Celebrities Like Their BlackBerry Skins Orange??

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Nov 2007 10:19 am EST
Lindsay LohanMadonnaPauly Shore

Looks like celebs are into Orange BlackBerry Skins these days! Pictured above are Lindsay Lohan, Madonna and Pauly Shore (does he even count as a celebrity??!) with Orange Skins on their BlackBerry Curves.

BlackBerry Curve Skins Want an Orange (or other color) Skin for your Curve? We have a big selection of BlackBerry Skins in the ShopCrackBerry.com store. The Curve skins pictured at left are $12.95 each, and there are LOTS of colors to choose from: black, green, white, blue, red, orange, and magenta!

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Celebrities Like Their BlackBerry Skins Orange??


Hmm...looking at that picture again you're right...Madonna's skin is red isn't it? When I first looked I just thought orange.

Let's chalk that up to bad eyesight and a mistake on my part. I could change the blog post but that would be cheating... I'll just take the blame on it.

So correction - It looks like celebs are into Orange and Red skins these days.

Thanks for pointing it out!


hey i just bought an orange skin for the new pearl 8130 which is silver and as paris would say "THAT'S HOT!!"


does that make me a celbrity...? wooo hoooo!!

I think its because the orange in the 3 pk sold at the carrier stores tend to stand out more.
I rotated mine to see which one I like more and dangit if I dont spot that orange from 100ft away in a crowded room!
So I ordered a pink(magenta- but looks lavendar-ish) one from the CB.com store last week which I absolutely love (it looks pink in the right light) but it would be great if it came in HOT PINK too!

AT&T has a three pack of the gel cases in ORANGE, blue and clear for less than 20 bux in the stores and online!!