Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting: Homer Simpson Rockin' A BlackBerry 7230

Homer Simpson's BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Nov 2009 09:33 am EST

Ok, so maybe it's not really a celebrity BlackBerry sighting in the traditional sense, but it is a sure sign that BlackBerry Smartphones have gone mainstream, now even reaching that little 'ole famous town called Springfield. Last night on the Simpsons, Homer was spotted using a BlackBerry 7230 (or is that a 7290?!) after having been given a new position at work. I guess enterprises in cartoon land are still issuing "Old Blue" out to their users. Personally if I was Homer, I'd have asked for an upgrade to a brand spank'n new BlackBerry Bold 9700. More power, 3G and the 9700's battery life is still awesome.

I wonder what the smartphone of choice for those annoying neighbors over in Shelbyville is?

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Celebrity BlackBerry Sighting: Homer Simpson Rockin' A BlackBerry 7230


Probably been said before, but in the show Flash Forward on ABC, the main character (Agent Benford) used to rock a Storm. But this past episode, he got a call and he whipped out a Palm Pre. What the heck??? We all know the FBI uses 'berries, not Pres. He must have been off-duty.

Shelbyville are a bunch of hicks. Even the iPhone might be too good for them. I think they use WinMobile.

Flashpoint (tv show here in Canada) is about a swat team here in Toronto and they are all rocking Storms :) It's pretty sweet stuff seeing the berries every where now

I think its time for an upgrade...homer would look good rockin' the Bold 9700...what do you guys think?

have people rockin storms. I think one of the shows was Royal Pains and Hank rocked the storm with a horrible cgi screen showing a phone call now and then lol.

in the first couple of eps everytime u saw a person with a phone it was a blackberry because they sponser it, but lately they all seem to have got new phones :(