) I received a bunch of emails from CrackBerry.com readers wanting more More MORE! It was also pointed out that I have a tendancy to post more images of female BlackBerry than male BlackBerry users (probably right). That said, we're going to pick up the slack and turn the standard weekly BB sighting into a community-built weekly roundup!

So with the help of the CrackBerry community, I bring you our first Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting Roundup! Click On for Lots of Celebs with BlackBerrys! >>

Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings Roundup! 

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler of 300 fame with his BlackBerry Pearl
sent in by Renee who had this to say...
"Hey Kevin, as much as Kim Kardashian was your eyecandy - here's one for the girls from my Viigo Pop Sugar feed. Gerard Butler. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. BlackBerry in hand. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"


Natalie Portman
Sent in by Cary, who said
"Here is a picture of Natalie Portman, with some kinda hairy dude.
She appears to be holding a Blackberry Curve."


Paris Hilton Curve
Paris Hilton with Curve. Sent in by Perry...
"I'm in Greece and it is raining (just my luck) so I
figured I would do my daily surfing. I went to E!
and I came across this, I hope you use it."


Jay Z with White Curve
Jay Z with his ColorWare White BlackBerry Curve
sent in by wcb3mail


The next two images were sent in by Michelle who came across them in the "Hot Pics" section at USmagazine.com...

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton with Captain Crunch and her BlackBerry Curve


Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria shops for shoes with BlackBerry Curve in hand

That's it for this week folks! If you want to help contribute to CrackBerry.com's Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings Roundups, send an email in to editorial @ crackberry.com with subject line "Sightings". Be sure to include the photo (or link to photo), the image source, and a description that you'd like to see published!

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Reader comments

Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting Roundup 001


"Hot Pics" is the name of the photo section on USMagazine.com .... not my commentary on the content of the photos. :D

The only pic I would consider "hot" right now is a Bold in my hand!

My bad - wasn't clear to the email from me I guess. All fixed now! Keeeep em coming :)

"The only pic I would consider "hot" right now is a Bold in my hand!" <--- LOVE IT. So true.

I was supposed to be looking at the pic with Gerard, and all I could keep my eyes on was the price of the gas!! LMAO!!

I kept staring at that and thanked God I'm in NJ, but I know the purchase of a bicycle is coming soon when we to reach that $5 mark.

either way, he looks it.

the guy is a multi-millionaire in his mid 30's...and here he is wearing a skull-patterned bandana around his face.

please stop jay.

jay...in the unlikely event that you'll ever read this; i have to give you props on the clean-white look of your curve though; it perhaps redeems the bandana.

oh and...hellllo eva.

That second JayZ pic is funny. It's like "Back up ni99a, dis my ride!" :lol:

And what's up with Ms. Captain Crunch? Still not grown up...